Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


Letting Other People Sabatoge Your Happiness

April 28th, 2016by HakunaMatata


For almost 2 years, I’ve felt this way because I live beside toxic neighbours and my uncle doesn’t listen to me to be careful of being taken advantage of. How? Simple. They threaten to sue us, get us fine and arrested for “Distribing The Peace” from the back up alarm installed on my uncle’s car. People sue for almost anything now a days no matter how ridiculous it may seem. There are various type of prices for back up alarm sold online and in-stores. Intially, it was installed for safety purposes of warning pedestrian to move out of the way when the vechile is shift into reverse. This generation, people attached to their electronic devices and rarely pay attention to where they are going. Nevertheless, my family kept telling me to ignore them and not fret about this matter. My family always count on the police to come give warnings beforehand if there is noise complaints.

Knowing my neighbours, they have been peeping toms secretly recording / collecting evidence to use against us – I had a feeling their intentions were not good. The other disgusting part is that they say that we are intentionally using noise as a form of harassment. I try to restrain from using foul language but these people kids who go to kindergarten mouth are foul enough to be washed out with soap. Long story short, depression hit me when I realize what I’ve been trying so, hard to protect doesn’t really matter in preventing these jerks from damaging our property. I was afraid that we might somehow get suddenly arrested when we get summoned to court and mad that my uncle gave them the upper hand to become obnoxious / cocky enough to disrespect him and his property. We clearly draw a line for them to park on their own driveway but they would intentionally block us from reversing once in awhile. To be, they are wolve’s dressed in sheep clothing. I know my uncle always remind me to forget and forgive people but there is another quote that says “don’t let anyone have the pleasure to disrespect you.” Ironically, instead of keeping pedestrian safe, the back up alarm attracted financial leeches. Trying to stay positive and get my motivation back for school. I lost hope and was very disappointed in the possibility for these people to manipulate the situation.

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I feel “in-valid” and I am “no-thing”

April 26th, 2016by tryingtohope

image imageThe word “invalid” fascinates me. Someone who is an invalid is somehow considered not valid; not worthwhile; not truly a whole person.

I feel invalidated by most people in my life. They simply don’t understand the physical and emotional struggle I face just to get through another hour; another day of this miserable life.

I am expected to help my mom because my dad just died. I say OK. But I really just want to scream “leave me alone, I want to join my dad” My sister and …

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I lost my house today  I lost a friend  I had a smoke and now I have a empty heart ,mind ,body &soul  I fear the feeling of nothingness and I’m now lying here with the nothingness that I’m afraid to stay awake but yet more terrified to sleep as I’m not wanting to wake […]



April 25th, 2016by newdanny21

It will be a week ago tomorrow that my 3rd episode of suicidal thoughts came to me. I have felt alot better the past 2 days and I honestly think a huge part of that was you guys (and gals). You are all soooo supportive, selfless and filled with bundles of heart. If everyone in the world had this much heart the leading cause of death in the world would be due to asphyxia from great big hugs. I can not thank all of you enough for getting me through this week, it was definately one of the worst weeks of my life


April 25th, 2016by Tristeza

Sabe o que acontece? Você se importa com alguém por um tempão, mostra pra essa pessoa que você a ama, que a valoriza, está sempre lá pra ela quando ela precisa, e fica ao lado dela mesmo quando ela prefere ficar com um babaca mentiroso do que com você. Pra quê isso? Pra no fim, ela virar pra você e dizer que queria que alguém se importasse com ela. Nossa! Sério? Hahaha, demais isso. Sabe, eu achei que eu não te amasse romanticamente mais. Na verdade, acho mesmo que não amo dessa forma mais. Mas ainda te amo como alguém muito importante pra mim, então …


Catch Up ?

April 25th, 2016by PrincessX_xPoptart

Well hey lovely people of suicide Project. I haven’t been here in awhile if you have noticed if any of you know who I am.

So awhile back I made a post about I Dye my hair. Its my self distraction from self harm. People seemed to like that so I think I’m going to make a journal hopefully everyday or maybe a cpl days or once a week in not sure yet. But I’m here for all of you. I wont judge because everyone needs a friend and you shouldn’t feel alone. So if I make a journal for you guys it’ll be self distractions …


i need some space

April 25th, 2016by forgotten


Space is just a word make up by somebody who is afraid of being close.

A lot has happen these few days. A confession,breaking from friends,sexual tension,sinful nature is torturing my mind.

p.s sorry for spamming


I lost my Soulmate.

April 21st, 2016by kirru63301

I lost my soulmate.

I loved her with all of my heart. We’ve known each other for five and a half years and we were best friends. It was an online relationship and we were young so we weren’t serious about it. But a few years ago we realized we could really make this work and so we tried. We stood by each other through thick and thin, through the stress of me having a job and graduating high school and everything. I felt like I had the perfect future because we promised each other we would go to the same college and work in the …


I need to try

April 20th, 2016by kamidaka

Today was rape day.

This time, however, my mother was gentler. She didn’t leave me any big bruises. She even gave me some tea and covered with a warm blanket.

I’ll stop eating. I need to save money. I need to try to escape once more. Last time didn’t go well, but I need to try.

Edit: My back hurts and there was a dead spider in the tea. She’s mad, I know.


More guilt

April 20th, 2016by kamidaka

Even now, in the middle of the night, my mother makes me feel like shit.

I am currently working on some dumb project for university. I’m in the living room.

My mother came and told me: “You are the worst daughter of the world. You won’t let me sleep with your constant typing. I’m going to an hotel because I NEED to work to earn money for me and your dumb ass. You cost me a lot of money and that’s how you retribute me? Ungrateful little shit” *slam*

But, it’s not like I even wanted to study in the first place?? I’m doing this because you ordered …


The Encounter.

April 19th, 2016by GerbzBaby

(If you want to get an idea of what’s been going on, look at my previous post.)

I unexpectedly ran into him today while working on a project at the computer lab. The first thing that came to mind as I walked in and saw him  was “leave” but honestly, I couldn’t. I had to get this project done or else my future would be at the mercy of my schools hands. It’s not like my school takes kindly to failures, but, anywho.. I walked in and sat down at the desk the teacher directed me to. It was right next to the printer. I knew …


Why can’t I do anything?

April 19th, 2016by kamidaka

This morning I was thinking of posting my last thoughts somewhere, just in case. I’m glad I came across this.
I will kill myself on an August 15th. I don’t really know the year, but that date will be. I’m supersticious of a certain event and I want to try out if it’s real or not.
The only thing that has kept me alive until now is anime, and will still until the August 15th.
My parents blame anime of my “weird” condition. What they don’t know is that it’s because of them I want to kill myself
I’ve tried so hard to get away from my parents. I …


Emotional And Financial Leeches

April 18th, 2016by HakunaMatata

Malicious neighbour who always try to put us down and got away with their petty revenge in the past threaten to sue my family over our car Back Up Alarm. They mock and taunt us that my family can get a heavy fine, arrested, and owe them compensation money in return. The worst case scenario is that we live in between them and their in-law family down the street who kids are just as bad. They are like ping pong balls bouncing back and forth leaving the mess behind on our driveway.

Basically, they have been openly overconfident and obnoxious ever since they snapped …



April 17th, 2016by sweetsleep

God I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get this out, but it occupies my thoughts every single day so I have to do something about it. I suffer from social anxiety, which helps me on making friends (ha sarcasm) but I really want to meet new people, and I try SO hard.When I do try to strike up a conversation people just look at me weird and laugh! I’m even nice to people but they treat me like I’m garbage, or a mat to walk all over on.Why even try! I have a few friends, but they don’t know me. They don’t know what …


“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”

April 14th, 2016by HakunaMatata

Throughout life there will be ups and downs, joys and tears. Normally, I try to ignore negativity coming from my neighbours and refrain myself from using foul language but words can’t express how I stronfly feel about these emotional and financial leeches. My neighbour are the type of people who are like this quote “counts other people sins/mistakes” to try to make themselves look like “saints”.

In my opinion, they are truly despicable and are like peeping Tom’s who have a problem minding their own business. I made nicknames for them as flies, paparazzi, or anti-fan. I made it clear to them that I would appreciate …



April 12th, 2016by TRlGGER

im completely out of my mind.
This is the first time im serious about swallowing a whole bottle of fucking pills. My head hurts and my moms pissing me the fuck off. Someone contact me i need someone.


Tired of trying, wish I had the courage

April 10th, 2016by taru

I’ve had a fairly unsuccessful life, but I never wanted to commit suicide no matter how bad I felt. But four months ago in December, I come off of antidepressants, feeling I don’t need them anymore. I got my ears irrigated with water to remove ear wax by an incompetent doctor. A week later I get an upper respiratory infection and put on antibiotics and steroid drops for my ear. A week after that, I get tinnitus in one ear, which is constant ringing in the ears. At the same time I get interstitial cystitis which is bladder pain and I can no longer eat …


Tired Of Being Tired

April 10th, 2016by HakunaMatata

From Canada, living beside toxic neighbours has drained me emotionally and I feel tired of keeping up with their negativity. Over the past few months, I’ve been dealing with anxiety to depression, losing sleep because of them due to littering, vandalism and etc. I want to catch them in the act but now they pretend to be all innocent on the outside.

I’m tired of feeling the need to protect my family and watch over my home from these malicious type of people who intend to do harm/damage/provoke us with their remarks. They simply don’t flick off easily even after putting up a “NO TRESPASSING” and “NO …


Said Fairwell To My Best Friend.. And Lover

April 9th, 2016by GerbzBaby

No, before you jump to conclusions I’m not harming myself in any way. This is about someone who I loved but unexpectedly found out he had cheated on me. Though we never made us dating official we where intamit (kissing, cuddling, making out, I would never go as far as that). He was my best friend, my lover and someone who made me in all honesty happy, something most people can’t do. He was kind in helping me.. But in the end I was wrong about him. He has fallen in love with another girl and still had feeling for my sister, lied and told …


I don’t know what to do

April 8th, 2016by IzzyThePsycho

My friend came to school today with his back and shoulders covered in bruises and cuts. I asked him what had happend, because I don’t want him to start cutting himself and stuff. What he told me was that his dad did it to him. I almost started crying. My friend could tell that much. He said, “See! This is why I don’t tell you this shit!” I don’t know what to do, since I can’t tell anyone who can do anything. I don’t want to risk him getting taken away for hospitalization, but it kills me to see him scarred and bruised like this. …