Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


Thoughts & Advice for Suicide or Survival – Suicidals Please Read

September 15th, 2014by coconut

I found this site last night when I was in a bad state. I haven’t been suicidal since I was 19 and am now 22, but came here looking for a supportive voice because even though I’ve escaped my battles I still feel the after effects (details in my earlier post). After reading some posts I’m concerned. Remember I have been there and I know how it is. I am being very honest and my comments on how to go, how to not go, motivation and survival preparation are towards the end.


1. If you want to kill yourself that is your choice. Please keep in mind though, death …

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why do i do this to myself?

September 15th, 2014by copelessness

I wish I didn’t have hope. I have this stupid, delusional hope that something wonderful could happen to me but I know it couldn’t happen. Things like that don’t happen to me. Hope like that only ever crashes down on me.
Why do I torment myself like this? Why do I hope for something that won’t happen? Why do I feel things I shouldn’t feel?
I know in my heart, that painful, empty place inside my chest, that there is no hope, yet I choose to believe it anyway. I wish on a star and reach for her knowing full well …

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I Hate my Mom

You know when somebody says “You shouldn’t be around people who make you unhappy.” There’s only one person that makes me unhappy, and that’s my mom. The worst part is I am forced to be around her. She is emotionally abusive and she claims that she has never said anything bad to me. She says […]


fuck Reality ! Reality sucks ! Real world sucks ! Real life sucks ! Reality boring ! Real life boring ! Real world boring ! movies, novels books, comics, games, manga/anime are better than Reality !!

September 14th, 2014by niki

fuck Reality ! fuck real life ! fuck real world !
Reality sucks ! Real world sucks ! Real life sucks !
Reality boring ! Real life boring ! Real world boring !
movies, novels, comics, games, manga/anime are better than Reality !!
there is no MAGIC, no SUPERPOWER , no ‘cool, magical’ SUPERHERO / SUPERHEROES like in those movie , novel , comics , game / games , manga / anime , etc etc !
FUCKING BORING real world / real life / reality !!!

I also hate this life, I hate people / humans, I hate reality, I hate this world.
its very BORING !! and …


Sometimes it just gets a bit much

September 14th, 2014by coconut

I don’t know how this works, I’ve never done this before but I need some kind words right now. I’ve lost a part of myself. It’s so hard to be happy. So hard to be motivated. Surrounded by people but if you open up they always leave. 2 psychologists are helping me work through what happened, but I just need a friend.

My life story – I was always the happy one. But I was raised in a post apocalyptic cult and was psychologically abused until 21. I come from a broken family with domestic violence. My mum is not mentally there, still severely damaged from sexual abuse at a …


A tree is typing

September 13th, 2014by annakarenina

Have you ever felt like a tree whose branches can not stretch out? The other seeds that were born along with you grow up as humans and you are the only one who actually a tree. People ask your protection when the sun is hot, or simply ignoring you. I kinda assure myself from time to time that ‘Well! It’s finally normal now, but then you see things become worse again and you feel you’re suck again and sick of it.’ It is more or less like an eternal death or a time paradox. There are blind people, homeless ppl, deaf ppl, and I have this …


There’s no way out

September 12th, 2014by Sunflowerdaisy

I’ve always been aware of the things around me but yet i’m so scaredof everything. i’m a senior and i’ve been depressed for a long time now. Everyone i had turned their back on me because they didn’t like who i was. worse,when it ever came to confrontations iwas and still  afraid of standing up for myself and i hate the fact that i’m weak and worthless. I often hide how i feel and disguise it, noone cares about me. Last year i tried comitting suicide a couple of times but failed because i don’t want to die without atleast trying to be happy. i …



September 12th, 2014by DayDreamer6

Afraid to say it

don’t want to admit it


I need someone.



A piece of me

September 12th, 2014by HopefulForMe

Hi everyone, lately I’ve been thinking more and more about suicide. Over a year ago I met this guy who I feel in love with and after about 8 months I was told he had a girlfriend. Imagine the hurt and betrayal I felt by this. Sadly I wasn’t strong enough to walk away from him, it’s like he had some kind of control over me. I finally got to a place where I walked away from him for good about 5 months ago. I’ve been trying to better myself and move on with my life, I’m only 22. I’ve been trying to get back …


We Feel Alone

September 11th, 2014by DayDreamer6

All of us have so much in common. It’s both amazing and heartbreaking. Imagine all of us getting together and just chatting. Being face to face with the people who are really there for you.

There must be some alternate universe where all of us are happy, truly happy. No longer faking it, no more suffering, just happiness.


What a childlike dream.

We all may feel alone but we’re alone together. Even if it’s not face to face. The first day I posted on here, I was in a very dark place. More specifically, I was standing on a bridge looking down at the water. Wondering. What would …


I don’t even know what this post is

September 11th, 2014by queenofdarkness

When “I’m depressed”

comes out of the mouth of a 7 year old,

a kid too young to know what it really means,

you say “Don’t be one of those people, they’re selfish.”

Knowing full well that I am one of “those people.”


Is it terribly adolescent of me

to think,

“Oh yeah? You know what’s selfish? You. You and your fucking religion, fucking forcing me to do things I don’t believe in, praying fucking five times a day, wearing a fucking headscarf every fucking day, pretending I like the sexist homophobic Arab-elitist bullshit that spews out of the mouths of the imams giving the Friday sermons. You and your little victim …


I’m going to kill myself tonight

September 11th, 2014by trippylikenirvana

I really need to let my story. I can’t tell anyone and I won’t tell anyone most of this. I’m going to go in order of events, and you tell me if I have a right to kill myself.

I was born in Iraq, during the war. It was horrible. I was never able to have a good night’s sleep. I always thought I was going to get murdered, bombed, raped. I was so scared. I was only 5. When I was 6, a week or two after my birthday, my dad went to work, like usual. On the way there, he got shot twice in …



September 11th, 2014by depressednihilist95

Life is a depressing experience. Each day at college, I feel like I’m being forced against my will to conform to society. I’m only going to college because it’s either that, work for no reason, or suicide (such great choices). Seriously, there is no reason for me to work because I don’t want life. I’ve thought I might want a boyfriend, but I’ve never had one, and why bother? Relationships never last, and I’ve been told that I’m too sick to have one (so I guess I’m also unworthy of love). I don’t look forward to anything after college, or life in general. To be …


Is It?

September 10th, 2014by DayDreamer6

Is it sad that the only reason I’m still living is for my pets?

Is it sad that I steal my mothers pain medication?

Is it sad that I sleep with a football player who I have no feelings for?

Is it sad that whenever people ask me if I’m okay I avoid the question?

Is it sad that every day I dream about ending my life?

Is it sad that the only response I give people is “I don’t care”?

Is it sad that I’ve drawn everyone away?

Is it sad that my father doesn’t even know how to spell my name?

Is it sad that I’m so desperate for help that …


Life… People…

September 10th, 2014by ham

I never know what to do. People these days are so rude and its supposed to be ‘funny’? People can be so mean to you and you’re supposed to think its ‘funny’. I am sick today. Partly because i have been feeling down for quite a while. I have been playing a few games on my computer just to have some fun with my spare time. And then my ‘friend’ at school can see me playing games. So he tells people how i am ‘sick’ when i am actually sick and andy from my class tells me “This is big boy bobby. I heard u …


Justifiable suicide?

September 9th, 2014by thatdaydreamer

I’m hoping this post triggers a discussion, because I need to hear some opinions from some people who don’t know me personally. All comments would be appreciated.

I’m soon to turn 24 and have been ill since I was 7. Over the years, my physical illness has made me feel extremely anxious, embarrassed, ashamed and worthless. The severity of my illness has fluctuated, causing periods of false hope which result in deeper and deeper depression every time I’m back to my normal, bedridden state.

My illness (which I shan’t fully describe), among many other unpleasant symptoms, leaves me in constant pain which is not even touched …


Depressed badly

September 9th, 2014by lissbabe

When you just wanna go back to being that girl you are but you have to hide, well I wanna I just want to go to my room and cut my arms and feel better but how the fuck will that work all that’s gonna happen is for parents to get pissed off and kick me out but I’m not that perfect daughter not anymore now I’m different and in a girl who has to put on a fake smile and be faking happiness but nobody accepts me for who I am please tell me how to get out this hole again


a hurdle overcome

September 8th, 2014by E

I’ve had my first full proper meal in front of my family instead of on my own and i haven’t purged it nor do i have any intention to

this is a crazy achievement on its own but coupled with the fact im finally okay with eating at all its crazy im still not okay with my weight but that can take a back seat.

i can’t believe this one thing has changed my view in life so dramatically. it might only be for a few hours or days idk. but its a kind of happiness of pride id forgotten i could feel. and …



September 6th, 2014by Lily_Lemon

          Hey, what’s new? Nothing? Well me too. Just been feeling down. I only have 2 BFFs and I spend most of my time on the internet. I’m usually loud, crazy and fun. Now? I’m different. I’m sort of feeling depressed and crying about the littlest things. (No it isn’t menstruation). 


I’m new to this website. Don’t hate please.


Just had to get that out there. I’m in 6th grade by the way. I have a scary grandma that makes me cry a lot. I have a loving grandpa and dad. Also I have a dog named Cassie. If you meet my grandma,


hard work vs intelligence

September 6th, 2014by shadowmask

I want to be a Surgical PA. I’m currently a senior in HS and I know I may not be smart enough to carry out this task. I work very hard though and if I study and practice I do end up getting a good grade. Although in medicine you can study for hours and still not get a good result. If this is my fate I dont want to start just to quit. Those of you who have higher education, or are in medicine what is your opinion?