Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


Great Night

October 23rd, 2016by ErasedEon

That awkward/conflicting moment when you have a bad day, but a great night in the same 24 hour period. Like…. how is this possible exactly? I’m kinda surprised. How did this happen? I CERTAINLY wasn’t expecting this. I’m feeling kind of content actually… which is weird because this doesn’t usually happen. I just hope things can stay like this. I really hope they do…

I’m sorry… I’m not your hero anymore.

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I have felt so empty for many years

October 21st, 2016by pennilesspenmore

Anyone who knows me would think that I have absolutely no reason to be writing on this website. By any stretch of imagination, I have a near perfect life. Good career, good parents, manageable social skills and a promising life ahead. Yet, I think of suicide every single day. In fact about 10 times every day. But where did this all start?

My problem is, when I had friends and love around me, I wanted to do so many things  – visit places, climb mountains, take photos, what not? But then about four years ago I lost interest in just about everything. I don’t have enough …

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People Keep Leaving Me

October 21st, 2016by Music Is My Escape

I bond with someone,

They bond with me.

We spend our lives with each other,

healing each others’ souls.


Then one day, they’ll leave and they will leave nothing but memories.

They left without a word.


Day and night I wait for them, waiting for them to come back.

They don’t come back.

I look for others to bond with.

I bond with someone.


Then it all happens again….

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the reason why i’m here.

October 18th, 2016by ultraviolet1

i dont really know how to start my first post, but i guess this is going to be an introduction and the story of why am i here. well, i’m actually still young. i’m not gonna mention how old i am but once people know, they will say “wow, this is so hard for a kid your age.” i have this feeling for about 2-3 years. i took a lot of depression and anxiety test. i got 80% to 90% all the time. at first i dont want to believe, but i search up the symptoms of it and i guess i have one. when …

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I Suck At Socializing

October 16th, 2016by GerbzBaby

I don’t know if it was me today or my other friend but the conversation wasn’t like any others we had before. It was awkward, I was lost most of the time.. And I felt like he didn’t want me talking to him or wanted me to come visit him. It was horrible. I ended up crying and driving around for a half hour thinking about it, every detail, every feeling, every everything about it. It made me feel like shit. I didn’t want to drive home… If I drove away I would have never came back.. its like every time I talk with him, …

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I don’t know.

October 16th, 2016by alex.ia.fallen.angel18

Okay, now I need to let all this out.

I don’t even know why I’m here. Each day its getting worse and honestly I couldn’t ask for anything worse like ughh, I honestly don’t know how to describe it. Each morning I wake up, wishing that I could die and reborn as someone else, someone better or something. I can’t cope with my lifestyle, I can’t my bare anything at the moment. I have SO MUCH to let out yet I don’t know how, I want to SCREAM, CRY AND LET IT ALL OUT. But I still don’t know, I’ve been staring the screen for minutes …

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Will Anyone Miss Me When I’m Gone?

October 12th, 2016by Music Is My Escape

Long story short, I’m in a position where no one seems to really anticipate my existence.

I have friends.  And I have a best friend too.  My best friend used to talk to me a lot and she listened to every word I ever said, so I did the same to her.  But now things seem to be different.  It’s like whenever I try to bring something up, she’d interrupt, and goes on talking her own stuff.  She used to clap and cheer me on whenever I talked about my passions and the goals I wanted to achieve.  But now it’s like, she no longer wants …

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On and on and on

October 10th, 2016by 96530

who actively looks for dates for over a year and doesn’t even get close to one? Me. Who lost the only person who genuinely did like them because of paranoia. Me. I can’t wait to get the strength to finally find out what’s on the other side. I hope it’s soon

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It’s my fault

October 8th, 2016by lailase

I feel like I’m playing the victim, I never wanted to be a drama queen I actually hate when I act like that, considering all the suffering in this world I feel like I have no right to complain. I mean yeah I never met my father and my mother is… well I wouldn’t even know how to start with her, let’s just say that she taught me to hate myself. But a lot of people have problems with their parents it’s not like I’m a special case or something. I have every opportunity to succeeding in life like any other college student my age, …

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October 7th, 2016by 96530

I’m getting closer to being able to finally find out what’s on the other side. It’s only family keeping me here. But everyday, the more I think about it, the closer the desire gets.

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Help maybe?

October 6th, 2016by FluffyPotato

So, im 15 i know im young but, i just need some answers. I’ve been wanting to kill myself since i was around 10. i’ve really lost all the people i care for and ive had a crappy life.

My little brother told me to kill myself already. So, did my bestfriend/ex he also told me to kill myself too. My parents arent the worse but, they arent the best too. My biological father lives god knows where now, and is good for nothing. My mother is always stressed out and snaps at me alot. My step father was abusive but, has changed his ways… hes …

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Tired of trying… i feel like i might do it.

October 6th, 2016by depressive_cries

“Happiness is an illusion”

its true.

But right now i would give anything to fall into this illusion and let it embrace me.

Everyday is becoming an impossible task to get through. To get through the “Hey why are you looking so depressed?” to hiding the cuts on my hands.

I always used to say that “Music is my escape, an escape from reality”. Now? It doesnt make me happy anymore.

Everyday i end up falling to the floor crying because me body is physically tired of maintaining this facade of the perfect person. There is a black

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October 2nd, 2016by NineTheTimesBluer

I thought I was getting better.

I guess I’m not.

Lately I’ve been feeling numb, almost like I can’t feel anything at all. I still cry, I just don’t know why;it’s not because I’m upset, I just burst into tears all of a sudden. Then again, it’s not exactly easy to ‘feel’ connected to people when you’re almost completely cut off from them.

The people I thought were my friends don’t seem the same anymore. Maybe because we’re growing up; everyone changes when they grow up, and we drift in and out of one another’s lives. I could be completely wrong, and I could be behind it all. …

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Is there anything left?¿

October 1st, 2016by Halfhearted

I feel like I’m always ruining everyone’s life around me and just can’t figure out how to stop doing it. Nothing I do is right and everything I do is wrong. There are so many times I have just felt like walking off a train tressel over a busy highway or sitting in my room with my guns taunting me and voices in the back of my head telling me that it’s time. God knows how I am still here have been diagnosed bipolar and can’t seem to keep it together at all anymore. No one really knows this is how I feel or what …

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Let Me Go

September 26th, 2016by caribgirl

I’m trying. I really am.

I’m trying to understand you and why you say things that demean me. How is it that with just your words you can take away my power? You tell me I cannot act or behave in a certain way, that I have no right to do so. I have to tell you everything going on in my life because you support me. I have to tell you where I am and what I am doing at all times. I have to let you know how I am doing in school and exactly when things are due and you take it upon …

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September 24th, 2016by notonlyou

Why do people take advantage of you?

Why are people user-friendly?

Why are people so fake?

Why do i let them do that to me?

I brought this upon myself, the only one to blame is me.

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why am i doing this… why?

September 22nd, 2016by depressive_cries

i just… okay so my best friend got to know about the reason of my depression through here and i was planningto tell her but couldnt get it out of me.. now that she does know i dont know what to do but to isolate myself and i dont know what to say anymore…

things have be so grimm lately and my behaviour towards her is so unjust i hate myself not being able to come to peace with myself and tell myself that its okay, whats done is done move on.

I just cant and i dont know what to do. Maybe self isolation is my …

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actually, i have every reason to be scared

September 15th, 2016by death bunny

in about two weeks i’ll be leaving my one bedroom flat to move in with my girlfriend and our nine months old baby boy. we were living together for four months and another two months after he was born, but things fell apart as we drifted away from each other, trying to maintain ourselves without letting this parenting thing take over who we are. i needed time alone to do my art stuff, letting off some of my steam, which ultimately led me to rent my current flat.

i’ve been living here for the past six months, while my girlfriend went back to her parents’ house …

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Reopening the project…

September 12th, 2016by 2sadhappy

It’s been about a year or so since I was here but something tells me it’s time to come back for a bit. I want to be here to be a lifeline for somebody. I used to receive emails from around the world and hear amazing stories. I had to step away for a while to catch my own breath but I like to hear from you guys.

I don’t consider myself suicidal at the moment although I have cut before and sometimes think about the silence of death as peaceful. I probably stand out a little in that I see death I’d say at least …

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Day 3

September 11th, 2016by Nico The Robot

Yo, Nico again.

I’m pretty excited about today because I’m gonna go out with my friends and stuff later. Well that’s if I manage to keep my parents happy today and not get them mad like always.. They’re really hot headed and stubborn so even the slightest thing can make them explode.. They scare me a lot..

Heheh but anyways we’re gonna be going to the mall and stuff to hang out.They want to go to the halloween store but honestly I’m a huge pussy so I don’t know if I’m gonna go with them. ;-; Mm but they took out one of my favorite places there.. It …

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