can’t make up titles for posts T_T

March 6th, 2014by ayamigi

so first, i want to apologize if i say anything that I’m not supposed to. i do that a lot >.>

well a month ago i tried to kill myself, and afterwards i thought that everything would be fine, and i felt happy. now i feel like theres no future for me and that I’m gonna feel depressed for the rest of my life, and really empty. i know that ill probably feel better by tomorrow but then ill just feel bad again. T_T again sorry if i say something wrong, I’m not good about talking to people about my feelings or actually feelings in general.

now heres a random poem that i  (tried?) to make sorry its horrible i couldn’t get it to rhyme in some places too. and overall its just horrible:

Cutted skin

slits thin

your vision gets dim

as the monster starts to win

a tunnel with a light at the end

promising a better land

now theres nothing left, no breath, no life

your body lies motionless, killed by the knife

that you used to take your own life