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Cupid that was evil

September 25th, 2016by CARLOSPEJUAN

-Play New York by The Chain Smokers

*Out of nowhere the one girl who had a chance with me hates me.
I have no idea what I did. But one day she backed away.

Eyes saturated with beauty. Heterochromia did wonders for her.
My best friend, I could be myself with no repercussion.
My other half, her smarts, and thoughts were different in just the right ways.
My confusion, I literally thought I was gay before her.
My sadness, I don’t want to do anything if it is not with her.

Have you ever lost someone who was your sunshine?
It seems like there is none now that she is gone. …

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Dear Main Character,

September 22nd, 2016by EyeOfHorus

Dear Main Character,

When I was young I loved watching action movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. You know, the movies with the big fantasy world with the super heroic main character. Those kind of movies you dream about. Those ones you somehow wished were reality. When I was young I always thought that maybe life was one big movie and I was the main character. That somehow I’d amount to something wonderfully amazing and everyone would look up to me as their hero with wanting eyes and always come to me to help them. It was a naïve thing to believe, …

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My Letter of Resignation….

September 21st, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

My Letter of Resignation….


To Whom It May Concern, (aka Life, the Universe, M.H., etc)

It may have come to your attention some time ago, that I am no longer happy.  It may have come to your attention that I have no intention of staying around and being a puppet anymore.  

As I type this, I realize, it has come to your attention, for you are the cosmic force that drives me further and further into my abyss of madness.  You have pushed me into a Wonderland where the Mad Hatter not only makes more sense but is …

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Love Is A Memory

September 21st, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

Love is a memory

Forgotten in time


Love is a memory

A story, that I left behind


Love is a memory

Of all the lies that I ever knew, in lieu of truth


Love is a memory

On the digital analogy particles of my soul


Love is a memory

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September 20th, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

I sit here, in a new house…with new furniture, and my dog and yet, I continue to be alone.  The walls do not yet speak, for they have nothing to speak of.  I’m lost in a world with sound that has no meaning; for I do not understand what is being said.  I am lost on new ground in a void of blackness, although the sun shines.  Colors faded in and out…and the colors I once use to see with music have all but disappeared.  Where have I gone?  

I wonder….

And I wait….

Always waiting….

The end …

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Too young to die but too broken to fly away. -M.E.


to a younger me

September 17th, 2016by someone_anyone

how not to do something stupid, a guide by a girl who would know:
you don’t do it.

you can think about it all you want. you can toe the line, dance around the edge of what you know you shouldn’t touch; you can imagine what it would be like to just take the plunge, but that’s all. you can dream. you can pretend. you can take a few steps in the wrong direction.

but you always remember the consequences. you never dance too long, never get too close to the ledge, because stupid is as stupid does and slipping up has nothing to do with intelligence.

life’s messy. …


Day 5

September 16th, 2016by Nico The Robot

You said you’d never leave me.

You said you’d stay by my side forever.

You said you’d always hold me tight.

You said you’d go through anything with me.

You said you’d never let me go.

You said you’d never forget me.

You said you loved me.
You liar.


How I see depression

September 9th, 2016by ZombieGirl

2016-09-09 22.19.46

Imagine walking to a mirror and seeing a ‘better you’, it’s smart, strong, charismatic. But you know it’s self destructive, heck it tells you the moment you end up chained together and it steps out of the mirror. Most of the time, you’re dragging it around going about your daily life, as it makes quick remarks on your every action and mistake, the world and people around you, and the negative possibilities that inevitably await you. Ounce it’s influence has tired you, it will drag you instead, suggesting you stay in bed or even be as …


Forgotten by the Wind

September 5th, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

I’ve become silent because I have become lost even deeper within myself.  I look through windows that are suppose to reflect my soul and yet, there is nothing to be found.  The season change and so do I, as the wind grows colder, I become more bitter, more hollow, more and more alone.  As my anger gives away to pure utter emptiness.

I have lost everything, within a moment.  I have been used up for all that I am and all that I ever will be.

All I know, is I no longer see color, just diffused light within cloudy shades of gray.

I am all but a …


I don’t understand

September 2nd, 2016by swoobat

I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again.
I told myself I wouldn’t be groomed again.
Yet here I am, In the same position I was in years ago.
All the memories and feelings are coming flooding back.
The fear, the guilt, the shame. I feel so disgusted with myself.
I feel so dirty.
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t understand how I’m back where I started.
I don’t understand how I broke the most important promise to myself.
I dont understand.

I feel like a failure again. I feel like a disappointment again.

I don’t understand how I’m here again.

I can’t believe I’m a failure again.


I held on…

August 17th, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

I held on…through everything over the last year……I held on…being turned inside out….  I held on… giving it one last try as I hung on to nothing….I held on…while grasping for anything as I fell through nothing but open space….  I held on…as time keeps marching on, as it forgets me in it’s wake….

I held on…..because I know what it is like to be alone….I held on…. because I know what it’s like to have people turn their back on you…  I held on…. as I cried alone…. I held on as my heart finished breaking as I held my infant son one last time….I


Buried Above Ground

August 16th, 2016by Melancholic Poet

Though not written by myself, I feel that this piece of poetry applies to many of us on SP. It is considered one of the darkest poems of the English language; written by William Cowper, after his suicide attempt, in 1774 – following the poem Sapphics (“Lines written during a period of insanity”).

Encompass’d with a thousand dangers,
Weary, faint, trembling with a thousand terrors….
I … in a fleshy tomb, am
Buried above ground.

— William Cowper


Solitude standing

August 16th, 2016by solitarySoul

I cannot think of any better last words than these by Suzanne Vega (1987)


Solitude stands by the window
She turns her head as I walk in the room
I can see by her eyes she’s been waiting
Standing in the slant of the late afternoon

And she turns to me with her hand extended
Her palm is split with a flower with a flame

Solitude stands in the doorway
And I’m struck once again by her black silhouette
By her long cool stare and her silence
I suddenly remember each time we’ve met

And she turns to me with her hand extended
Her palm is split with a flower with a flame

And she says “I’ve come …


Depressive Wounds

August 15th, 2016by Melancholic Poet

Though the sands of time pass
The wounds remain fresh
Ones that cannot be healed
By even sins, of the flesh.


another shitty poem (?)

August 15th, 2016by shatterediris

Welp I decided to delay my homework and do this instead…. I don’t like it at all…. But should still share anyway…. Why not? I don’t like a lot of things about it…. It flows kind of sporadically threw out it, although it still feels all like one piece at least…. so meh…. It kind of feels like it’s having a heart attack…. (the poem (if you can call it that))


Let’s think outside of our bodies

And stop acting like photo copies

Of the worst in society

You’re on your knees, call it piety

Oh please, just stop speaking

Of this paradise you’re seeking

Praying daily like an addiction

Begging for a …



August 14th, 2016by Melancholic Poet

A journey through emotions
Long, dark and cold
Enough to make even the youngest
Feel old

From depression, through mania
And everywhere between
The pain, everlasting
The struggle, unseen.


Lost in time

August 14th, 2016by Destinyundead

Lying lifelessly on the same old sack
I can hear the constant tickles of the wall clock
Piercing the silence just like waves hitting the rocks
Reminding my brain chained in shackles and locks
That it can bear endless shocks
It has gone past the jibes and mocks.

Every passing moment seems identical
Biding idle time feels like a prey caught in tentacles
Even when body makes a move
Soul is stuck in an endless time loop.



August 14th, 2016by Destinyundead

Purpose is long gone
No one now even  frowns
Friends disappeared as sun shone
Leaving shattered and prone.
Dragging life meaninglessly alone.

You blame it on depression
They understood for a while the condition
Now all seems a clever deception
Shredding responsibilities in dejection
You think why you exist
Hopelessness you cant desist
Life took new turns and twists
Dragging your feet close to the closet
Death awaits with patience
Shame on your fake innosense
Cant muster courage to die
Ill fated forced to survive.



August 13th, 2016by Melancholic Poet

They say that life is a journey
I stand and contest
From the womb
To the breast
To the end of one’s quest

Life is merely a leg
For death holds the rest.