Letting some steam out. (Not important)

August 29th, 2016by Nosmoke34

So I don’t really know what to say but there’s so much going on inside that I don’t know if it needs to be let out. So yous can just ignore this.

Im so sick of being here. I literally spend most days in bed and i want to be out doing anything but I also don’t want to get out of bed. Contradictory I know. I don’t understand it myself. Sometimes there’s just lost and trapped inside and I’m just living for other people and it’s so exhausting but other times I just want to cry or find something or someone

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On my mind

August 29th, 2016by SoulNumber83

The reason I’m here is from the mindless browsing that I randomly find myself doing at the oddest of times. In just a few minutes I can feel the trembling hands the shaking voices the ones who just can’t cry anymore or are still shedding these tears. Its depressing to see many of us in despair but I find some kind of solace knowing I’m not alone on the bridge.

I’m 21 years old and for this past year I feel like I’ve been sitting on a bench in purgatory for the longest. In this year my losses are not even comparable to most people but …

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British insults…. are the best :D

August 29th, 2016by aspie

“You moldy rough!”

“She turned me into a nute… I got better…”

“Can a one pound bird carry a one pound bird carry a one pound coconut?”

“Bring out  The dead”

“You half heartened hind”


“I’m sorry I thought this was America”.

“Did you just crap on my desk Cartmen”?

Is there anyone else who likes tool?

Lol that guy looks like he kneeds some milk.

Art should comfert the disturbed and disturbed the comforted.


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I Thought I Was Better, But I Actually Got Worse

August 28th, 2016by GerbzBaby

I can’t keep going on like this. I feel so unappreciated. I feel so lonely. I need help but no one doesn’t want to take time out of their day to help me.. All they do is worry about themselves. They care little for those like me who are suffering.. I thought I was getting better when in all actuality I’m just getting worse. I’m so sleep deprived. Working just makes everything worse. As I’m sitting here on my break all I can think about is suicide. I feel that will be the only way to release me from my suffering. I can’t

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Giving up

August 27th, 2016by Sach77

So… Im alive sadly. But I’m going to treatment on monday and I think I’m just gonna give up. I’m gonna lay in bed and not do anything. I’ll see what they do, I wonder. I wonder what will happen. No matter what they do I have nothing to live for. They can’t threaten anything if I have nothing to be threatened with. Idk I’m curious. well thats my rant thing today.

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Why do I think about this all the time still?

August 27th, 2016by Shootmeup

I once had a shirt that said “if you’re looking for a sign not to commit suicide this is it” and it honestly made me really happy to have.  It cheered me up a lot, some how making me feel better about life. But it was stolen from me and it crushed me and made me really sad and depressed. Pathetic huh?

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No Idea Why

August 26th, 2016by AshCoveredAngel

I am stressing about trying to get employment. I’ve been applying for jobs on and off for 5 years now and gotten literally 3 interviews.

The main reason why I have no idea why I’m stressing is because I have no plan to try and fight through postpartum depression if I have to go through it again.

Basically once I’m not prego I’ll kill myself if it gets bad again. That’s where I’m at.

I don’t have to worry about the Fate of my kids either because well I’ll be dead. Nothing will matter. Not the good or bad.

That’s how death works.

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Does anybody?

August 25th, 2016by Shootmeup

Does any one use heroin and feel like they finally don’t want to kill them self? I do. When I get clean from it and I’m sober, I want to die again. What’s the point of me getting sober if I still want to die? Why not just keep using heroin and running from my suicidal and self destructive tendencies? At least that way I’m still alive for the selfish fucks that insist I don’t kill my self. But they’re not happy enough that I’m still alive, they don’t want me on heroin. But they don’t understand, the heroin preserves my life. I’m alive because …

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August 25th, 2016by shaams

My family is shifting back to my old hometown. I’ll probably be going to my old school. What I’m really scared of is my old chem teacher. He tried to get me with him alone and well I’m sure you understand his intentions. He was always giving me extra marks and special treatment. Wasn’t mean to me but scolded and cursed at other kids, for someone who craved to hear that I wasn’t a piece of crap it brought me closer to him. I just recently remembered and I fear him. His hands have been on my shoulders and I avoid touching people so that …

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Sick and Tired

August 25th, 2016by No Resting For The Weary

I needed to rant so here I am. I have social anxiety and it’s very hard to express myself. Whether it be in public or online. Up until two years ago, I didn’t even know what social anxiety was. When this girl online describe what she went through all her life, I thought to myself. That sounds like me. But my family and sisters call me weird. They don’t even think social anxiety is a real thing.  They are very close-minded and like to label people. Plus, they think they are better than everyone. The sister closer in age to me is a spoiled as*h*le, …

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Jaded and Afraid

August 24th, 2016by aloner3112

Like many users of this site, I have been reading through many of your stories and I guess I finally want to share my story with all of you. I’m 15, gay, and depressed. I know that sounds like a lot of you on this site. This summer I did something that I deeply regret. On this teen dating app, called Distinc.tt, I had sex with 55 year old man. I was scared, and when he came to my house I just sort of let him guide me through it. He tried to pressure me into anal, sticking his fingers up my ass, but I …

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I’m not real

August 24th, 2016by velveteennightingale

I’m not a real person because I am going crazy inside with my depression that no one can see.  I am not a real cutter because I don’t cut every day (most of the time).  I’m not a real anorexic because my BMI is technically normal.  I don’t fit in completely with the extremely poor because I am no longer homeless.  I don’t fit in with the rich because I am far from rich.  I don’t belong in my family because I have different tastes in music, books, movies–I haven’t told them my real likes because I’m afraid of rejection: they think the sorts of …

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Restrain myself

August 24th, 2016by TheRoadSoFar

I’m learning the hard way that everything I say and do is wrong. I’m going to lose friendships I can’t afford to lose if I keep doing it. I have this bad habit of telling everyone stuff about people I shouldn’t say to anyone. Eventually everyone is going to kick the shit out of me, I’ve already been threatened twice and I still can’t learn my lesson.

What a shitty personality I have.

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I’m always being compared to my sister/ being left out

August 24th, 2016by GerbzBaby

In my family I’m the oldest of my two sisters (we are going to call them:) C and A. C being the first at 17 and A being the second youngest at 15. Me being of the age of 18 you’d think I wouldn’t be compared to my little sister (in this case my sister C)… But I am… A lot! I’m never just “Amanda” I’m just “C’s sister”.

“Oh! You are very shy compared to C.” “Your nothing like C is!” “You don’t look like C or A at all!” “You and C have nothing in comman.” These are just the few I can think …

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Just Being Me!

August 23rd, 2016by StacyT_T

So I am the middle child of 3 children …..

Some people would love that but I don’t. It’s absolutely hell!! My parents would always compare me to my older sister or younger brother.

You see my older sister (24) is now a nurse and is married to Matthew . A doctor who is “the perfect guy” as my parents say …… They would always compare me to her by saying “Oh you know when your sister was your age she used to do this… And do that…”

They never give me a break …

Oh and let’s not forget my little brother. It doesn’t make it …

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I am no one

August 22nd, 2016by velveteennightingale

There’s so much I want to say.  It’s literally stressing me out.  I am 15, and I am world weary.  I am a zoo animal trapped behind glass, never existing with the world.  Always apart.  There are people living right now, but I can never exist with them.  I have no motivation to do anything anymore.  I am a pathological liar.  I have misophonia.  I am SO insecure.  My family used to be homeless, and I feel guilty that we aren’t anymore.  I feel like a fake-I suck at being normal; I don’t fit in with the misfits.  I think I have mild OCD.  My …



August 20th, 2016by lulereign

It’s been awhile since I wrote here. I’m so terribly ashamed that I don’t know who to go to. After almost 4 months of been clean, I just had to go do it. I realise that these things don’t disappear. It waits for a single moment of weakness and starts to fester again until it’s strong enough to tear you down.

the suicidal thoughts are back, although the it’s not as prominent as before. I don’t even know when they snuck up. I was so content, perhaps I was too complacent. And now all I can think of is to escape.

I wonder why people choose to …



August 20th, 2016by anothernoone

First time posting here.

I’ve been, I guess you could say “actively suicidal” in the past.  Perhaps not currently.  But, on some level, I’m always thinking about it.

I feel tired.  old.  most of all, worthless.

I’m not who I set out to be.  I was reading someone else’s post on here about how it could take just one big thing to fuck up your life forever.  and yeah.  but, breaking it down, it’s probably not one thing or one event, but a whole series of things over a whole series of years.  or you hit so many setbacks, fallen off the proverbial horse so many times, you …


I don’t even know anymore.

August 19th, 2016by Lonely1457

I just want to be gone. Not the dead gone just yet but the runaway gone. I want to run far far away where no one will remember me and I will lose contact with everyone. I might as well just fake my death. I personally however feel like suicide is a sin for me. I’m sick of this family. It sucks to be a girl because you are disrespected (in this family). Then there are my friends who will never be there for me. Who takes my problem and changes it to theirs so they won’t have to listen to my crap