Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.



August 31st, 2014by shadowmask

I told my bestfriends i think of suicide everynight. Of course i didnt just randomly bring up the suject. They demand to know whats wrong. Then when i tell them they say oh you already told me that. Okay so did you want to know for your health? they didnt even give a fuck. Confiding in other people is pointless

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iv be came numb

August 29th, 2014by Honey_bee00

its been a few months since iv been on! but is it wrong for one person love 2 ppl at the same time?
iv been in love with my ex for almost a year now. but iv cut all connections with him. cuz he leads me on and ditches me all the time
but there is something i get over him.
and the guy I’m with currently treats me like a queen.
but my ex has saved my life from my trying to kill myself but then he always makes me want to do it.
almost a year ago i got raped
so many ppl think i made …

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Hi. So, uh, I’m new to this website. Let me introduce myself– my nickname is Tori. And I’d like to help others instead of helping myself. that is all <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> I think a nice way to try to prevent yourself from cutting is to draw a small flower and write the initial of your closest […]


How My SD Was Born

August 28th, 2014by The Lost Girl

I am a 20 Year Old That Had a Rough Life I have Watch A Dog Die of Poison That Not Many People Know How I Felt When it Happened and I Watched My Mum Have a Heartattack and I Still Get The Blame Till This Very Day and I have Been Around Drunken Violent Brothers and I have Watched My Friends and Been Bullied and Cyber Bullied and I have Always Been There For Them And I Have Had To say Goodbye To My Black Cat That I Loved Like a Daughter and I have Watched My 2 Guinie Pigs Die and I am …


Understanding the Damned

August 26th, 2014by KissOfDeath

I don’t expect you to understand,

no one ever does.

Our own mental status should be controlled by our own hands.

We are all condemned to death,

so why are we just sitting around?

Like ticking time bombs,

why not handle our own miserable lives,

instead of allowing others to choose our fate.




August 24th, 2014by artyom

i am sorry for my English.

i have read some of the post and I can understand them.

I had a good life, good friends and family, I had before though about suicide but I always knew that I don’t  really going to do this. And I never understand why I have them.

I don’t want to die and  I don’t think anyone want but the pain is sometimes so strong, I have decided to do this because I am too weak and tired. I don’t going to write a suicide note to anyone this is not going to help them, they need to forget about me. So …


awake and dreaming: grey unto light

August 24th, 2014by copelessness

I often see the world as grey and without color or definition. This isn’t how I actually see the world of course. It’s more how I feel it to be.
In this world, I see this array of grey, these objects and structures and beings. As part of it, I am just as grey as they are, yet somehow different in a way that eludes me. I interact with them in my own subdued way and treat them kindly, hoping to be treated as such in return. Many are kind back, some are indifferent, and some are suspicious or …


My life ; update

August 23rd, 2014by lostsoulblanklife

I’ve been more depressed these days, listening to sad songs such as;

Youth – Daughter

Who you are – Jessie J

To build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra

Before You Start Your Day – Twenty One Pilots

Those songs really get to me. They have a huge background, because I used to listen to them two or three years ago when my life was really going downhill.

I’ve met some friends online, but two of them lied to me. But not just a little white lie.. It was like huge ones for both of them.

One of them – Named Lauren - She lied about getting raped, getting pregnant, then being stabbed.. …


Sometimes, I think I hate everyone

August 21st, 2014by Engie

and I just get by by pretending that I don’t. Not inwardly, I mean on the outside. A mask of sanity. I’m a apathetic misanthrope portraying the character of a normal lovable person in a perpetual improv act.

I’m polite and sweet. I listen to people. I laugh at their jokes. I’m considerate. My mind is dissecting them. I’m dead inside.

I’m just not there.

I’m not depressed any more. I haven’t been for almost a year, but I no longer feel complex emotions of any kind. Some would call this a mixed blessing. There is nothing mixed about it. If I had to choose, I would trade …


is superhero real exist ? are superheroes real exist ? is superpower or magic real exist ? (like in those cool movies, games, comics, novels, books, anime / manga, etc) ? fuck this boring reality / real world / real life !!

August 21st, 2014by niki

is superhero real exist ?
are superheroes real exist ?
is superpower or magic real exist ? (like in those cool movies, games, comics, novels, books, anime / manga, etc) ?
you know, like in those ‘cool’ superhero movies : X-Men (X Men), Superman, Thor, Spiderman, Iron man, Captain America, or in those ‘cool’ fantasy / sci-fi (sci fi, science fiction) movies : Harry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, TRON, or games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc etc ..

otherwise, fuck this boring reality / real world / real life !!

I hate reality, I hate life , I hate this very *LIMITED* & …


The Rope

August 21st, 2014by KissOfDeath

I don’t understand what you’re expecting of me,

your needs a bottomless pit.

Just because you don’t understand these feelings,

doesn’t make me a misfit.

I don’t wish you to understand,

this mind, it’s my own personal hell.

I’m scribbling down my note written in my own twisted fate,

hoping no one remembers to tell.

The rope, hung ever so delicately,

my last and final hope.

The knocking on my door loudens,

as my body begins to mope. 





Moving Stillness

August 21st, 2014by darkartist93

You stood there, stood there and start to slowly back away,

You said that those close to you didn’t think that speaking to me was healthy, that it had thrown your thoughts into disarray.

It’s not worth the trouble or the heartache they told you,

And somehow you decided that it was true.

“There is no reason to stay as she’ll never see things clearly.”

With this you pacified yourself, never seeing that it might cost you dearly.


I stood there, stood there forgotten and alone.

You had said that my stubbornness was something that you could no longer condone,

But stubbornness had never been the problem.

In order to reach you, I had …


I don’t know

August 20th, 2014by hopeisontheway

I honestly believe I live a privileged life. My parents have wealthy paying jobs, and I am able to go to a very nice high school. Nothing awful besides the deaths of my loved ones, and regular crappy teenage drama has happened in my life. I’m lucky. I’ve never been abused or assaulted, but I’m still sad. I was briefly bullied in middle school, but who hasn’t been in their own way? No matter how many incredible things happen in my life, I somehow fall back into a dark place. I have periods where I am so happy, and then I have times where I …



August 20th, 2014by KissOfDeath

What in life makes it so hard for you to stay?


What is your magic potion?


What has made you stay this long?


What’s the thing you’ll miss the most?


Who do you think will miss you the most?


It’s Time to be Selfish.

August 20th, 2014by KissOfDeath

People call suicide “Selfish,”

Well I believe it’s time for me to be selfish.

All this world has done for me is drag me down,

it’s the weight that’s pulling me down to the bottom.

Why should I care about others feelings being hurt,

when they have done nothing to benefit mine.

We’re all going to die sometime,

so why not do it now?

Get it over with,

so the scars of grief caused by our deaths heal,

so our sorrow of being alive will end.



Just Another Lousy Poem

August 20th, 2014by KissOfDeath

It’s  hard to pick yourself up,

after you fallen.

It’s hard to “cheer up,”

when you have felt this way for years.

It’s had to “move on”

when your life is a stop sign.


Permanent Scars

August 20th, 2014by KissOfDeath

Our eyes met,

and for some reason I just couldn’t resist you,

I fell fast and so did you.

But then the sweet words you called me turned sour,

the touching wasn’t so gentle anymore,

you left bruises and scars,

but somehow it felt better to go through this pain with you,

than without.

I never believed in God,

but I started praying for death,

hoping some greater power could take me out of this misery.

Your mean words became my reality,

and my bruises you left on my body never healed,

they were permanent.

I left you, with swollen eyes and a heavy heart,

never knowing if I would find someone that would make me so miserably happy.



Need Advice…Please???

August 19th, 2014by darkartist93

So, I have to write an application essay for a program at school, and it asked to chronically the force(s) the influenced my life direction and decision  apply in the first place. The issue is that those forces were having lived in a not always safe situation for most of my life, and kinda wanting to duck out early as a result of it.  The problem is I can’t mention that because of the type of program that this is will immediately reject me… and that’s with out knowing that I have had no idea how to consistently keep waking up in the morning for …



August 19th, 2014by KissOfDeath

During the day my smile hides my feelings,

at night they come out,

that dull, empty feeling,

consumes me.

The urges come back,

my mind wonders.

How can you be so sad,

when no one has a clue,

I’m the master of disguise,

My feelings are my shadow,

my black cape I hide behind.


So Fucking Done

August 16th, 2014by teardownthewall

I’m so fucking done with this household and this “family”. I’m tired of being taken advantage of, of being the only one that works, the only one that keeps the fucking lights on, the only one that carries the fucking world on their shoulders and is still expected to do everything. I haven’t even gotten the chance to sleep today, fuck I’ve only gotten four hours to carry me the last 24 hours! But no, they still need me to do more and run all their god damn errands and run their welfare asses around like I’m their god damn taxi driver. They can all …