I’m Dragging Myself Under

May 29th, 2016by TooComplicated

I started self-harming in eighth grade and I just graduated high schools few weeks ago. I thought I’d be done with it by now, but I’m not. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that no matter what happens, even if all this shit gets sorted out, I’m still going to have to kill myself. I can’t get out of my head and I can’t stop self-harming. Everything is so delicately complicated. I have an amazing boyfriend who I love more than anything in the world, and he self-harms too. But it breaks my heart in ways I never knew it could be broken. …


Confessions of My Life

Confessions of My Life

May 29th, 2016by Mexicanwhiteboy96

Hey everyone, just me- Im 19 right now and I really hate my life . I see people complaining back and forth about trivial things and the truth is I always believed they didn’t know what true pain was. But I know it isn’t right or fair because I’m just comparing their pain to mine andy oroblems aren’t anyone elses. I was molested by my cousin when I was about 8 in 4th grade. the earliest time I can honestly remember this, I was experimented on and I was penetrated my older cousin. Both my cousins fondled me though. That may not …


Confessions of a Dead Angel

May 29th, 2016by Mexicanwhiteboy96

Even at this time I was still affected my my broken tooth which looks horrible currently

Even at this time I was still affected my my broken tooth which looks horrible currently

Hey everyone, I’ve never really told anyone this but the truth is I’m 19 right now and I really hate my life . I see people complaining back and forth about trivial things and the truth is I always thought they didn’t know what real pain was. But it isn’t fair to say that either because I’m just comparing their pain to mine. …


I want to forget everything

May 29th, 2016by Deadinside59

I want to forget this house and these people i want to forget the life im leading i know if i continue on this path it’ll lead me straight to the darkness within myself that im so afraid of i move in just a few short weeks i haven’t continued with packing or clearing my room despite my needing to I’m honestly afraid this won’t change anything i need something I’m being torn apart by the two people who tried to raise me my father who beat me and tried so hard to forge me into someone with no feelings no emotions no regret he …


New – not sure what I’m doing

May 28th, 2016by nomoreleft

Well I’m new to this site as found it looking into water intoxication.

Last week I took about 40 setraline (anti depression) and then realised that you can’t kill to yourself with them.

This week I have drank approx 70 pints of water of 3 days hoping that would kill me but nope – ended up in A&e and, after a long que – blood tests, urine test I was out on an Iv drip and still fucking lived.

I’d had diarrhoea the days I was doing it and tried to hold in my wee when I could and most of water was drank over 7 hour in …


I Don’t Quite Know How To Feel

May 28th, 2016by AKidWithAName

Today was the first day in months that I have gone to bed with a calm conscience. I feel out of place and joyous and all these things that are both great and terrifyingly new. I can’t even remember what it was like to sleep with a clear conscience.

I am well aware and will be the first to say that I am undeserving of this clear conscience. I am terrible, but I suppose my underlying narcissism is here to aid me to sleep. I’m so ridiculously, even though I know tomorrow will be a living hell for me. I don’t …


I wish I could be a nomad

May 27th, 2016by aspie

No Boss.

No 40 hour work week.

No society… Just nature.

No corrupt politicians and media’s psychological torture.


I’m a dreamier that lives the USA … A country with a fascist and a criminal as Presidential candidates… A country where bathroom gender is debatable.


Hello again

May 27th, 2016by Ignore_Me

It’s been a very, very long time. Last time I posted something, I was a freshman in high school and my mom had just left.

I am now a senior in high school, hoping to graduate, and struggling. I somehow turned into one of those kids that don’t try in school. The ones that go to school with bruised knuckles after having punched a wall out of anger. I thought that was incredibly stupid of them. Now I’m typing with bruised knuckles, a result of anger. Not anger at the life that was given me, but at myself.

So much crap has happened over the years, so …


its been a long time…

May 25th, 2016by ALLbeletsHAPPY

Its been a long time since ive been here.

I was 14 or 15 when i found this site and im 19 now. Its pretty crazy to be back on here but i need some kind of support. Dont get me wrong ive grown a lot and for a while i felt happy. I thought things get better but they dont. Happy fades and misery will take over soon enough. Except now im miserable about more serious things like being able to pay for a roof over my head. I feel like im drowning and theres nobody at the surface to pull me up.


Sometimes when im …


I don’t want to live anymore

May 25th, 2016by skysie

I guess I should start from the beginning. I am 17 almost 18 and have a brother who is 16 and a sister who is 20. My life sucks is complicated and somewhat confusing at times.

I was adopted when I was 4 by a family who we were all happy to be part of. I was adopted because my parents did drugs and were nearly always unconscious. We were malnourished and my sister was looking after us. So I guess the positive was we got a new family and well that’s where things were supposed to get better but in fact things somehow got worse.

My brother …


Not every problem is temporary

May 24th, 2016by IControlmydestiny

All my life I’ve felt alone. At 23, I have great friends since childhood and had some good relationships as well. As I got older, I felt this disconnect from humans that made it hard to relate. By nature, I’m a shy guy and keep to myself. It’s obvious that it doesn’t help with my loneliness but what does it matter how many friends and relationships I’ve had if I still feel alone? I get attention from girls but I don’t have the urge to flirt with them it’s like I could care less but I’m physically tormented without any company. My family is dysfunctional …


Because Monday’s Are Usually Shit, Too

May 23rd, 2016by haileewantstobehappy

Hi. So, I’m just posting not because I have anything important to say, I never really do, but just because I wanted to post, and for me, as well as like every other day of the weak and of my life, Monday’s are shit, too. You happy, sane people don’t relate to me on this and couldn’t care less what I have to say, and I don’t know why I’m here sometimes I just, like writing. So today sucked. Spoiler alert, it was another shitty day, none of my days seem to be any better than the rest, usually only worse. But some days I …


I just want to end it NOW

May 23rd, 2016by tryingtohope

Oh God SP friends I am in a major crisis.  I am ready to find anyway I can’t to commit suicide.  I have just had it up to my eyeballs with this chronic pain and the bullshit of life. I just want to die. tell me why I shouldn’t do it. I’m so desperate to be done and gone.


Because Sometimes I Just Need to Let It All Out

May 23rd, 2016by haileewantstobehappy

Don’t waste your time reading this post, unless you have the time and/or actually want to waste it. I’m writing this because sometimes I just need to let it all out. So the first thing I wanted to go on about is people. This is all in accordance to me and my bitching about everything and my opinions and feelings from personal or non-personal experiences. So, I shall shut up and begin now. Sometimes, I fucking hate people. Sometimes they suck. Not always, I’ve known some that have had a few not too sucky moments, but for the most part.. For me, people always leave …


I Don’t Know If I Need Help Or A Knife

May 22nd, 2016by False_Determination

This is the first time I’m ever going to tell someone my life story. I just need someone to
know. It might be a little long.

When she was pregnant with me, my mother did all kinds of drugs with my father. I was also
the only child she planned.

When I was three, my father raped a girl. Shortly after, my mom did something stupid and got sent to jail.

My siblings and I all got seperated. I moved in with my grandparents from my moms side.

They were my first memories. The only ones I actually enjoy. That is until my grandmother had a stroke. So I …


Stay Out Of My Memories

May 22nd, 2016by GerbzBaby

This is a continuation of my last post. It’s a bit of an update. Ok, so.. I deleted him off my social media account (snapchat). I specifically added him so we can talk about this situation.. Which.. We didn’t. It really opened my eyes and showed me he doesn’t care about how I felt in the situation at all as well as that he uses me only when no one else is there for him. So I came to the conclusion that if, and only if he talks to me I will tell him how I feel about him (it won’t be pretty, but I’ll …


Reality is boring , real life is boring , real world is boring , not like movies, comics, novels, anime manga, video games !

May 22nd, 2016by niki

Reality is boring
real-life is boring
real-world is boring
not like movies, comics, novels, anime manga, video games !

I hate Humans , Humans suck
I hate Human , Human suck
I hate Humanity, Humanity suck
I hate people , people suck

Most humans / people only think about Money ,
and this reality is boring !
reallife is boring !
realworld is boring !

people / humans are so shallow, superficial, stupid, ignorant
Humanity is hopeless

if there is God , then God is boring !
even Science is boring too !
Science fiction (Sci-fi) is much more interesting than real Science facts !

why we can’t live in movie / …


Pain and Pleasure (a quick true story of a kid who fucks with the minds of depressed girls…)

May 22nd, 2016by emotional.monster

So I am a senior male in high school. I’m 17 going on 18 at the end of June. There’s this one kid Zack who is a freshman at my school and I fucking hate him. I haven’t really talked to him but knowing what he does makes me sick. He dates a girl and makes out with her and everything, he is all sweet and charming and everything (little does anybody know he’s really a bitch and extremely aggressive and violent with guys) but the catch about the girls he dates is that they all self-harm (usually cutting). Sounds like a sweet boy right? …


Here but not here.

May 21st, 2016by DarkTide

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The third pic described my situation perfectly. I feel so alone.

SuicideProject… why am I here? I cant carry on feeling like a failure… Like I have no purpose.


stuck in thought

May 21st, 2016by potential2

Call the police is all I can hear. Then I hear my older sister “should I call the police?” I’m stuck, in shock. Only five years old. I just watched my dad beat my mom to the ground, and now he is holding a heavy giant porcelain lamp over her head. I thought he was going to kill her. I was frozen. Scared. I don’t know what made him put the lamp down. I really don’t think he even heard the pleading and crying of my older sister because I don’t remember him looking over at us…

Seeing my dad beat up on my mom was …