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I Think I Have To Leave

May 29th, 2016by TooComplicated

And as far as I can see,

This will be the death of me

The blinded violence of both our fathers,

Will drown me in a drying ocean

The scars and cuts across our wrists

Will swallow me






I’m Dragging Myself Under

May 29th, 2016by TooComplicated

I started self-harming in eighth grade and I just graduated high schools few weeks ago. I thought I’d be done with it by now, but I’m not. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that no matter what happens, even if all this shit gets sorted out, I’m still going to have to kill myself. I can’t get out of my head and I can’t stop self-harming. Everything is so delicately complicated. I have an amazing boyfriend who I love more than anything in the world, and he self-harms too. But it breaks my heart in ways I never knew it could be broken. …


We’re all gonna die anyway

May 29th, 2016by jizmhead

The more I think about it the more I say Fuck this world! Sure there is much beauty on this planet but then it is vivaciously obscured by the undignified injustices that occur daily as they have been for centuries. The greed, governmental corruption, theft, intentional misleading by our elected officials just so that they can fulfill their own agendas and Fuck the next guy; have greatly distorted my perceptions of the beautiful life that is painted for us as children!!! I guess that’s called “reality.” The beauty of this planet is one thing (another existence that we as humans are slowly destroying as well) …


Confessions of a Dead Angel

May 29th, 2016by Mexicanwhiteboy96

Hey everyone, just me- Im 19 right now and I really hate my life . I see people complaining back and forth about trivial things and the truth is I always believed they didn’t know what true pain was. But I know it isn’t right or fair because I’m just comparing their pain to mine andy oroblems aren’t anyone elses. I was molested by my cousin when I was about 8 in 4th grade. the earliest time I can honestly remember this, I was experimented on and I was penetrated my older cousin. Both my cousins fondled me though. That may not …


So this world is very divided and most people live in misery: who are the rich?

May 29th, 2016by hope432

On one side, there are the poor people, people who don’t know much about life, how life tastes and what it means to be alive.  These people live in Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and even North America(just think about the homeless people). Many consider suicide, hoping for a better afterlife or simply trying to put an end to their suffering.

On the other side, there are the rich people. They even win the lottery and become even richer.  They enjoy the beauty of life, spend their holidays in exotic places, and everything is great in their life.

Especially their children lead an awesome life. Because …


message to ant.

May 29th, 2016by Soco

Hey ant, I have not spoken to u much, but I have been thinking bout u today. im pretty sure ur date is coming up. Maybe tomorrow? ? I know ur commited to this so no point in saying dont do it.

All I wanted to say was that u have had an impact on me, with ur posts and the way u have been in response to other posts. I hope ur last days are good and I sincerely hope u find the peace ur after. Im sorry if I shouldnt be posting this but, oh well.

Anyway mate, i


a fairly good day

May 29th, 2016by shatterediris

Today I had a pre good day, went places with people…. Spent all my money though sadly 🙁 but oh well…. we went to lunch, then went over to his house and played magic, then met up with some other people (broke a few little laws (i didn’t)) went to 7/11 bought myself a slurpee 😀 and went to burger king and was given cheap food (it was horrible, but free food is always good) then we went to another person’s house and played some cards against humanity (personally a game I do not like just due to boring gameplay (yes I also dislike apples to …


Universal Potter

May 29th, 2016by Zetsumei

So, I went with my family to check out the Harry Potter area at Universal Hollywood. Out of slight curiosity, I bought one of those interactive wands, the horoscope wand of my birthday. Although, the British food sucked and the forbidden journey ride doesn’t accommodate tall/big people that well.

As a witch actor told me how to use it, she actually had the nerve to patronize me like I was a child… How old do I look for people to confuse me for a child several different times!? I mean sure, I’m soft-spoken and aloof but still… It’s annoying.

Rant aside, my apathy is as strong as …


My 20 minute breakup

May 29th, 2016by usedcanvas

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 6 months. He was over at my house on Thursday and we were fine, we watched movies, fooled around, we were just in each others company and loving it. Until we got in a small fight. He told me he says nothing he does is good enough and i tried to explain to him how much he means to me and i love everything he does for me. Then we made up and we were fine. Until he saw messages between me and an old friend and she was just asking questions about our relationship …


I want to forget everything

May 29th, 2016by Deadinside59

I want to forget this house and these people i want to forget the life im leading i know if i continue on this path it’ll lead me straight to the darkness within myself that im so afraid of i move in just a few short weeks i haven’t continued with packing or clearing my room despite my needing to I’m honestly afraid this won’t change anything i need something I’m being torn apart by the two people who tried to raise me my father who beat me and tried so hard to forge me into someone with no feelings no emotions no regret he …


The Narcissist’s Apprentice

May 29th, 2016by impossible_girl

Maybe something happens to those who survive being at the tender “mercies” of a Narcissist. Maybe they start to become just like their abuser. Maybe they become just as mean, just as bitter as the worthless pieces of crap who broke them. I survived two Narcissists. Maybe I’m not any better than them now. And maybe it would be a mercy to Cope if I just took myself out of the world. He deserves better than a broken, twisted soul mate.


failing marriage

May 28th, 2016by scissors

I married my best friend and the man of my dreams on January 29th. We live in different countries, and got married while he was visiting me. I haven’t seen him in four months – I’m supposed to see him in 3 weeks, but today he became very angry at me and told me not to talk to him, called me a whore, and signed off. This was because of him viewing things I said years ago, when I was a teenager, in a chat room. He insisted that I am a liar, but I have never lied to him. I am scared that he …



May 28th, 2016by Hazy Day Sunflower




But why? I’m cool!

May 28th, 2016by MKCVXIII


For Rosa (a moment for relaxation)

May 28th, 2016by LittleBead

Ladies and gentlemen, my own version of “I’m an Albatroaz” (I have attached the song at the end of this post), with a special dedication for the my boyfriend’s ex gf who is a fucking whore and I will dance on her grave (sooner or later you will die from HIV if you keep fucking with everything that moves, babe):

Let me tell you all a story
About Rosa in all her glory
Yeah, Rosa was a Columbian whore
That liked to give herself more
She called herself the hoe
With the boys boys flow

But fuck that little whore
‘Cause this story’s  gore
I’ll come across
I’ll come across

Yeah, Rosa said she was a hoe
Smoked that cigarette like she gave a head blow
Monilie money …


7 months after a break up…

May 28th, 2016by feelingbluebee

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I split with my ex 7 months ago, we were together for 2 and half years things were bad and it was a messy break up but I still care for him and it’s fucking me up. About a month ago I lost a close friendship because I couldn’t be fucked with it anymore – she mucked me about and disrespected me but she had introduced to her group of friends and would always arrange to meet, I feel isolated now. I went out last night to a pre drinks then a house party I was having a …


I can’t wait

May 28th, 2016by outinthedark

I can’t wait until December 31st. Everytime I fuck something up this year, I just think about how I will be gone before 2017 and it relaxes me. I mean I’m trying to make my life better, but it’s ultimately failing. I’m about to get fired from a job I hate because I want to keep my other job. I just wish I was gone right now but I set December 31st as my date. I have to give myself enough time to see if I actually want to do that or not.


Grilling Chicken

May 28th, 2016by Wintergirl

And drinking beer. I live for this shit.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying their day the best you can. It’s a warm one here but I’m sitting outside enjoying the day the best I can.


Something weird part 2

May 28th, 2016by gkks

I just saw a friends brother i haven’t seen in a year or so and another guy i haven seen in like 5-7 years. What is going on? Universe talk to me! This can’t be a coincidence. There is higher power trying to tell me something.


Now I can get my daily dose of SP again!

May 28th, 2016by Cordless

Yay for the site being back up again!
Thank you, to the admins who fixed whatever was wrong.