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The Masks We Wear

Anime fans? More specifically, any Attack on Titan / Shigeki no Kyojin fans..? 😉 This is Kay Pike (www.facebook.com/KayPikefashion/) So why this video? It reminds us of the beautiful, amazing, or cartoonesque masks we have to wear to function through our struggles. Don’t wear a mask. Seek help… Contact me on Kik: H4UOK — Email: […]


Reality is boring , real life is boring , real world is boring , not like movies, comics, novels, anime manga, video games !

May 22nd, 2016by niki

Reality is boring
real-life is boring
real-world is boring
not like movies, comics, novels, anime manga, video games !

I hate Humans , Humans suck
I hate Human , Human suck
I hate Humanity, Humanity suck
I hate people , people suck

Most humans / people only think about Money ,
and this reality is boring !
reallife is boring !
realworld is boring !

people / humans are so shallow, superficial, stupid, ignorant
Humanity is hopeless

if there is God , then God is boring !
even Science is boring too !
Science fiction (Sci-fi) is much more interesting than real Science facts !

why we can’t live in movie / …


Pain and Pleasure (a quick true story of a kid who fucks with the minds of depressed girls…)

May 22nd, 2016by emotional.monster

So I am a senior male in high school. I’m 17 going on 18 at the end of June. There’s this one kid Zack who is a freshman at my school and I fucking hate him. I haven’t really talked to him but knowing what he does makes me sick. He dates a girl and makes out with her and everything, he is all sweet and charming and everything (little does anybody know he’s really a bitch and extremely aggressive and violent with guys) but the catch about the girls he dates is that they all self-harm (usually cutting). Sounds like a sweet boy right? …


This year

May 21st, 2016by IzzyThePsycho

I wrote this poem for a friend.


This year:


I look back at the past two years.

I sigh, and remember all the good times we’ve had.

Both years were great, but this year was different.

This is the year when you’re going to leave.

This is the year when you’ve faded. This year,

You’ve been more distant from me. I’ve been pretty

selfish. I should feel lucky just to have had any time knowing you. I let myself get too close, I cared too much, and

I’ll pay the price for it. This is …


Remembering, and…

May 21st, 2016by Cordless

It’s late enough that probably everyone has gone to sleep or is out partying in that fuzzy world where beer helps us forget everything else.

But I’ll just post this anyway, to help myself think.

About 3 months ago, I posted THIS about a guy in our symphony who died.  (Possibly/probably suicide).

His memorial service was last Thursday (they kept him on ice an extra long time because they had to wait for his brother to get home from overseas).

Since he was an excellent trumpet player, I’ve been trying to think of a way to pay tribute to that by composing a piece …


Friday Haiku

May 20th, 2016by Cordless

It’s Friday again

Speedy metal cages roll

Traffic is insane


I can barely think

Radioactive jello

My brain has become


Other people buzz

Mindless roaches scattering

To their party life


I stay in one piece

A dark room behind my eyes

Craving solitude





Trials of the Modern Collage

May 20th, 2016by AtlasBleeding

The pain, forged by both fond memory and misery…

Like an old sports injury.

It used to be sharp and jarring-

Now, a sporadic shrug.

There was a time when I fought…

Valiantly, to become the unbroken.

But each chip of me grew smaller after each shattering.

And the world now seems to have lost its tape dispenser.

Clocks, aplenty though,

As they mull over and measure their minutes

Their support turns to spite, toughness…

We all grow tired,

Just in different ways.

But is the given that we will grow

Or that we can stand to remain tired?


New Composition: Buzz And Fall

May 19th, 2016by Cordless

Stayed up all night long writing this.
I had an ocean of black coffee yesterday, plus I probably took more Tramadol than I should have (yeah, I know. I know).
So as long as I was in that weird kind of headspace, I decided to write some music, just to hear what that part of my brain sounds like.
Apparently it sounds like a snake charmer had a drunken affair with a nervous kangaroo.



I have no idea what to call this

May 17th, 2016by Cordless

Those of you who saw my “Sushi-In-A-Desert” picture may have noticed this in the comments:


At some point on Sunday evening, I realized I couldn’t resist.

Samurai eating pizza in a bowling alley with an ancient Greek priestess.



Lost Souls

May 17th, 2016by star.gazer

Greetings. I created an account just now– but I’ve been reading some posts here for quite some time. I hope this type of post is acceptable.
At first glance, you won’t really see me for who I am.
They see a curious wanderer, a determined overachiever, a hopeful soul, an enthusiastic teenager.
They say I bring sunshine, rainbows and butterflies wherever I go.
They think I’m awake at 3 in the morning because I’m eager to learn more about this world, because I’m comforting someone who needs my help, because I’m out running.

And at second glance, you still won’t see me for who I really am.
Because I don’t let …



May 14th, 2016by aspie

!* uNiQuE *!

Not the same.

We both think we are mutually lame.

But who’s to blame?


if u were able.

May 13th, 2016by Soco

She walks through this life
Like sunlight through fog
Shes kidnapped your heart
You’ll never break down her wall
Its ‘cos of what she’s been through
You wanna make it all right
But shes got her own plan
And when its all done……forgivable.


Never eat sushi in a desert

May 13th, 2016by Cordless

If you read the comments on Alan’s post last night, you saw he requested a picture of a china doll and a honey badger eating sushi on a surfboard in the desert.

Actually it was a request for Hazy, but I decided I would try it too.




Albert Camus

May 13th, 2016by Tristeza

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.


Story Making Help…?

May 8th, 2016by GerbzBaby

so lately… I’ve been thinking of making a story. Something based on things that I’ve been going through a lot lately like depression, anxiety, heartbreak etc, etc. But I don’t want the story to revolve around me. I want to create some sort of iconic character in some sort of setting that isn’t based on this time (haven’t worked out the details yet but it might change).

Now, story making isn’t really my thing. I suck at trying to create an actual plot of the story and I suck at wording it professionally because of my learning disability… And or brain trauma I sustained …


Question for the artists

May 7th, 2016by Cordless

I got a new tablet recently (Samsung Galaxy Tab “S”), and I’m interested in finding an app that will let me try to draw things.

Can any of you recommend a good FREE app for this?

I see a number of options in the app store but don’t know what ones are trash.  The ones I’ve tried so far have been disappointing.

All I want to do is sketch things and doodle, then save the picture so I can post it here if it’s not too horrible.

I tried one called “Sketch Guru” but it didn’t work so I uninstalled it.

There was another one called “Sketchbook” by Autodesk which …


Composition: Not Knowing

May 5th, 2016by Cordless

Here’s my latest project, finished last Sunday.

It’s supposed to reflect the upheaval and turbulence of needing answers to certain things, but not having those answers– and coming to terms with the possibility of never having them.


Title: Not Knowing
Key: C-minor
Meter: 7/8
Instrumentation: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano

For those of you who can read a score, here’s a screencap of the last five measures:



Senior Project Stress

May 3rd, 2016by GerbzBaby


Senior Projects are ruining me. I could be outside but no I’m stuck inside finishing it because I lost my schedule and forgot the day I was supposed to go. I really hope my teacher gives me more time to do it because the deadline is to close and I’m so far from finishing.

But aside from my rambling I managed to finish the pin I made for U.S History. Inked, colored, ready to go. Sorry if I irritate you with uploading this in full color. I kinda felt proud of this one ;-;


a poem,

May 3rd, 2016by quietcheep

I breathe, I cry, I disappear,
breathless, stoic, forever here,
heart echoing, thundering,
cold and scared
I swear it’s living
I swear it’s beating
I swear it’s working
I swear, I swear, I swear,

if it hurts, it’s there
it is and has to be
an ache isn’t where it used to be
just give me time
and why and where
I’ll be good
I’ll be better
I’ll be fine
I swear, I swear, I swear,



I’m All Alone

May 3rd, 2016by TodSchema

I close my eyes
A crimson black tide envelopes the room
A wave of chronical death washes over me
A never-ending nocturnal tsunami

It’s time for a student’s noontime meal
An expectant hush fills the room
As she kisses a box wilted grapes
And yet the withered fruit I consume

I see curdled milk in cheesecloth
Cicadas sing in the mid-summer’s day heat
As I march along to a Jew’s Harp song
A venomous serpent coils at my feet

I hear poolside laughter
The scent of barbeque fills the air
I see her standing at poolside edge
The sun glistening in her jet-black hair

I stare at the newsprint – absent of color
My whole world turns black and grey
Drowning in the …