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Aimless and directionless No vision, no love, no compassion Nothing, constant pain Were the sky’s ever clear in my life? No



June 21st, 2016by cephalus

I know life has no point.
In talks, it seemed to me,
You always had a counterpoint.

Feelings are difficult to pinpoint.
Impossible when thoughts,
Very much Conjoint.

What you describe– as if you’re at gunpoint.
I can’t help, but hope,
It’s not your endpoint.

Seems like everything is at a disjoint.
Family, life, thoughts,
Maybe it’s time for a checkpoint.

I hope it’s just a midpoint.
What if tomorrow, you wake up,
Realize this is the turning-point?

Either way, you didn’t disappoint.

I hope this brings a different viewpoint.
Damn, where did I put my ballpoint?

This written for a good friend that mostly lurked here. But I was a day, just one day, too late.


occide me

June 20th, 2016by whiskered-fish

plea poem

A guilt-filled prayer for an end to this. To God, or to anyone who may be listening and feeling charitable. Please.


Something I Wrote

June 19th, 2016by dessj

Homeless Girl


Update/would you kindly

June 16th, 2016by Deadinside59

I’m home finally they all love me so much but the bad news is i still feel like my former darkness is still shadowing me I’m going to hold on aa long as i can then when my last ounce of strength is gone ill end it anyway i binge watched tokyo ghoul (anime) and fucking loved it anyway to explain something we have a LOT of artists and talented people here on sp and only you guys know what it’s truly like so with that being said if anyone wants to send me a picture they’ve drawn if i like it I’ll get it …


quick drawing

June 16th, 2016by shatterediris


so I was bored this morning, this only took me about 2 hours (very fast for me) I did a quick outline in pencil then went over it and filled it in with sharpie…. So I have to give credit to Phantomcitizen for the inspiration behind this, I like his abstract human figure drawings, and I wanted to do something like that, but more in my style (I am not fond of curvy lines and what has you) this was fun to do, and is a lot different than anything else I have drawn in the …



I have this whole or void in my life I’ll never fill but on occasion when the hole bleeds I do something to keep me busy. Tonight I did this. It’s a purse. Tomorrow is an important day, I should be sleeping but I’m not.


People Are causing Me To suffer

June 13th, 2016by GerbzBaby


(A mini drawing I drew to help calm my nasty thoughts :/ )


All my friends and family are unsupportive and them not being here for me is causing me to suffer. Day after day after day all I think about is suicide but.. I’m to much of a chicken to fucking do it. I want to live but then again I want to die.. In the least painful way.. I’ve been waiting for so long to find those friends who finally care.. The day my family finally realizes I have a problem and I need their …


My mobile ^_^

June 13th, 2016by shatterediris

So, I took SeeSmith’s suggestion (to a point) and made a mobile including razor blades, made out of paper from a book of course, since that was part of the assignment, then painted it up, added some gauze and medical tape, then some more paint…. I kind of like it. I sort of gave it kind of a style of something that I could see hanging above a crib (the crossed sort of top thing, I associate that with children’s mobiles) and I think I gave it that feel…. Maybe it can make a good gift for my 1 year old niece? welp anyway picture…



June 9th, 2016by HERE4UOK


Para Tristeza:
Você deve permitirnos para comentar seus posts.
Seu post intitulado “Um Grande Final” foi ótimo. Parabéns por seu livro!
Mas, principalmente, parabéns para a superação tanto em sua vida!
Eu sei. Nós sabemos. Há muito mais para a esquerda para caminhar, mas a estrada é interessante, se olharmos para ver além dos nossos egos.
Obrigado por compartilhar suas histórias aqui.

suesyd . nomore @ gmail . com
Kik: H4UOK


“Far beyond repair” Words of a broken mind

June 9th, 2016by Pixel

Im currently sitting at the edge of my bed, shaking and holding back tears of grief, anger and sorrow that i dont want anyone to see me shedding.
This is my own little secret hell and no one can save me from it… not even myself. 23 years of constant hell that i cant take a break from because this is what life is supposed to be… right?…

“All i know is that we have to try. Thats what life is. We try. we push back against the darkness just a little…” – Superman

All ive ever done is push, hold back and fight against everything i feel …


music that helps you in hard times

June 7th, 2016by nobody312

Hi guys… My 2nd post over here since I first registered. Which was today, about 12 hours ago.

id like to hear from you what songs help you go through the day, stay alive and do the best you can to feel better.

ive read the forum’s rules and I’m not really sure if it’s okay to post this thread, but I hope so…

anyways, you can post here any song you’d ever like to share with everyone here. Music is most people’s sanctum and I’m sure there’s a song or 2 you’d like to share with us.


heres mine: as a big rap & hip hop fan I …



June 5th, 2016by Cordless



drawing of mine

June 3rd, 2016by shatterediris

I decided that I wanted to draw something that was more or less in my style…. is a bit weird for me to use color, but I wanted to use those pens that I had for a long time…. didn’t worry about the color scheme or anything…. I think it looks okay…. This took me only like an hour and a half, which is actually fairly fast for a thing….



The Siren’s Call

June 3rd, 2016by 1bigzero

Each morning that I wake up,
I’m closer to being free
Each breath that I inhale
is one nearer to my last

When death finally knocks,
I’ll probably run and hide, (but)
From a distance I hear the siren
She’s calling me to die

For now I’ll let her sing
I’ve a few things left to try,
More songs to bring together,
Silly poems left to write

But the dream will never leave me
She lives too deep inside
Whispering sweet nothings,
restless thoughts to cloud my mind


June 3rd, 2016by unwanted_01

I threw another rock into the pit

It fell endlessly

It was swallowed

by the darkness in me


Empty tears fell from my eyes

Why bother feeling?

I cut the people from my life;

it has no meaning



Sketching a broken world

May 31st, 2016by Cordless

Sketched this last night when I couldn’t sleep and had too many things on my mind.
We live in a messed up world with messed up people, a world where wolves, angelfish, swans, termites, and others mate for life, but humans either have no one to love them, or they end up stuck with someone who doesn’t love them so much after all.
This is a world I would like to exit.


I suck at painting (my next assignment finished)

May 31st, 2016by shatterediris


welp I have finished it…. painted it up, didn’t quite get the textures I wanted, but I guess I can’t expect that with my second time painting on paper (it’s kind of like paper (Bristol board)) I removed some objects as it made it feel cluttered…. But on the same hand I moved the objects a bit closer to each other, and freed up space on the left, to just be there…. I really don’t like it, but then again I hate everything I do, so I guess that’s normal…. Just thought I’d share since I …


I Think I Have To Leave

May 29th, 2016by TooComplicated

And as far as I can see,

This will be the death of me

The blinded violence of both our fathers,

Will drown me in a drying ocean

The scars and cuts across our wrists

Will swallow me






Confessions of a Dead Angel

May 29th, 2016by Mexicanwhiteboy96

Hey everyone, just me- Im 19 right now and I really hate my life . I see people complaining back and forth about trivial things and the truth is I always believed they didn’t know what true pain was. But I know it isn’t right or fair because I’m just comparing their pain to mine andy oroblems aren’t anyone elses. I was molested by my cousin when I was about 8 in 4th grade. the earliest time I can honestly remember this, I was experimented on and I was penetrated my older cousin. Both my cousins fondled me though. That may not …