I Will Survive

I did this, you can too.


Thoughts & Advice for Suicide or Survival – Suicidals Please Read

September 15th, 2014by coconut

I found this site last night when I was in a bad state. I haven’t been suicidal since I was 19 and am now 22, but came here looking for a supportive voice because even though I’ve escaped my battles I still feel the after effects (details in my earlier post). After reading some posts I’m concerned. Remember I have been there and I know how it is. I am being very honest and my comments on how to go, how to not go, motivation and survival preparation are towards the end.


1. If you want to kill yourself that is your choice. Please keep in mind though, death …

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why do i do this to myself?

September 15th, 2014by copelessness

I wish I didn’t have hope. I have this stupid, delusional hope that something wonderful could happen to me but I know it couldn’t happen. Things like that don’t happen to me. Hope like that only ever crashes down on me.
Why do I torment myself like this? Why do I hope for something that won’t happen? Why do I feel things I shouldn’t feel?
I know in my heart, that painful, empty place inside my chest, that there is no hope, yet I choose to believe it anyway. I wish on a star and reach for her knowing full well …

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My Cuts

So i didnt cut, but i started. i startd  cutting since Thursday  the 11th. I made a big cut and deep, but i treated it. Today i have around 20 cuts small but bleedable. On thrursday i also told my mum about the voices ive been hearing in my head telling me to kill myself. […]


I know this has been posted before, but….

September 14th, 2014by gonetoosoon

I absolutely love this!!! Gets me through some tough times :)
Instructions for a Bad Day

PS  The link above works.  I seem to be technologically challenged today, and can’t get the video to embed :/


fuck Reality ! Reality sucks ! Real world sucks ! Real life sucks ! Reality boring ! Real life boring ! Real world boring ! movies, novels books, comics, games, manga/anime are better than Reality !!

September 14th, 2014by niki

fuck Reality ! fuck real life ! fuck real world !
Reality sucks ! Real world sucks ! Real life sucks !
Reality boring ! Real life boring ! Real world boring !
movies, novels, comics, games, manga/anime are better than Reality !!
there is no MAGIC, no SUPERPOWER , no ‘cool, magical’ SUPERHERO / SUPERHEROES like in those movie , novel , comics , game / games , manga / anime , etc etc !
FUCKING BORING real world / real life / reality !!!

I also hate this life, I hate people / humans, I hate reality, I hate this world.
its very BORING !! and …


SP, you are cordially invited

September 13th, 2014by lost

This is a slightly edited version of a comment I left on someone else’s post, but I wanted to extend this invitation to the SP community:

Would any of you guys be interested in keeping in touch in some capacity on Facebook? I created a Facebook account specifically for this purpose, and if you wanted to do that, we could keep in touch while protecting our anonymity.

I’ve realized that one of the things I miss the most about the friendship I recently lost was that, most days, we’d touch base here and there throughout the day (we live in different cities). And this didn’t necessarily mean …


A tree is typing

September 13th, 2014by annakarenina

Have you ever felt like a tree whose branches can not stretch out? The other seeds that were born along with you grow up as humans and you are the only one who actually a tree. People ask your protection when the sun is hot, or simply ignoring you. I kinda assure myself from time to time that ‘Well! It’s finally normal now, but then you see things become worse again and you feel you’re suck again and sick of it.’ It is more or less like an eternal death or a time paradox. There are blind people, homeless ppl, deaf ppl, and I have this …


We Feel Alone

September 11th, 2014by DayDreamer6

All of us have so much in common. It’s both amazing and heartbreaking. Imagine all of us getting together and just chatting. Being face to face with the people who are really there for you.

There must be some alternate universe where all of us are happy, truly happy. No longer faking it, no more suffering, just happiness.


What a childlike dream.

We all may feel alone but we’re alone together. Even if it’s not face to face. The first day I posted on here, I was in a very dark place. More specifically, I was standing on a bridge looking down at the water. Wondering. What would …


“Not Falling”

September 11th, 2014by bigjamdaddy

“Not Falling”
by Mudvayne

Always, known in, all my time,
A little left of center now
Reflect as I realize,
That all I need is to find the middle pillar path to sit like the sun by a star in the sky and
just be.
Sinners, casting stones at me

I… I stand, not crawling, not falling down
I… I bleed the demons that drag me down
I… I stand, (for nothing), not crawling, (the center), not falling down (of calms within the eye)
I… I’ll bleed, (for no one), The demons, (but myself), that pull me down (for me and no one else)

Goodbye, sunshine, I’ve put it out again, sad
I’m over, personalities, conflicting, I don’t …


The Circle of Life

September 9th, 2014by StarsShineInDarkness

The weight on your chest never ends.

He is the beginning,

He is the weight,

Physically crushing,


The pain follows,

Heavier than he was.

The black hole in your chest,

Ripping your insides apart.


The cuts are the closer,

The release and the cause simultaneously,

The blood runs,

You get one true breath in,

The weight returns


You know its not the end,

Tomorrow he will be there.

He will find you.

The weight will never end






September 8th, 2014by SOrmerod

It’s here again, and I need a friend.

Times are tough, this life is rough.

Darkness here, nothing is clear.

Live on I will, despite this life.

Hope is gone, though I carry on.

Despite depression, I’ve learned a lesson.

This too shall pass, it will not get me.

There’s a fight in us, few will see.

Even on life’s darkest paths,

The light of hope will come and find us at last.

Depression is a swirling river, hope is a rickety bridge.

One small nail holds it in place.

We will wipe these tears off our face,

Let’s take this bridge together and find our happy place.

The sun will shine, I will go on.

Someday I truly hope …


Reasons not.

September 7th, 2014by InbetwixtLives

Yes, I want to crawl in a hole an die sometimes.

Yes, I want to slash my wrists.

Yes, sometimes blood is on my hands.

But no, that does not mean I’m never happy. Chocolate makes me happy. Lana Del Rey makes me happy. Music makes me happy. Learning how to play the piano makes me happy. Words make me happy.

When you smile at a stranger and they smile back, it’s moments like those that make me happy. And I know, this is sappy. Somedays, I will post deathly dark stuff on here that is, at best, cringe-worthy. But you know what? It’s different today. Hopeful.

Here’s to being …


All of you.

  For everyone here. <3


My feelings on why we feel depressed and suicidal

September 4th, 2014by LoveIsEverything

I have and still feel extremely depressed and at times suicidal – a helplessness, a feeling that no one really cares and deeply loves, that people are only concerned with their tasks in their busy-ness – in their own business.  Even people that are not suicidal and are adjusted to society, still feel emptiness in their hearts, I believe. I think very few people are genuinely happy and feel love and connection to life.

I think we become suicidal because we feel a terrible emptiness in life, and this emptiness we feel is because we don’t feel deeply connected to others. We get abused, screamed and …


Inspiration, Hope and Determination

September 4th, 2014by Unlov3d

Well, I sure did put my 2.5 cents in today on many comments. I was inspired, for lack of a better word.

Whew. Apparently, a muse somewhere struck me with the writing bug this morning. Or, y’know, too much caffeine to know what to do with myself.

I will be gone for a few days. My mother’s memorial service is tomorrow, and I’m taking the rest of the weekend to remember and honor her. I’m sad she died, but I’m relieved she’s not suffering anymore. I know without a doubt she’s responsible for the events in the past two days. It’s my mother’s undying love …


is there any way I can stop being dumb?

September 4th, 2014by Unluckymale13

Thanx to anyone in this site who has helped me by replying to my posts. After some serious thinking I have decided to accept my shortness and live with it. I can’t make myself commit suicide anyway…. I guess I don’t have the balls for it. If I want to continue living then I have to start improving myself. You might’ve already noticed from my writings that I am an extremely dumb boy… if I want to get somewhere in life I have to cure my dumbness. I need to make money, have some friends, find a girl for me etc.. and to do these …


My Mom’s Divine Intervention and an Unexpected Gift

September 3rd, 2014by Unlov3d

Mom's Final Gift

    Yesterday, I got a package in the mail, but it was delivered to my aunt’s house. I went to her house, and when I saw the handwriting on the package, my knees buckled and the tears started to pour out my eyes.

    It was my mother’s handwriting. My aunt explained before my mom died last week, she sent the package to my aunt because she knew she didn’t have much time left. It was postmarked 25 August 2014, two days before she passed away.

    I opened the package, and it was three feet long,


No Friends

September 3rd, 2014by usedgirl

In my recent story I told people that I was used, but in reality I was using them to feel pleasure, but when it came to having feelings for them, they turned me down. Karma does come around quick. I’ve been out of college for almost 8 months. I didn’t get a job after for what I majored on, instead I worked seasonal at Target. I’ve met cool people. After those 90 days passed, I feel like there’s no point to live. I feel all alone. People don’t bother texting, and if they do is because a guy is horny and wants to have sex. …


I’m a ship sailing, and the seas are rough

September 2nd, 2014by No_where_to_run

I don’t know what brought me to this website. First I was googling resources on suicide prevention  and it brought up a link, and here I am. To start things off, I’m not the kind of girl that would be found on here, according to my friends I’m a social butterfly, friendly, sweet and kind hearted. Why I may be those things, I’m also a lot for things no one could even imagine. My family would be completely devastated if they knew the thought of suicide was even slipping into my mind. Of course, people always say “you should see a councillor and get some …