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May 22nd, 2015by armageddon



In case anyone needs a laugh

May 22nd, 2015by majesticwalrus


How A Moment Can Change

May 22nd, 2015by Sammi6xoxo

There are so many things that I have trouble discussing. I find the most indirect and vague way imaginable to get my point across so I don’t have to say it. I guess this is just another one of those things. Its funny how a moment can change..

His fingers find my face
A soft and gentle touch
My heart begins to race
His presence is too much
I melt into his palm
He slowly pulls me in
I try to keep calm
But a transformation begins

His hands turn to ice
His nails pierce my skin
Darkness fills his eyes
And takes him from within
My backs against the wall
A fight I cannot win
He is far too …



May 22nd, 2015by JustSomeFool

I was always alone as a kid. I never knew my dad (I’m pretty sure I was artificially inseminated), my sisters ran away from home, and my mom worked two jobs and vented her frustrations on me. I never really knew how to have friends, but I always tried to talk to other kids. It never worked.

I saw people who had “best friends” and big brother, and I wanted those things so badly. I’d go home and just imagine what he’d be like: strong, smart, funny, and like all the music and video games that I did.

When I was turning 17, a mere 10 days …


stuck in a downward spiral

May 21st, 2015by azurexdragon

I feel like everythingis just on its way out. I had to move in with family because my hours got cut, im on the verge of an ending relationship, because my girlfriend and i are both in debt and i feel like im the only one trying to get out of this hole.
I cant even have an enjoyable conversation with anyone because im just not interested in the simple things that most are. Im a techy, a nerd, a gamer, whatever you want to call it, and theres no one really around here that i can have intilectual conversations with, about the things i love.
the …


May 21st, 2015by Alonelyfool

It’s funny how I ask to be normal. I wanna do normal shxt.

Like I wanna have a normal day. Get out of bed, shower, eat, go to work, come home and go to sleep. I can’t even do this.

My day is more like wake up crying [cause I wish I were dead] cry in the shower and don’t wanna eat. Call in because I’m too sad to work or go to work and cry. Then have insomnia all night.

Ppl take for granted the ability to have a simple day.



May 21st, 2015by Agent Purple

Everything is messy. It’s the messed up kind of messy, the disorganized messy, and the kind to be looked down upon.

I’ve come to realize a couple things. The things I think are not truly what I feel or what I believe in or how I am. I thought that the reason I cut myself was for the rush, but all my reasons for cutting feel like excuses and they often contradict each other. Willpower- I thought it had something to do with willpower. I thought it made me feel stronger if I could withstand greater pain (I’m fully aware that that is  idiotic looking at …


I don’t know if I want to get better???

May 21st, 2015by CrimsonLining

I think I want to get better, I mean I should want to get better …. but then I don’t. I came out of hospital for a suicide attempt a couple months ago and I’m expected to be better now. I’m expected to be happy, I’m expected to be normal. Normal is such a funny word. Is normal an action, a belief, a lifestyle? Or is it a character I’m expected to play? I’m sixteen years old. I don’t live with my abusive mum anymore and I no longer binge drink or do drugs. I should be happy, shouldn’t I? My dad is super controlling …


Bye Anxiety

May 21st, 2015by Darien

Anxiety, you’re an asshole. You don’t give me comfort and I’d rather see you go but you don’t. You’re trying to find happiness clinging to me? We’ll you can’t have it, it’s mine now and I refuse to hand it over. Who are you? To alter my life like it’s your own. We’ll I’ve had it, I’m about to let go of everything you’ve ever known. Why? Cause I don’t  need you anymore anxiety, you’re tragic. Everywhere you go, you go bringing havoc. I’m done anxiety, trying to see while you blind me in the night with your fears. I won’t shed no more tears …


5 months

May 21st, 2015by hiitsme0819

i always thought that if and when i kill myself it would be spontaneous ive come to realize thats not going to work for me i dont accualy want to die just the thought of death scares the shit out of me however the thought of continuing on in this miserable existence scares me even more so i have decided to pick a date its far enough away that maybe theres a chance i may feel better before it comes to that im shaking just typing this but i dont know any other way 3 years ago 10/17/12 was the happiest day of my life …


Everyday is a battle

May 21st, 2015by mcgiggles

Everyday is a constant battle with myself – Somedays, I feel like I have a whole army behind me ready to fight and feeling hopeful and most of the days,  I’m fighting alone and the only right thing to do is surrender.






Anyone Else…?

May 21st, 2015by StupidUsername

For the people who have anxiety/panic attacks;

Does anyone else feel like they are just being dramatic when they have a panic attack or get anxious? Like you are making the feeling up and it is actually nothing even if you know it really is something? Is anyone else told to,” stop being a drama queen,” Or,” …and don’t give me that anxiety or panic attack crap..” or anything else like that?

I have a fear that I am just being dramatic when I feel depressed or panicky. Because of this, I feel like I have to deal with my panic attacks alone. Which is why I …


The pain that keeps on aching… When will it stop :'(

May 21st, 2015by BadYear

I just can’t stop this feeling of terror inside of me… I can’t stop crying… The pain won’t stop… I will never had the life I dreamed of, I’ve fallen too far… Now I can’t get out of this spiral down…

I tried to kill myself so many times but it doesn’t work with overdoses… The maximum I got was a coma once… I can’t seem to cut myself… Just cut for pain relief… It hurts all the time now…

The sad thing is no one can help me, not even me, it’s just a slow and painful death… But I never get to die… …



May 21st, 2015by Harlot.Rebel

there goes that numb feeling.. That emptiness and the tears follow.. Its crazy that I could actually do something with my life but its to late for life was over before I had a chance to be on my own..i hate my mother she’s been through so much and if only she got help I wouldn’t be so fucked up so now I’m stuck with the damage the PTSD and depression the every day struggle to smile and act like everything is okay while going to the bathroom 3 times a day just to cut.. My  brain is fried everything hurts so much..i cry …


I cant stand it

May 21st, 2015by disgusting

I truly do want to die. I feel bad for thinking it but I wonder since I reconnected with my mom if she would want to die too. She has more resources and could probably get ahold of a gun. I’m almost certain her religious beliefs keep her from any thoughts of suicide and she would never touch a gun either. I only thought of how she has nothing left the same as I have no reason to live. I can’t take the agony of being alone and never knowing what it’s like to hold someone I love. The man I love is still complaining …


I cannot live, I cannot die. What now?

May 21st, 2015by MySelfIsAfterMe

I am tired to explain my problems, but I suffer every second of my life and it’s not gonna end. I know in my heart I won’t be happy again, I personally ruined my family, friendships, love and job. All my fault, odd story but I self-destroyed myself and I can’t blame anyone but me. I’ll never forgive myself and I’ll never get back the things I lost and I can’t live without them. I have to go to end this.

On the other hand I already hurt beyond imagination the people I love, and I can’t afford to add other pain. My death would literally …


May 21st, 2015by living_LIFE

I’m really considering hanging, the tools are easy to find, I’m tired of it all life is just so hard on me,I honestly don’t believe it will get better have lost all Faith and I Hate every fucking moment I am still alive . I feel that my mind is so messed up and destroyed. Why can’t I just be okay again . Why……..


I don’t want to live life, it bores me… and I have not enough will power to do things. I’m lazy. Do you think I could do something about my life?

May 21st, 2015by Baenum

It all started when I was little. I would look up at other kids doing things and I would wonder: why? why are they doing all that? I know, there are existentialist questions and I am kinda existentially depressed. The meds cannot get as far as my body and I do feel better physically, I […]


32 and suicidal girl, don’t know how I got here…

May 21st, 2015by BadYear

What can I say… I have been seriously depressed and in a lot of pain (emotionally) for well over a year… I am on anti depressants, but they just don’t help me thinking I have nothing to look forward to… I had the life, a good job, everything was going well for me, but suddenly I snapped… I couldn’t keep my job, became paranoid… And I just feel like crying everyday…

Has anyone recovered from this? My brother did, he was bad for about 2 years and I remember when he was going through it how little I thought about how serious it was and how …



May 21st, 2015by mranony

I don’t know why people keep connecting with me. I know it’s flattering and some people might actually would do anything to get that but it’s rather hard for me. I know spending time with friends would take me away from my problems for a while and that is nice but I know I’m going to be an ass and ruin it. I don’t even know if I’m being an ass or not. I don’t know if people accept me or just trying to keep a profile. I am weird and extremely moody. One shit can hurt me like what AM I!?

I am fine being …