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SP writings : A Trip Inside the Mind of Peyton King (Chapter 5)

October 5th, 2015by mindlessgamer619

He jolted himself awake.

His breathing was deep and calm.


Well, that’s odd. Or is it? It’s just me, in here… Well, just one me. I assume this is the true me… Something isn’t right here either.. Damn it, when will the uncertainty end?

He quickly checked to make sure he was ok.

Geez, that was a weird dream. Can’t remember any of it though.

He sat up. He didn’t recognize the room he was in.

Suddenly, he felt nauseous almost immediately.

He stumbled out of his room, found a bathroom, and threw up in the toilet.

He took a look at himself in the mirror. He didn’t look that much different than …

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Abandoned, Not Finished

Abandoned, Not Finished: An exposition about art, parenting, and suicide.


Comments for Abandoned, Not Finished

October 4th, 2015by SeeSmith

Because scrolling to the bottom of that page gets to me.


Everybody’s Fool

October 4th, 2015by Within Evanescence

This will always be one of my favourite songs, and I’m so in love with this music video. The video basically is about lying to yourself and having a depression while you’re fake smiling to the world. It’s beautiful and since I totally love the band and the lead singer, seeing Amy Lee like this gives me tears in my eyes.
I thought of you while watching this, so here you go. I hope you like it.


SP writings : A Trip Inside the Mind of Peyton King (Chapter 4)

October 2nd, 2015by mindlessgamer619

He woke up, startled and disoriented.

Huh? What’s going on?

When his vision cleared, he found himself inside a very small room. It could fit maybe 4 people, if they all sat in a corner, and curled into as small a ball as they possibly could. It looked relatively normal. He blinked once or twice, and lifted his head. That’s when his whole body started to ache..

Wasn’t I in my bed just now?

He tried to stretch, but he realized he couldn’t. He couldn’t move his arms at all… or even his legs, for that matter.

What the hell is going on?

He looked down at his hands were, then …


I’ve done it all

October 1st, 2015by NoHopeShay

I’ve cut

I’ve tied the rope

I’ve drunk the poison

But I’m still here

I’m tired of fighting I want out. Not sure if anyone understand but I don’t want no one to notice me. I smile and laugh like everything’s okay.. but when I get back home I hope it’s my last day. Wishing and wishing that my pain will go a way. What is it that you feel. Idk but whatever it is it’s tearing my self esteem, my happiness gradually and I’m yellin but my voice is muted by my mask.

I’ve cut

I’ve tied the rope

I’ve drunk the poison but I’m Still here

What the hell what does this really mean. That a human form so perfectly could want to take their life away because it’s to insane to deal with all these emotions that’s coming towards me. Its eating me alive and I just want to die. I continue to fight but my soul is broken inside. Every time I eliminate the hurt it presents itself again not letting me breathe.. dealing with this I will never win.

I’ve cut

I’ve tried the rope

I’ve drunk the poison

Burn I’m still here.


Please let me go God.


SP writings : A Trip Inside the Mind of Peyton King (Chapter 3)

October 1st, 2015by mindlessgamer619

I feel lost.

If my mind was the size of, let’s say, a small town, and every thought I have on a day to day is one person in that town, then my mind is overpopulated.

Thoughts of schoolwork: An entire class of thought on their own.

Thoughts of work: About as much as the amount of people that show up to my job on a day to day (hundreds)

Thoughts of myself: You’d probably see hundreds of versions of me, running around, crazed beyond rational thought, constantly screaming their one thought about themselves:

“I’m ugly!”

“I’m unloved!”

“Why can’t I just get out of this funk?”

“I’m not hated, but why don’t


To Darvin

October 1st, 2015by freeroma

(—) ( + )
{ . \/ . }
This owl likes the little posts you keep putting up, it thinks they’re a HOOT

(Laughs Maniacally)


How to cope…..?

September 28th, 2015by EvilOni22

Ok, so suicidal thoughts linger. Will they ever totally dissipate? Perhaps or perhaps not. I don’t really know. If I had to say, I would lean towards they will lighten but never just go away. Once you learn know or relaize something, it’s not like you can just purposely unknow or unrealize it. The partial truth behind ingnore is bliss. So with acceptance of the fact I may never be able to fully revert from suicidal thoughts and desires leads me to the question of what can I do to cope with them? My mind running on the topic of ways to kill myself and …


SP writings : A Trip Inside the Mind of Peyton King (Chapter 2)

September 28th, 2015by mindlessgamer619

A note: Peyton’s mind is all over the place on a day to day, so please pardon any sort of inconsistencies or lack of general flow in the story….

Anyways, Peyton is a big guy. It’s been said (more in the past than now) that he looks very much like a high school football player from time to time. He’s 5’ 10” and weighs about 215 pounds. He has some muscle (only because he was in weight training from 10th to 12th grade), but not a lot. In fact, Peyton is pretty sure he’s fat now. He just wants to lose some weight, so that he …


The only way

September 28th, 2015by SJ529

Some days I just wish.
I could run and hide.
No matter where I go.
Suicide seems my only way.

My life is not worth it.
All this pain and suffering.
I dont want to be here anymore.
The only way is suicide.

Nobody can help me.
I cant fix myself.
Nobody knows the real me.
Suicide is the only way.

I put on this false act.
And slap a smile upon my face.
When really Im dying inside.
The only way is suicide.

All I ever wanted was.
To be loved and accepted.
Just to feel the warth of love.
But you never loved …


Don’t Deserve Life

September 28th, 2015by blackstrat

You’re too ugly
You’re not smart enough
You’re not good enough
Everyone’s better
Everyone hates you
You stupid asshole
No talent piece of shit
You’re too awkward
You have no life
You have no friends
You have no future
You have no chance
Give up
End it

What if you did?
They wouldn’t care
They would laugh
They’d spit on your grave
I’m a pussy
I’m a faggot
I don’t deserve life
I never have
I never will

Normal people don’t give up on life
Normal people love life
Normal people are grateful for what they have
Normal people have friends that love them
Normal people don’t let their friends abuse them
But I’m not normal
I’m a fucking freak
Sick demented piece of shit
I’m no one

If enough people say it,
isn’t it true?

Life is precious,
But …


You are Loved

September 27th, 2015by jrmeador94

I’m still getting through my depression. It’s almost a daily battle here at college, but I’m surviving somehow. I heard this music one day with my therapist, and I couldn’t stop crying.

This song has kept me through some of the hard days. I play it when I fall asleep. I wake up better.

You are Loved (Don’t Give up) by Josh Groban


My poems :/

September 26th, 2015by Within Evanescence

About 8 months ago I wrote some ‘poems’ I guess you could call them about my teacher whom I have a crush on. In each poem, the first words of every line from a song title, so… Hope you’ll enjoy it.

What are you doing to me?
You make me feel weird
Mean, you are mean
To be mean, just be you
Me, I’m in love with you

The schoolbell rings
Last day with you is over
Song playing in my head
I’m going to miss you
Wasting my time by thinking of you
On my mind is always you
You won’t ever leave my mind

All that you’ve got to offer me
That is what I love about …


SP writings : A Trip Inside the Mind of Peyton King (Chapter 1)

September 25th, 2015by mindlessgamer619

Peyton, after finishing a day of intense training, decided to sit down and meditate on the past few hours. Sweating like a pig, he sat cross legged, cooling himself down by the breezy beachside. His mind began to wander as he entered the state of calm he was all too familiar with.
He thought of friends, his familia, the dedication and training it took to get this far, the way she consistently and effortlessly matched him in nearly every way-

He froze.

She’s on my mind again, isn’t she?

Stella Carter. He’d just recently learned she was an old childhood friend. They had met on a mission and had …


Grandfather, Father, Me

Grandfather, Father, Me

September 22nd, 2015by SeeSmith

I am watching my father die in pieces, ever accelerating. Although he can hardly walk, he manages to drag himself to his desk to find a poem to share with me. How is it possible that he can hang on through all his pain, yet I, healthy and sound, am so ready to die?

Late Poem to My Father
by Sharon Olds

Suddenly I thought of you
as a child in that house, the unlit rooms
and the hot fireplace with the man in front of it,
silent. You moved through the heavy air
in your physical beauty, a boy of seven,
helpless, smart, there were things the man
did near you, and …


In the Silent Night of Despair

September 17th, 2015by winterskyout

Keep on walking, keep on breathing in

crinkled lies and deadly despair.

Keep on screaming, keep on wondering how

much more of this world you’ll bare.

Keep on crying, keep on falling from

the promise born from a twisted prayer

Keep on numbing, keep on sleeping and

the articulate scars will one day ware…

Keep on walking? Steady your breathing and

question if you really belonged anywhere….?


Dreaming My Life Away: Death and Peace

September 17th, 2015by Tristeza

I wonder what’s next. Nothing, maybe. Maybe nothing. Probably nothing.

I see the cycle of birth-life and death-rebirth as something magical and spiritual, a never ending, ever turning wheel.
Spiritual is the exact word I want. Spiritual based on my individual perception — just the idea of feeding the soil is enough. Enough magical and beautiful. I know, I’m a silly flower child, but there’s nothing more poetic to me than becoming non-existent. At least non-existent as “me”. Being part of nature in the deepest and purest way again. Energy is life. So I would be alive, but non-existent.
This idea brings me so much peace. No …

Life and Death…

September 16th, 2015by Tristeza

… In everything.


Let me go back to the start.



“I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies [..] I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife” (hozier)

September 16th, 2015by freedomseeker

Her voice is like a falling leaf sliding upon the air. Don’t get mistaken, this is not about any notion of loss or death. Rather the contrary, actually. It is about harmony, subtle embrace of goodness upon the universe. It is about some softness, lying flat on the elements. I love hearing her voice. It is soothing. Beautiful and soothing. Gentle. Please, talk. Don’t look at me. Please, just speak. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know. But just speak. You certainly are some sort of peace of mind. Quiet life. Good for you. But I just love the way you speak.
The truth is …