Suicidal Survivors

For those who have survived suicide.


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General anxiety and restlessness

October 8th, 2015by disgusting

I’m axious about life in general. Not in a bad way so much as, I never in a million years thought I would live this long! I grew up thinking I’d be dead by 20. I had a kid that I gave up in a private adoption at that point. Tomorrow is her 17th burthday. One more year and it’s legal to have contact, that is, if we find each other. I never thought I’d be alive when she turns 18. Which means I have to survive another year. I can’t believe I’m still alive on this day to see her 17th birthday arrive. She …

Abandoned, Not Finished

Abandoned, Not Finished: An exposition about art, parenting, and suicide.



October 1st, 2015by NoHopeShay

I’ve been through it all.. it started when I started high school to when I lost my first boyfriend. I tried overdosing on Pain Killers nothing happened… nothing ever happens. I try to hang myself.. over 10 times and it always end up to me taking it off my neck and being weak about it. Because in all reality who really wants to die right? We just want the pain to end. But it doesn’t last. But Lately I’ve been letting this whole suicide thing get to me. I’m literally thinking about doing it tomorrow and succeeding. I don’t know what else to do. This


How to cope…..?

September 28th, 2015by EvilOni22

Ok, so suicidal thoughts linger. Will they ever totally dissipate? Perhaps or perhaps not. I don’t really know. If I had to say, I would lean towards they will lighten but never just go away. Once you learn know or relaize something, it’s not like you can just purposely unknow or unrealize it. The partial truth behind ingnore is bliss. So with acceptance of the fact I may never be able to fully revert from suicidal thoughts and desires leads me to the question of what can I do to cope with them? My mind running on the topic of ways to kill myself and …


This World is Rotten and Filled With Rotten People

September 27th, 2015by arik

If life is typified by the apple, then at its core festers a great rot that eats it from within. A rot that has been ignored far too long.

I will create a world that is filled with kind people, even if it means I have to be the only monster left.

I do not care whether you are man or woman. I do not care what the colour of your skin is. I do not care what your beliefs are. The instant you step on the life of another, the moment you take advantage of another human being, much less bring them to the brink of …


You are Loved

September 27th, 2015by jrmeador94

I’m still getting through my depression. It’s almost a daily battle here at college, but I’m surviving somehow. I heard this music one day with my therapist, and I couldn’t stop crying.

This song has kept me through some of the hard days. I play it when I fall asleep. I wake up better.

You are Loved (Don’t Give up) by Josh Groban


Hey Guys!

September 22nd, 2015by Take a Deep Breath

Hello everyone!  I’m a newbie to this website, and I figured I should post a little something about me- so here goes nothing.  I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when I was in seventh grade.  Ever since I was small, I has hyperaware of everything around me, spooking at the drop of a hat.  This really fried my nerves, and I became even more introverted than I already was.  I was also very ill as a child. I was constantly sick to my stomach, my limbs constantly trembled, exhaustion clouded my every turn, and I was an insomniac.  My parents knew little to nothing …


I just want peace.

September 21st, 2015by IFeelSoLost

There are some things about life that I absolutely love.
There’s hope in my heart that things will get better.
But I know that’s just wishful thinking.
I’m ready to leave this place behind and see what’s waiting for us on the other side.
I’ve hurt so many people that were nothing but good to me, I know this will hurt them more but at least It will be the last time.
I’m scared but excited I don’t know if i’m strong enough to go through it all again.
I’ve over dosed and ended up in hospital twice.
Most recent was two days ago.
I’m so torn ! I want peace but I …


Let me go

September 20th, 2015by lostsoul609

I have bad anxiety and suffer from depression. I don’t know why God has chosen this life for me. I want out of this life but I know it’ll greatly impact the people around me. I worry mostly about my mom and my siblings because I know they’ll be affected the most. But I’m tired of taking everyone into consideration I’m not happy and I want out! I’m tired of waking up and faking a smile just to make other people think that I’m okay when I’m really suffering inside. Today I was going to drown myself and just as I get ready to step …



September 17th, 2015by ginasfs

this reminds me of a book i read, a website similar to this. im glad i have somewhere to vent. i just wonder why no methods are allowed to be shared, it honestly would’ve been nice. but back to the juicy stuff. i am a transgender boy in iowa. ive attempted suicide once before. parents never took me to therapy or got me on antidepressants. i came out to my parents via an email from my school. fun. they said they support me, but have not used proper pronouns, name, or discussed me being on testosterone. (i dont even know if i spelled that right.) …


I wanted out

September 16th, 2015by BlondeWig

The day I attempted, I knew exactly what I wanted. I didn’t care who was hurt and who would be a complete mess if I actually did die. I wanted out. For weeks before I was under so much stress from my mother. Everything was always my fault. Everything. The night before I attempted, I stayed out til 4 am with my boyfriend having one of the best nights in my life. When I finally came home, with 1% on my phone battery, I was locked out. She locked me outside in the downpour thunderstorm, frozen cold.

I managed to get my phone one long enough to …



September 16th, 2015by whydoiwantto

I’m tired of feeling like this every day. I keep waiting for the right time, that will hurt my family the least. In between birthdays. Far away from home. I wish it was simpler, that I could make my choice and fuck all the consequences. But I have this huge guilt about leaving my friends and family, especially my brothers and my mom.


I have had many failed attempts and this has hurt my family. I want to ensure everything is successful next time. I think obsessively about methods and timing, around 10-30 times a day. I’m on anti depressants but they don’t help. The only …


so here’s my life story

September 15th, 2015by Annie

3 years since i last posted
Hi, I’m Annie, resident fuck up of phoenix arizona. But then again, we do have someone shooting up a highway here (in my honest opinion, i think it’s a part of the gun control movement. Shoot people and make them scared of guns, gets more people to orgasm over gun control.)
I used to post on here all the damn time as a 12-14 year old, I made friends on here that i never kept. It was like our own little community of fucked depressed people.
I don’t know how I remembered this website, but I am glad I did.
I look back …


There Is No Light

There Is No Light

September 15th, 2015by v.c.333

I have been passively suicidal all my life.  I know, some say there is no way, but I remember wanting to die  at 7.  I was not abused overly much.  My dad a little to harsh with corporal punishment.  My mom never said I was stupid, but she always gave me a look or used a tone that said I was stupid.  I guess she had no patience. idk.  I was always depressed. Borderline personality I was told once, but never stuck with therapy.  I have had more jobs and sexual encounters than I can remember.  I just can’t stick with anything.  Then get all …


My Story

September 13th, 2015by smilingcrying

Hi! I’m going to remain anonymous but I’m a 13-year-old bigender person who has never really been happy. I doubt I’ll ever post here again because I have other places to vent (where I’ve posted this, but I feel really bad so I’m gonna write it again. For some reason it makes me feel better), and I prioritize those places. Anyway, here is me.

I was born to my dating high-school-sweethearts mother and father. They lived with my mom’s mother for two years after that before getting an apartment together (with me, of course). They didn’t love each other anymore. My dad says they weren’t even …



September 13th, 2015by ironman22


Today, I am all alone.

Today, I will be alone for 10 hours before my “friend” returns to my place.

Today, I have the chance to try again.

Today, I have hours.

Today, I think.

Today….but maybe I should wait a little longer.

As today, might be perfect but what if?

What if they return too soon?

Today, I know they won’t.

But what if they do?



Today, just might be soon.




I want to apologize

September 13th, 2015by ironman22

I want to say to everyone that I am sorry.

I am usually much better at dealing and communicating to everyone on a more, well, I can’t say positive note but a more upbeat one at that.

The past 14 days have been an eventful, life sucking, soul ditching, medicating, ventilator pumping madness.

As most of you know, or my close SP friends do, that I took my life two weeks ago.  I committed and it actually worked.  I was DEAD.  I WAS AT PEACE!!!!  Until I was found.  CPR for 35 minutes, d-fib, the works.  I was gone, it was bliss, it was painless, it was fucking …



September 12th, 2015by ironman22


Tomorrow, I am all alone.

Tomorrow, I will be alone for 10 hours before my “friend” returns to my place.

Tomorrow, I have the chance to try again.

Tomorrow, I have hours.

Tomorrow, I think.

Tomorrow….but maybe I should wait a little longer.

As tomorrow, might be perfect but what if?

What if they return too soon?

Tomorrow, I know they won’t.

But what if they do?



Tomorrow, just might be soon.




here but barely alive.

September 11th, 2015by ironman22

Hi guys

I am still alive but just …

Since my last post i committed suicide and succeed.  Well until i was found. My heart stopped i was dead, the blackness fell over me my world went from dark to light to swirling darkness again. So peaceful, so quiet. It was painless it was easy it was perfect.

Until i was found.

35 mins of cpr and at some point a breathing tube. Lots of ivs and meds. My wishes of not being revived ignored. All the peace of that beautiful death gone only to burst back into life. Well sort of.

Days in hospital and in a psych ward. …