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Just lazy

August 22nd, 2014by Lesswill

Wished i could get off the bed right now, but i cant, why? Because i just cant. Its so warm and cozzy here. Wanna join me?

No i cant, i am too busy planning my demise.

Ok no problem, hey! Will you join us at Bob’s place today?

No i cant, cant you see, i just want to kill myself, i just want to jump off a bridge or stick a big fat knife right above my navel, can you help me?

Hell no, what do you want to go about jumping off bridges and sticking knife in you navel for?

I am depressed

you re depressed, i …



August 22nd, 2014by Cayt515

Why is it that I can’t go a day without thinking about killing myself?

Why do the girls at school hate me so much?

Why can’t I remember what happened to me?

Why is it that I hate myself so damn much?

Why do I cut myself almost every day?

Why  can’t I stop?

Why is it my parents hate who I’ve become?

Why do the churches say that being bisexual is wrong?

Why can’t I  be normal?

Why is it that I can’t be with who I love because she’s a girl?

Why do the boys bully me?

Why can’t I be accepted for who I am?

Why oh why does this world have to be …



August 22nd, 2014by TwistedSpace

That’s how I feel. I want to die, but I feel stuck now. There are people who love me. People who want to see me get far in life. But I barely have any motivation to do anything. I don’t have a job, and I wasn’t able to graduate last year because of the sheer amount of days I missed from school. My ex is the total opposite of me. He has likes, wants, goals, and tons of motivation. He graduated high school last year, and took on a job at wal-mart to support his hobbies. I’m this person who’s dependent on medication and even …


August 22nd, 2014by Metal Myu Myu

Konnichiwa C4.



August 22nd, 2014by MuteKaterwaul

The night before last I let my anchor go – the only person who held me somewhat together. He broke up with me last year after a few years of long distance dating but we remained close friends up until now. He has a new girlfriend and it was clear he was drifting further away from our friendship no matter how much he denied it. I don’t blame him. He was broken like me when I met him, not suicidal that I know of but certainly depressed, and over the years he has gotten better and I have not.

It was probably horrible of me but …


my very 1st good day in such a long time…

August 22nd, 2014by heliumhood

2day is a good day. My husband and I have been created celebrating his father’s birthday with our best friend KK. sometimes the very thing that u need is right in front of you .


what a difference 2 freinds can make

August 22nd, 2014by heliumhood

Today,for the 1st time in almost 2 years, I confided in a mutual friend. I told her of my thoughts and she insisted that I hear her thoughts and those of her son.. 4 the 1st time in a long time I actually feel like I will be able to prove that I am innocent. Thank you KK & NK. Xx


Golden Gate Bridge

August 22nd, 2014by Pdog

Yesterday I was arrested on the GG bridge for a suicide attempt.  I was there.  I had it.  The motivation was there.  My leg started to climb up over the railing.  Then I saw the police coming.  Now this was REALLY it.  I could either just use my other leg and take the leap, or go back the other way and let the cops take me into custody.  Unfortunately, I’m still here which means I succumbed to the arms of two policeman.

To those who haven’t seen it, the view is incredible.  Such a serene feeling knowing that you could take your life right then and …


Awfully supportive!

August 22nd, 2014by downinflames

Yesterday I made a post with an honest question asking your opinion about a method I’ve concocted (or so I believe) and comparing it with another method more… classic, lets say. No answer in my mail. So I come back today to the site and find that my post has been deleted. No explanation, no comment. Just puff, vanished. Hey pals, thanks! What a wonderful community. You gave a me a new reason to put in the bag full of them I already have!



August 22nd, 2014by 78hundred

Finally, it makes sense.

Just give up on the idea of a perfect social conforming future. Ha!

I’ve never felt so comfortable in my life. I never have to care again.

If I don’t find a job, stiff biscuits! I’m at home anyway, so support is always there.

No partner ever again. Been there, experienced it. Better than not having had that at all.

It just moves on. Carefree as it goes. The only stresses in life are the ones caused by excessive desire for social success and the needless comparison to other people, who don’t care about you anyway.

So I say fuck it! Take your …


Newbie observation:

August 22nd, 2014by siouxisidol

Hi, I’ve just found this site and – due to being bipolar, having Asperger’s syndrome and having physical health problems – since I feel suicidal 99% of the time thought I would join.

Mea culpa; I didn’t read every post – most from 2011 only – but it struck me how intelligent everybody sounds. I really do believe “ignorance is bliss” and unintelligent people can live in a healthy bubble unlike more intelligent ones who just exist.



August 22nd, 2014by thecount

Suicide is the ultimate form of giving up. In 2001 while watching the movie :CAST AWAY” this poem just came to me. I’m posting here, right now for givingup It goes like this:

What if I gave up today
and tomorrow I won the lottery?
What if I gave up today
And tomorrow I met the woman of my dreams?
What if I gave up today
And tomorrow I started living my dreams?
What if I gave up today
And tomorrow I figured out how to be successful?
What if I gave up today
And tomorrow I came to know I deserved what I want?
What if I gave up today
And tomorrow I learned that my …


Why cant i just grow the pair of balls i need and do it.

August 22nd, 2014by ImSoTired

I don’t want to exist. please help me. I don’t want to be here anymore, i have two kids and a husband. i know it sounds terrible but before i met my husband i was dead set on ending everything. I saw love in him and hope and a future. My children are everything to me but I’m not good enough for any of them. I cant even get out of bed half the time. My pain runs so deep and i don’t think anything will make it stop.



August 22nd, 2014by tctc

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there’s someone who loves you and you do the same too for the other? I guess life is only worth living if there’s someone loving you.

“Love is when someone is willing to die for you, willing to kill for you…”

But what do I know? What is love?


My Imagination

August 22nd, 2014by candygrl

Your Position is only a step above, I am just one step below

Your Attitude is only a Reflection of your Belittled mind.

Your only an idiot in a non existant world.

Your nothing to me

My Imagination is beyond your Appreciation

My Dedication is beyond your Contemplation

My Motivation is beyond your Suffocation

My world is far beyond your Imagination

My mind is beyond your reach


You’re History!

August 22nd, 2014by depressednihilist95

How can any historian be optimistic? All of the rapes, murders, and so on in the name of God must at least become tiring to observe over time. I remember watching a video from an antinatalist arguing that objective facts and subjective beliefs lead to pessimism, which may be debatable, but it describes how I view life so well.

History class kind of sucked today, but at the same time I saw some familiar faces. What pissed me off the most was seeing the teacher read off quotes from famous historical figures, but he omitted only one, and it was from Søren Kierkegaard. What the hell? …


My Will Is Dead

August 22nd, 2014by kramdragon

I have finally given up my will to live.  I know that there’s no point, when all I have to look forward to is more of the same.  Even if I were to manage to get through this period in my life, it would just be another rotation of the wheel that is my mental health.  I might be able to get help and become “happy” again, but my depression will just come back around again and again.  So I’ve given up the will to fight any longer.  That part of me is gone.  My will is dead.  Like it was a real person.  Will …


can we find a place to be together

August 22nd, 2014by misanthrope

A place where the suffering people ,like us,can live and try to find understanding and support amongst our own. If I dont go SOMEWHERE,ill die soon..  YES,it seems unwise,I suppose ,to draw all the walking wounded mentally ill and despairing desperate together into one place—,but isn’t the loneliness and pain already unbearable and are not many among us already taking extremely risky and reckless chances to attempt to kill th pain? What if we could make a pilgrimage to our very own monument- a monument to outrage,and sadness,and despair.It would be a monument to express ALL the MANY Reasons we are suicidal and suffering.What if …



August 22nd, 2014by DeathDreamer7

The struggle never ends. Will I ever be a normal person? Will I ever be able to get over the social anxiety of shaking and losing my voice when speaking before an audience? That’s just one minor thing that has destroyed me. My mind crashed hard several times in my life making me think there is no way out but death. I’ve become extremely antisocial since I can’t connect to anyone mentally or emotionally. I dream of other dimensions where the rules are different. Where we don’t have to slave our lives away doing things we …


Fake Plastic Trees

August 22nd, 2014by misanthrope

So much sadness.I am going to be very quiet.I am going to be very still. If I do this I can stop trying to explain to them what the matter is,and for that matter,ANYTHING I want to talk of to them…its all no good -they do not want to know.Ive worn their love and interest right the fuck out of them .Nothing I can say about anything is of any relevance.I either go from here and wander til I find a way to live,or to die…or I lay here and die..