I Will Survive

I did this, you can too.


Things are getting hard Again

September 29th, 2016by talesofme

Since I was 13 I knew that one day I would commit suicide. Ive always been able to go one more day and one more day turned into 7 years. And now things are getting so hard that I dont think I can go one more day. I feel like I cannot keep trying. I keep failing, the depression is taking control of me and I just have no reason to be happy anymore. Is life even worth it anymore.

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Changed my mind (for the moment)

September 22nd, 2016by user4587

Hey it’s “T”.

You may have read my post about having everything prepared to commit suicide by helium asphixation. Of course it got deleted after a while.

Some of you have really inspired me to not commit suicide (thanks for that). I mainly didn’t do it because of my family. I am still fighting every day but i’ve decided to postpone my suicide indefinitely.

In case things won’t work and if fail I always got the possibility to end my life if I wish so.

I hope you all gonna have a lovely day.



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why am i doing this… why?

September 22nd, 2016by depressive_cries

i just… okay so my best friend got to know about the reason of my depression through here and i was planningto tell her but couldnt get it out of me.. now that she does know i dont know what to do but to isolate myself and i dont know what to say anymore…

things have be so grimm lately and my behaviour towards her is so unjust i hate myself not being able to come to peace with myself and tell myself that its okay, whats done is done move on.

I just cant and i dont know what to do. Maybe self isolation is my …

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It feels so weird to be back…

September 17th, 2016by Within Evanescence

Hi everyone,

I’m guessing that most of you don’t recognize me, but I made this profile about two years ago. Though, I haven’t posted anything in half a year. Just like you, I was at the bottom of the deepest bottle… At some point I started making actual plans for attempting suicide, and I once came very, very close to making an attempt, but I never actually tried anything for real. Here’s a simple explanation of why:

First of all, my school had sent me to a psychologist. That was one of the scariest experiences of my life, but it turned out to be one of the …

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Reopening the project…

September 12th, 2016by 2sadhappy

It’s been about a year or so since I was here but something tells me it’s time to come back for a bit. I want to be here to be a lifeline for somebody. I used to receive emails from around the world and hear amazing stories. I had to step away for a while to catch my own breath but I like to hear from you guys.

I don’t consider myself suicidal at the moment although I have cut before and sometimes think about the silence of death as peaceful. I probably stand out a little in that I see death I’d say at least …

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Notes from the Lobby

September 9th, 2016by Hatemyllllife

Definitely feeling depressed and hopeless. Poor, crazy, longing for love and the end of all this bullshit. Life sucks.

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No title…just how I feel…lost, hurt, alone, ABANDONED and BETRAYED

September 5th, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

There was a time in my life that I would have looked in the mirror, seen what I now once again see and run.  Fly away…escape in flight, run back into the night, where in the end, I have always belonged.

Time is that ever horrible tick of deep space; that reminds me that I am worthless and nothing will ever change that.  That there is only one path in the end.  I’ve seen all the roads and no matter what, change will never come, for there is only one road in the end to be had.

Once again, the clock …

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first cut since.. fuck i can’t even remember

August 29th, 2016by death bunny


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I’m always being compared to my sister/ being left out

August 24th, 2016by GerbzBaby

In my family I’m the oldest of my two sisters (we are going to call them:) C and A. C being the first at 17 and A being the second youngest at 15. Me being of the age of 18 you’d think I wouldn’t be compared to my little sister (in this case my sister C)… But I am… A lot! I’m never just “Amanda” I’m just “C’s sister”.

“Oh! You are very shy compared to C.” “Your nothing like C is!” “You don’t look like C or A at all!” “You and C have nothing in comman.” These are just the few I can think …

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August 23rd, 2016by youwouldntrealise

So over the past month i found myself get worse and worse & decided to post on here for help and attention. I got over 10 emails from fellow users of this site and i couldnt be happier.

I am overwhelmed with how many people took the time to give a shit about me. Unfortunately it felt very repetitive having to explain myself multiple times and honestly just took the life out of me. Sorry to everyone i didnt reply back to. Im very very appreciative of the effort you all went through.

If you are reading this and feel alone or out of your depths …

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Just Being Me!

August 23rd, 2016by StacyT_T

So I am the middle child of 3 children …..

Some people would love that but I don’t. It’s absolutely hell!! My parents would always compare me to my older sister or younger brother.

You see my older sister (24) is now a nurse and is married to Matthew . A doctor who is “the perfect guy” as my parents say …… They would always compare me to her by saying “Oh you know when your sister was your age she used to do this… And do that…”

They never give me a break …

Oh and let’s not forget my little brother. It doesn’t make it …

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Scared to Live, Not to Die

August 19th, 2016by FlaminJoy

Ever since I was a little girl, living was an issue. I’ve wanted to die since I was 8 yrs old. My mother was/is evil and doesn’t have feelings like most people do. Common traits of a Sociopath; she would have a lot of sex with a lot of people just so she could feel something… Or at least I tell myself that’s the reason why. She married my dad while she was still married and had 2 sons with someone else. My dad didn’t know, but her first husband soon found out and divorced her. My dad in turn raised my two older brothers …

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I’m Really Sorry

August 17th, 2016by AKidWithAName

I don’t want to live. There is absolutely no point in it. No matter what I do, my parents will never be proud of me. I know that this is a shitty reason. It sounds shitty. It sounds like I’m over-exaggerating. It sounds like I don’t understand.

But the thing is, I do understand. My parents want the best for me, which is more than I should be able to ask for. But, I am a selfish and discontent human being. I want something to go my way. I’m not right. There’s something wrong with me. That’s probably just me trying to get attention. Ahahahahhaha …

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Looking for a friend

August 14th, 2016by youwouldntrealise

Ive been struggling to find someone to talk to recently as i dont feel im doing the best.
I tried the online counselling but they all need payment details to actually talk to someone professional.

I just want someone who knows what im going through to pay attention and offer advice because i honestly feel so lonely atm.

Id really appreciate a message… For the record im also a really good listener!

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Why Do I Do This

August 13th, 2016by justonemorecut

Why? Why do I do this to myself? Why do I keep making myself suffer? Why don’t I have the courage to do it?

This is my life and I can do it if I want to, I’m tired of people saying don’t, I’m sick of them telling me to stop being so damn selfish and to think of others. Like I’m a person too damnit why cant they think of what I’m going through, Why cant they see the pain I see why do they have the strength I don’t have. Where the hell am I supposed to go a damn hospital doesn’t help I …

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There is nothing more for me, need the end to set me free. Trapped in myself, body my holding cell.

August 10th, 2016by .fadetoblack.

I met you in my junior year of high school. its been almost 7 years since then, and exactly one month now since I last saw you. From the moment we met I knew there was something special in you, it didn’t take me more than a week to confess my love to you. From the very start I knew you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, you were just different than everyone else. Even after you moved away for school, I was always there when you needed me. I was in a dark place when you moved …

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Remembering the past

August 9th, 2016by usedcanvas

I’m starting to remember something from my past. It’s weird i can be having a regular conversation with someone and they say a word and i get a flash back of something. I’ve never told anyone the full story of what happened. That might be because i don’t even know the full story myself. I guess I’ve never told anyone about it is because i don’t know what their response will be. Will they have nothing to say at all or say something like “wow”, “i can’t believe that “, “im sorry”, or “are you okay?” I don’t know how to respond to any of …

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Whats new

August 9th, 2016by usedcanvas

So a lot has happened since i last posted. My relationship has gotten a lot better. He’s a lot more understanding but, I still hide stuff, nothing bad…well kinda bad. I hide how bad my anxiety is but i do that with everyone not just him. But he doesn’t know that I’ve tried to commit suicide or that I’ve cut, and relapsed 2 weeks ago but haven’t since. He also doesn’t know how often i get anxiety attacks. He recently saw a small one but i  labeled it as an asthma attack, which i get often. I got an anxiety attack because me and my …

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I’m going to be ok?

August 7th, 2016by itllbeok

My aunty is visiting me before I leave for college, and she is the prettiest of my mom’s siblings because she uses the most makeup and she is the “beauty expert”. The only downside to this is that she cares way too much about her looks and comments on other peoples’ too. I was at the mall with her today with one of my other family members, and she kept talking about how much smaller she is than I am, yet she still has more than double my breast size. She kept saying comments during dinner (we ate saucy chicken wings from her favorite restaurant) about …

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My Soul Flies (And Fly It Will)

August 6th, 2016by Counting The Days Until I'm gone

Trapped inside this ominous receptacle,

Eighteen years, eight months, six days, ten hours, fifty minutes and forty seven seconds beyond my best before date,

I stand hollow and cavernous-as the wind cascades itself amidsts my masts, creating sweet tunes and great form;

My eyes have been spectators to such mesmerising beauty, humbling devastation and horror;

My ears have beared witness to great orchestrated melodies, profound speeches and bone wrenching pleas for intervention;

My skin has felt the sweet caress of a caring hand, the firm- corrective thump of life, the allure of a sexual pulse and the sterility and inamimacy of iron.

My heart has endured the thrills of young love, …

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