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December 17th, 2014by tresposh

the night I tried to kill myself. For the first time. I suffer from severe panic attacks and depression and that night I was home alone with a full bottle of acetaminophen. I took about 30 capsules hoping it would work. I didn’t I was In a coma for about 27 hours and I woke up in the hospital. I’m Not really any better


depression rears its ugly head

December 17th, 2014by niecy

Hi my name is niecy I’ve struggled with depression ever since I was 14 but was not diagnosed until I was 15 I have struggled with depression and let alone bipolar disorder for a long time I’ve struggled with mental anguish its been a long struggle I need help and I’m getting help but I can no longer hide how I feel I think about dying sometimes and sometimes I feel I’m alone ever since highschool I was alone I didn’t have many friends and I still don’t but who cares in this world I guess the loners are here to not make friends I …



December 17th, 2014by tc13

sorry folks, tried again.having run out of time, with nowhere to go, and no way to exist, the desperation got the better of me.i remember blacking out. came to on floor, looking at the ex-wife. so beautiful. thought she was an angel. then it all came back. just another failure.i really do need to find a peacful way out. i cant take this anymore. their has got to be some peaceful way out?


Hey talk to me?

December 17th, 2014by kenny quinn alesana

Well guys i’ve been through a lot in my life and im only 21.. i just love talking to people and getting to know everyone like i wanted to be treated back when i was younger.. i was always alone and always picked on by so many people… i was made to feel so worthless and so empty. It come to the point where my own parents didnt even want to know me :c For 4 years they still havent seen me.. or talked to me and that hurts, mainly cause my bro and sis follow in my moms footsteps and listen to her… My …


Something Else

December 17th, 2014by xanadu

Ever have one of those random moments where you’re reading something, and one of the lines gave you a whopping surge of emotion – like, you could relate to what someone in the book said and it touched some kind of exposed nerve?

Well, I could talk about the shit that’s bothering me today, but instead I’m going to go with that since it involves less having to think about the shit that’s bothering me. I think that might underlie some experiences of the thing in the first paragraph.


facebook sucks, but it beats seizures

December 17th, 2014by cathy arsis

i totally agree with everyone not presently abiding in a veggie garden when they say that fb sucks a bag of dicks… pg is not like that….not a single vacay photo or cutesy baby pic in sight…..(full disclosure, it is still a bit depressing) i set it up under a pseudonym so ppl that know me, wont know it’s me…it has my favorite songs about suicide, picts of self immoliation,things i think are cool, and excerpts from diffrent things i’m writing so ppl can tell me if it sux or not,  ….since i dont wanna invite ppl “i know” (i use quotation marks here bc …



December 17th, 2014by W0und3d

i am tired of soooo much pain…


Out of 0-10: How suicidal are you?

December 17th, 2014by Sabi

Interesting self-assessment at the link below. (Apologies if it was posted before.) I would say most days I’m between 6 and 7, but I have spent quite a bit of time at a higher levels than that of course (including all points right up to 10). How about you?

And on that note, happy holidays everyone… yeah…



December 17th, 2014by BuscettiByGianna

One day…I hope to not feel rejected or unwanted by people I love.


And the Christmas music in this waiting room is going to drive me back to the ward.


Bah Humbug.


i should have stayed quite

December 17th, 2014by hidingfromlife81

33 yrs old, lost my baby, parent disowned me just becuz i decided to move out at 31, 3 failed engagements, and just when i thought i found the one that i could trust. i let him in and told him my story, he pushed me to therapy, but yet he said it didnt work, i gave up on it after 4 sessions. and now he just left me. he cant stand me being suicidal. hes so scared he rather not be around me. i should have stayed quite. im alone again


Life goes on…

December 17th, 2014by Alexther

… It goes on and on, with every new dawn bringing more sorrow than the dawn before it…



December 17th, 2014by hidingfromlife81

im sitting here and have a blank mind i feel numb spaced out like if my life moves on and im part of nothing around me disconnected completely from the world yet im sitting here at work


I cant take it anymore

December 17th, 2014by krazykaze007

I cant take it anymore, my problems are so huge it has involved my family I am homeless I want to die right now.  I screwed up so bad, i am not in control o god help me.. i made such a big fuckin mess i cant even take care of myself. i want to crash my jeep with me in it right now.. i am so sick of what im doing i am sick right now


180500 Dec 14.

December 17th, 2014by Shephard

…third night in a row that I’ve woken up dead-on 0400. No clue what the fuck had woken me up either — considering I was sleeping like a baby only moments prior. Strangely, I still feel alright. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in love with an eclectic witch (to be fair: she seems to think I’ve worked some outstanding hoodoo on her, too).

…honestly can’t wait to be waking up in a hotel room overlooking the beachfront with her beside me. Outstanding.

(…what’s something random I can talk about? Besides braised parakeet crab cakes, of course.)

Oh! I’ve decided to go for my firearms license …


The Reasons… Outweighed by the Bad!

December 17th, 2014by Ghost9er

Reasons to ‘opt out’ : no one wants me, no one needs me, I have no purpose, I am hated by my family, every father figure I’ve ever had knew I have to be erased, I’ll never belong anywhere, No one will miss me, I don’t deserve to be called nor classified as human, I don’t deserve to exist, and nothing I do is ever good enough.
Reasons to ‘carry on’ : foolish hope that my poems might get noticed(HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!!) and fear that my 175 poems might get stolen(and that no one will care)

I should just do the world a favor already and erase myself… …



December 17th, 2014by onelastwish

Sometimes I wonder when people look in my eyes and hear my voice if they know I’m lying to them when I say I’m “Ok” or “Fine”. The truth is I’ve been in a state of deep crisis for the past 6 months or so. Some weeks are better than others. This last one has been especially hard on me. Suicide is and probably will continue to be a daily thought of mine. But who wants to hear all that when they ask “how are you?” I don’t want to bring anyone else down. Or maybe its just the shame. I can’t believe what a …


Been A While

December 17th, 2014by Scarlett Dawn

It has been such a long time since I’ve posted on here. Maybe its because I feel like I have been improving a lot with my ongoing treatement, but lately I feel like I’ve been slipping backwards.

I just became aware of the emotionally abusive relationship I was in with my “best friend” and now, I fear my safety. I have been advised to get an AVO against her, but I don’t want to involve the police.

After my physically abusive ex boyfriend four years ago, I just don’t understand how I didn’t see her for what she really was. Even when I was aware – I …


Life is not fair / unfair. there is always winners & losers. I’m a loser, so why can’t I / losers just commit suicide?

December 17th, 2014by niki

Life is not fair.
Life is unfair.

there is always winners & losers.
there will always be winner & loser.
so why can’t I / losers just commit suicide?
rather than they keep living chasing & fixing all their way too many losses, which is probably too late anyway too.
and usually losers can’t win / can never win against winners anyway .. even the “start” is already too late!!

This is the harsh truth / fact / reality .

Reality / Real life / Real world is very LIMITING / LIMITED in what we can & can’t do !
We are limited by money (rich and poor), resources, …


We’re better than we think we are

December 17th, 2014by Falcon


We’re all fighting the same battle.

December 17th, 2014by livinginthepast

Coming on this site has made me realize how many of us around the world have stories that teach us we are not alone in the hurt and suffering. Maybe in some solemn sort of way we are all one note away from playing the same song. Perhaps this site shall be our choir and our songs shall live on…