March 19th, 2014by suicidal_chick

wow… i failed once again and im back in the hospital…i dont remember how i got here. All i remember was taking a bottle of pills and then trying to drown myself… then i wake up in the hospital. I remember hearing screaming but then i blacked out again. Next time i need to make sure that door will STAY CLOSED. I wish they had never found me. I wish i was dead. I dont want to be here anymore. Im sick of getting teased all the time. Im sick of guys using me. Im done with them fucking with my feelings. I WANT TO BE DEAD!! I cant handle this anymore. I constantly fight with everyone around me. My grades are starting to slip in school and im starting to not give a shit about anything. I honestly dont know what to do anymore. Advice isnt helping at all. Nothing is working. If my parents send me away it will only make things worse. Ill find a way to try and kill myself again. Life sucks so much for me right now and im ready to just throw in the towel and give up.

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