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Rest Stop: In Memoriam

Hello Fellow SPians. I slept for a little over two hours, and it’s looking like that is all the sleep I’m going to get out of tonight. So I was thinking, why not make a stop and pay tribute to those who’ve lost the good fight and have moved on to that place on the […]


December 7th, 2016by impasse

If I die…
I do not want you to deliver your eulogy on my funeral.
I do not want to hear how great I am within your lies.
Because the words you’re gonna say are all unnatural
For someone is great and wonderful when she dies.

If I die…
I do not want you to cry on my coffin.
I do not want to see those tears fall
Because in the movies that is all I’ve seen
Crying and weeping are courtesies that we call.

If I die…
I want you to show them the smiling pictures of mine.
I want you to play the songs I always listening to.
I want you to say the words that …



December 6th, 2016by adecoy95

idk if anyone remembers me or not but i just wanted to post an update since my last posting.

i made an attempt about a month ago, since then i have been getting help and more therapy, as well as new medicine.

for a few weeks it was helping really well, i started showering regularly, losing weight, going to the gym, trying to get out there. i tried a fake it till you make it approach. but its not working.

i would think that after nearly a month and a half now i would start seeing improvements, but putting my past distractions behind has ended up with me …


I Feel Like Dreaming While I’m Awake, But Awake and Comfortable While Asleep… What is This?

I re-read this comment I made while replying to The Last Snorlax on another post, and suddenly realized how much sense it made. And just like that, Sala Samobójców (aka. Suicide Room, 2011) came to mind, not sure why. Can you help me reason this? I mean the lyrics and theme don’t really match my […]


Do You Ever Go to Bed, Sleep For Hours, and Wake Up as If You’d Only Blinked?

It’s strange sometimes. How you can go to bed with a thought, a feeling, a sensation of sorts, and then you fall asleep for a few hours, 9 hours, or more… Yet as soon as you open your eyes it instantly is all there. The same thought, feeling, sensation, as if you only blinked while […]


Hello! New-ish here… Do You Ever Wonder?

Actually, I’ve been a lurker for the longest time. On and off. Never posted before though. I don’t think I’ve ever been actually the text book definition of suicidal, but I wonder about death (and life) a lot. The last time I had been on here was about 2 years ago. So today when I […]


Final Step

December 1st, 2016by Bunniekiss

I know I’m young
Only 16
But there is so much pain
Can I handle one more day of this?
I’m all alone in this.
One more day of…
Never being able to be heard
Its like I’m in the ocean…
Only an inch beneath the surface
Fighting for a breathe
Only to be pushed down further and further…
By the waves of eternal rest…
Take me into your gentle caress
This is the final step.


For those that need someone to talk to….

December 1st, 2016by HDs

Hello to all,

I don’t pretend to know anyone’s situation or desire to end their life. What I do know is that I have lost many close friends to suicide and that during several low points in my life I have tried to kill myself at least a half a dozen times.  These were not cries for help on my end, and I totally went for it with the most purpose driven determination possible.  One such attempt put me in a coma for several weeks.

So I can definitely offer advice, empathy, and even sympathy to anyone who may need someone to talk to.  I don’t and …


But a wave

November 30th, 2016by 3of6

I am a wave traveling here and there
Always moving
Forever wandering
Waiting for something to stop me
Crashing on the shore
Being pulled right back in again


i wish harry potter was real , i wish fantastic beasts were real , i wish magic was real , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

November 23rd, 2016by niki

i wish harry potter was real really exist , i wish fantastic beasts were real really exist , i wish magic was real really exist , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

because reality is boring , mundane , and limiting limited
because real world is boring , mundane , and limited limiting
because real life is boring , mundane , & limited limiting !

reality is all about MONEY !
real-life is all about Money !
real-world is all about Money !

Life is boring , mundane ,
movies is better than reality real life real world !
novels is better than reality …



November 19th, 2016by K.y.l.e

I seem like I’m bulletproof, and no amount of lead from their mouths will ever hurt me. But what’s on the outside isn’t what matters to me, my insides take their words, and accepts them, because I am them.


a thing -_-

November 18th, 2016by shatterediris

Well, so I wrote this…. scared to share as always as I really hate it…. Maybe if I tried harder I would get something better out of me…. Something cohesive and something that doesn’t sound mildly crazy…. I kind of don’t want to talk about why I wrote this, the subject manner is kind of shameful. -_- This was kind of directed at a person, but I don’t want to just give it to that person…. It feels less weird giving it to many people instead, and I kind of hope in a way that that person doesn’t see this, or gets made at me…. …


Does this make sense?

November 15th, 2016by Lawli

I’m just doing some creative writing for school, This is the intro, do you think it makes sense? I don’t know, I think it kinda sounds like poetry in a way, not that it matters.

She said the reason she lives is because of her children, he said he live because of his family, they said they have goals. I wonder; If I asked you ‘who do you think I’m talking about’ how many people would yo be thinking off? I bet you can think of a lot of people. That’s because we’re all the same, all of us, exactly the same. Each one of us …


Seasons and Severance

November 15th, 2016by away

As the hours retreat into the night and the days become increasingly transient and myopic…

…My heart contracts at the same rate into a painful stone, lodged in my translucent chest like a fly in amber…

…Absurdly comparable to our severance, which resulted in this beating centrepiece feeling like nothing more than a stab wound.



November 14th, 2016by EyeOfHorus

The moon is the closest to Earth than it’s been in 69 years and we’re further away than we’ve ever been. I would have liked to of held your hand and watched the sunset and moon-rise together like we used to. I keep trying to talk to new people, but I feel out of place. I feel like my heart still belongs to you even if you have turned me away already. I know you aren’t thinking of me anymore, but I hope you find happiness. I’m trying.. at least for tonight I can lie with Luna.


She remains lost in time

November 13th, 2016by FadingFlame

I’m sorry for losing who I was and killing the girl you loved…and I’m sorry that you miss her..she is gone and left all the broken parts of herself with me…I pick up the pieces one by one hoping I can put her back together…but just when I think I might have this puzzle of pieces worked out I look down to see more pieces than there were before…and realize that all my effort, sweat, and tears were for nothing but this hollow person I’ve become..alone and misunderstood…always wanting a man that loves a girl that I no longer know how to be. I will keep chasing her ghost…until I run out of breath and time..because I miss her just as much as you..

I’m sorry.

Living with jealousy of your past self is a true tragedy…chasing your past self is futile.. I realize that now..and I hate that my eyes have opened…where will I find my hope now?



November 13th, 2016by Syotos-

How could you build me up
Just to tear left of me
And one look into your eyes n i saw everything
Everything that is good in the world
All that is light, pure & joyful
Overtime you healed me
Made me better than i ever was
Gave me the sense of belonging & a childlike vibe of peace
My confidence flew past the stars
Insecurites, shortcomings, bad thoughts
Dissipated from my mind
Feeling whole again more so even
Overwhelmed with happiness asking myself is this real
Only to find out ive been playing myself, living in a fantasy world
How could you hurt me n do what you promised youd never
Do i mean nothing, in your eyes do …


Waiting for Quiet

November 5th, 2016by renegadeRaenbow

I wait for the day I can rest my head
Upon my pillow and hear nothing
But the sounds of my breath and smalls whines
Of my dog on my bed,

The systematic heaving of my chest
Up and down without any ounce
Of pain festering within my lungs
And heart in my breast.

I look forward to the day when
Everything is calm and the trees are withered,
The fog of my breath is natural and free
Not strangulated anymore, until then

I will wait for the second I can
See clearly without any tears shrouding my
Vision. No more screams haunting
Every dream that I’ve hid in the van.

No more sadness or watching you hurt,
and if we have …


I wonder..

October 30th, 2016by EyeOfHorus

Every day I find myself seeing something that reminds me of you and I wonder.. do you do the same thing? When you smell vanilla candles do you think of me? I wonder do you open up all of you media eagerly hoping that today was the day you heard from me again. I wonder when you walk around the mall do you think of how well our hands fit together. I wonder if you think of me when you hear Canon. Uou know.. I perfected it for you. I can hit all the vibratos now. Do you ever think about how we could …


becoming attached to your distant gaze.

October 30th, 2016by youwillneverknowme

everything seemed clear,
everything was set,
i didn’t need you,
before you were near.

there’s a throat-hitting effect packed in with each breath of autumn, a feeling that once reassured my physical existence; i could feel myself breath. as each day went by i created excuses to not slip back into old habits, i didn’t want to rely on others for comfort. the late september-autumn experience passed. subsequently i indeed did slip back into a coma of pity and self-regret.

there you were,
reassuring my existence,
blinding any sentient feeling,
reinforcing my self-worth.

i don’t want to admit it but you’re all i have. there are no more seemingly caring individuals to fall …