Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


PLEASE READ!!!! i want to change your life. text me for help (# at bottom)

July 31st, 2014by insecure angel

Hello everybody! My name is Matt and I am a (now happy) 16 year old living in California, USA. I know exactly what it is like to be suicidal, to attempt it, to be a cutter (6 years of self harm), to be bullied, to have family problems (mom died when I was 2), to […]



July 30th, 2014by cassie janssen

hi i guess , im new here , i guess im will tell you my story , sorry if this gets boring. im here because i needed something to let out everything thats bottled up in side of me . i dont have a sad story and people may think that why do i do this because i havent gone through enough , i havent been bullied or abused or any strong like that. ive been self harming for about 1 and a half years , the reason is because im in love , i cant have him , he is my best friend ,


The inevitable loss of faith in humanity.

July 27th, 2014by 21yearsofexistence

It’s never ending. Every time I recover I get hit with another blow. I’ve made it through trial after trial, never knowing how I ended up on the other side alive. I’m not going to tell my life’s story in my first post on this site, but I will give some insight. I’ve lived the majority of my life alone. What time I was around people; “family”, shelters, fosters, etc.; I always felt different, unwelcome, crazy. I’ve contemplated my death since the beginning of my memories, in a way it fascinates me. I’ve just never had the balls to actually go through with it, I …


an attempt to rise before the fall

July 26th, 2014by copelessness

I’ve been thinking about some advice M gave the other day and I think I am going to try a variation of it. He recommended that someone try for a little longer and that suicide is still an option if all else fails.
I’m going to do that.
I know the outcome probably won’t be good but maybe it will take a weight off me if I approach everything knowing that in two months from now and things haven’t even marginally improved, I will make sure it’s my last day alive. It sounds weird but since coming to this conclusion, I actually feel …


July 26th, 2014by Theory

I hear voices in my head

I believe fairies dwell in flower beds

The night is a mystery and not my friend

For I see things at every corner and end

I cry for four days a week

Because of blame and sorrow my heart can’t keep

My dreams, like everyone else, have gone

Because they too are tired to go on

I don’t believe I belong

Life has been singing that to me like a song

I am a poet, but to everyone my poems appear

To be of sadness, yearn, insecurity, and fear

There’s a new voice in my head

That says I’d rather be better off as dead

But since I’m still present

And death may seem



July 26th, 2014by BreakMeFree

Dear mother,

I really really don’t like you. But I’m trying hard not to say “I hate you.” But thank you so much for making my life a living hell sometimes. Thank you so much for making me go into actual depression. Thank you so much for controlling my life. Thank you so much for threatening to punish me for the things I don’t do, instead of thanking me for the stuff that I actually do for you. And the list can continue. But instead of continuing, I’m just going to say you’re welcome for leaving you in the dark about all of this because there is no doubt that you are actually happier this way. …

Radiohead songs killed my friend.

July 26th, 2014by Jonny

Heart Broken peoples please Try to live, change your life style if not you will die mentally or may be you’ll commit suicide like my friend did. I prefer dont do it just dont PLEASE DONT LISTEN these tracks, they are really killing depressping suicidial song. Radiohead- CREEP MOTION PICTURE LAST FLOWER NO SURPRISES My […]


kill ted nugent..pretty please?

July 24th, 2014by misanthrope

I have considered suicide and homicide intermittently for years because I have trouble living with the knowledge of how horrible people are,and the despicable things they do. I feel more homicidal tonight,but thats a Good thing..its much less painful,and its pretty fucking fun,too.. If you could take a moment to consider my note,id appreciate it immensely.  Has anyone ever heard of a song called “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang”? Well,look-if not you need to jump over to Youtube and witness the spectacle of a loincloth/ bikini clad Ted Nugent wearing Uggs (of course I know theyre not real Uggs,duh.they werent IN back then,but it sounds funnier.he …


No Words..

July 24th, 2014by Serra42

I cant seem to find words for him…i cant bring my self to ask for anything i want or need..because i have been turned down and hurt so many times before by so many others my mind will not accept that he wont..

when i ask him a question..a serious question that is bothering me.. i know the answer i get is the truth…but i cant bring my mind to trust him.. what will i do if i can never trust him .. how do i get past all this.. i dont want to be alone… i KNOW he will leave me because of my mood …


Thank you

July 23rd, 2014by Ashley

I haven’t been on here in maybe a year? I would like to say that i was goin through the worst part in my life thus far, and last month my Dr. took me off ALL my medication. That’s right people, no more horsepills, iron pills, or steroids for this girl! I get depressed still from time to time, but it’s much more controllable. This site has helped me vent everything I couldn’t say before. My weight came back, my boobs came back, all the steroid acne went away and i am back to being the blonde that everyone checked out. My self confidence has …



July 22nd, 2014by hellblau

But does anyone notice? 
But does anyone care? 
And if I had the guts to put this to the head…
And would anything matter?
And now should I be shocked by the last thing you said? 
And in saying you loved me,
Made things harder at best,
And these words changing nothing
And there’s no room in this hell,
There’s no room in the next,…


When I’m Gone, Just Carry On-

July 21st, 2014by BreakMeFree

Well, he’s gone. I can’t say much about this, just in case someone who knows me stumbles across this website, they would be able to tell that it’s me. So… the struggle it is to talk about my feelings. The love of my life is gone, and isn’t coming back for months. No more constantly texting him, or sneaking out to see him. Only a couple pictures, his stuff that he gave me, and memories. I just can’t believe the moment where he had to leave, came so soon. He made me so happy. I no longer feel the need to move, eat,  or take …


My story

July 20th, 2014by Klare

I stumbled on this site quite by accident. It sadness me reading some of your posts so young to have to feel these things. Don’t get me wrong I know they are valid I was once told “what’s the worst problem you have breaking up with your boyfriend? ” which is a stupid thing to say because yes it is traumatic.

I ‘m 30+ with an amazing 3yr old and exhausting 4yr old who have opened my eyes to a love I never knew could exist.

as I’ve grown I have learnt myself like most did not have an ideal childhood I was 12 when I started …


Is this what love is?

July 20th, 2014by bluesun

I don’t form connections with people easily and when it rarely happens the other person runs a mile because I don’t deal well with it. But this time with this one person she didn’t turn her back on me. She listens to what I say for the most part, doesn’t just ignore me like everyone else did and makes me feel like I exist and matter.

I haven’t been coping very well with living lately. We work together in a high pressure environment which has me stressed out for most of time. And the past few days we’ve been arguing which I NEVER do with anyone. …


Living with a demon.

July 17th, 2014by rekotsmarb

Certainly not the spiritual kind, just an emotionally and physically abusive, narcissistic and controlling human woman.

It feels like only one of us will make it out of this war alive. On nights like tonight I often think about taking the situation into my own hands and exiting this war on my own terms. I’m tired and I’m dreary.

Then I’m reminded that I fight back harder every single time. Tonight, when physical abuse came at me, I did not allow it. I fought back, I defended myself physically. That was my first time.

There must be something in that, I wouldn’t be fighting so hard if I …


Random Bar Advice #2

July 17th, 2014by RealTalk30

I stopped into a bar the other day for a pint of new castle, on my way home from work of course!
I sat down, not too many folks at the bar..a couple playing pool! Anyways..
I’m sitting there and this (kinda) young dude is sitting there talking it up with the tendie, sounding like he had had a few already. So I’m sitting there just sorta chiming in on conversations going on, sipping my ale… And then me and this young dude get to talking about death and old age.
We both made it plain in our opinions that living past a certain age …


I love him

July 14th, 2014by hellblau

I loved him I loved him I loved him. I still love him. I love him.



July 14th, 2014by the moonchild

Here we are again, you telling me again how selfish going out of my room and helping you even when you don t ask I am and how grateful I should’nt be. How messy my room is and how irrespectful it is not to tidy a room that is part of their house that they were so nice to vive me. How antisocial I m not text previous friends. How lazy I m not working for hours  the weekend, it s not surprising if I fail. How stupid it is to play the piano instead because my ” fanciful things ” will get me nowhere. …


How am I to cope with all THIS?

July 14th, 2014by PippinLink

I don’t think I want this, but what am I saying? I never did.

This isn’t the life I ever wanted to live. I used to have so many hopes and dreams… And now? There’s… Nothing. Just broken remains of the buildings of my hopes and dreams, shattered by those who thought lesser of me, as if their cruel words could never hurt me. But not just them. The family never helped me, if anything, they made it worse. This isn’t where I should be starting though. The suicidal feelings, the depression, everything like that, developed at around the age of 7.


My Story

July 14th, 2014by TheAngelWithBrokenWings

Okay so here it goes…

So, I’m Angel and I absolutely hate my life..
My entire life, my parents would get into huge fights and let’s just say a lot of cops knew my name and where I lived. My older sister would always scream at me and punch me and just constantly make my life miserable, and even today (she’s 18 and has a baby) she continues to do just that. In fact it has probably gotten worse.

Even though I am the youngest, I am ANYTHING but spoiled. I have to clean the house everyday while my sister goes shopping