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Drinking problem and getting old and bored with life

February 7th, 2016by PhantomCitizen43

First off my mom came over today and was crying telling me she is going to call my doctor and let him know I have a drinking problem.  Well I pretty much do.  I drink a lot of beer and she is concerned that all my beer drinking mixed with the psychiatric meds I am on is going to do me some damage.  Well it probably will.  But you cant live forever and as I see it.  If your going to be alive you might as well be able to enjoy your life until the end.   Id rather live to 45 and be happy …



February 7th, 2016by disgusting

Proof that I’m the ugliest person alive comes from the other side too. I have nothing against this guy at all, so it’s not that. Another transguy I know got featured in a popular news source for being a hot transguy and he’s about as big as I am. How is it that other big people can be good looking but I’m always told how ugly I am?? What is really so wrong with me????

I can’t deal with it if I think of it any more than that. I’m sick of being the ugliest person on earth. I’ve taken .5 and .4 of my testosterone …


02/08/16 – 01:55 AM

February 7th, 2016by missanonymous

Maybe one day,
people would be more careful to what they say.
Maybe one day,
we’ll find a better way to lessen the pain.
Maybe one day,
our hearts will be healed.
Maybe one day,
scars will  remain.
Maybe one day,
life will give us reasons to live.
Maybe one day,
we can learn how to stand again.
Maybe one day,
we can find ourselves.

And maybe, just maybe
It can all happen one day…


My so meant “last rendez-vous” turns out not to be my last one yet

February 7th, 2016by Within Evanescence

This is a calender that I made four days ago. Why? Well mates, let me tell you why. CAM00486 I’m looking forward to the 29th of this month, because I’ll get to see and talk to Maartje again! We haven’t talked to eachother for 22 months and now we’ve got an appointment.

The reason for the appointment is because I’ve been talking to my psychologist every Tuesday morning for a couple of months now. Maartje and the whole situation is one of our weekly topics. Then two weeks ago she said to me: “You’re far …


Hiding cuts?

February 7th, 2016by NoMoreHopeLeft

Anyone out there who could tell me how to hide cuts when wearing a swimsuit/top?
I cut myself mostly just on the shoulder to prevent that people see it because then I can wear at least most T-Shirts without any problem… But now I realized that it is WAY more problematic to hide them if I need to wear a swimsuit or whatsoever. On my wrists I can cover the cuts with bracelets and stuff like this, but how can I hide them on the shoulder? Without being noticeable? My family mustn’t see what I did, so does anyone has an advice for me?


I just want to be happy…

February 7th, 2016by The White Rabbit

That’s all I’ve ever wanted. To be happy. But it seems further out of my reach with every day I exist. I suppose everyone wants to be happy really…

It just seems like everything is so far out of my reach. This book I’ve been reading, prescribed by a friend that said it would help me, hasn’t been helping me at all to accept societies heinous actions.

My dreams get worse and worse by the day… it just seems like life is trying to break me again. Like its trying its hardest to drive me mad.


Can you plz share your own ‘unique’ coping skill?

February 7th, 2016by AngelActually



February 7th, 2016by cathy arsis


I don’t want to do this anymore.

February 7th, 2016by Dungeon

I’m so sick of trying to live. I will never be okay. People keep asking what am I going to do with my life, why don’t you motivate yourself, why not do what makes you happy- Nothing makes me happy I just want to throw my body off a bridge. I find it so weird how most people just expect you to want to be alive, I don’t understand how anyone wants to live through all this garbage.
I don’t want to keep trying, I don’t want to be motivated, I don’t want to get to the “good” part where I have a wife and kids …


I Don’t Want To See A New Day

February 7th, 2016by A Bullet Through My Head For The Words I Fail To Say

I can’t do anything. I’m a waste of space and a burden. No one cares and I’m always ignored. I hate how everyday I just get worse and worse and no one sees. But then again, apart of me doesn’t want anyone to know. I hate how I always contradict myself everytime. I want to be happy but then I feel like I don’t deserve it. I want to be more open with people, get help but then I don’t. I just can’t do anything. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I almost can’t find happiness in anything and all I want …


Surviving Suicide

February 7th, 2016by Gatorgirl

My boyfriend committed suicide while i was sleeping by taking a firearm to his head. I woke up to the shot and had to try to save him. I suffer from PTSD and need help. I also would like to know why do you feel like there is nothing left? It’s so hurful.


Lost in A heartbreak

February 7th, 2016by IzzyThePsycho

My heart got broken this week. I was at a party tonight, and all I could think about was the one who broke my heart. I’m too slow right now to process anything, and I just feel like I can’t even function (more so than usual) here is something for that person, If they’re even listening to me here and now/ if they still love me at all. (No judging for the type of music I listen to. OK?)



here’s something else too.



February 7th, 2016by bah

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Anyone want to critique my suicide note?

February 6th, 2016by ImSurroundedByIdiots

I think they are a waste of time unless you have very specific grievances to name. Nevertheless, I caved in and wrote one so maybe my dad won’t feel as bad…

“I know you love me, but you can’t force someone to stay alive just to make yourself (any of you) feel better. This did not happen because I need to take more antidepressants. No, it’s not because I need more vitamin D. No, it’s not entirely about Bryan. NO, this was not a rash decision I would take back. Do you know the lyrics to the M*A*S*H theme song?

Thru early morning fog I see
visions of …


For SALT (Ensemble edition)

February 6th, 2016by Hazy Day Sunflower

I was thinking about you today. I don’t know if you are still among the living, and indeed if anyone knows either way please let me know. Salt if you are lurking and you are reading this is “The Pouncing Lion”. If you are no longer with me, then an ensemble instrument is missing and won’t be replaced.



Wishful Death

February 6th, 2016by WishfulDeath

Around the time of high school my life was so miserable. I couldnt make any friends and i felt useless. I didnt feel like i would amount to anything. I dont even remeber how old i was exactly i just remeber being in my room deciding suicide was the best option. Since im a christian (whether you believe or not. The fact is i do hence why i thought the way i did) i figured heaven would be a more prefered place to live. Besides i had no special talent her on this terrible planet. My grades were always bad. Learning things was always difficult …


Anyone heard from LittleBead?

February 6th, 2016by impossible_girl

Has anyone heard from LittleBead or know how she’s doing? Her last post was…concerning, to put it mildly.


Family of the Year – Hero

February 6th, 2016by muspelhem

Watched Thanks for Sharing. This played as the credits rolled:


the cat outside/emotional abuse (not related)

February 6th, 2016by Not interested in life

Only rolling two posts into one because I don’t want to double post (clogging)

Emotional abuse part is down below the cat one

Yeah alright, theres a cat outside. Not that I care.??? I hate most animals and people. Likes it under the car my dad hasn’t used for over a year. The people renting upstairs used to own it… or still do? But they have moved to another place near here methinks. The cats got a bell on the collar. I quite refuse to call any animal shelters, because you know what they might do, right? 😛 You should ask the animal first. Hey they will …


Long exposure deth

February 6th, 2016by luka

I’m thinking of killing myself at the next train station. Trains pass by at high speeds. Just one step in front of it and it’s all over. I thought of taking my camera and make a long exposure photo of me jumping in front of the train. Would get a great photo as the end of my life. At least something to be remembered for