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Life is pointless when nobody cares

August 1st, 2015by Me012001

I realize that I am a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve anything in life. I pretend that I am smart or pretty, but I am none of those. If I were truly anything in this world, there would not be prostitutes to cheat on me with, other girls to cheat on me with, men telling me that I’m ugly. Yes, that’s multiples. It hasn’t only happened once to me, and it’s no coincidence. I am the world’s ugliest woman, and people think I am dumb enough to buy their stories. People don’t think I deserve any respect, and I probably don’t. Married couples …


whats so special??

August 1st, 2015by lissbabe

Me, myself was a very unfortuante person because I wasn’t the most popular girl in school, however when leaving school I was the most popular girl there and everyone wanted to be like me or be dating me. Yet when I was wishing to be like the popular kids I didnt realise how much they hated it, when I started being popular I loved it but I found out that I was missing the real me, I was like what people call a bitch. Yet those wasn’t my intentions, however I don’t live in regret because I don’t regret anything in my life and this …


I’m not pretty or smart, or anything that is lovable

August 1st, 2015by Me012001

I know I’m not pretty because many guys have left me for other women. My former fiancee constantly contacted prostitutes and denied it, posted pictures of his body parts online and to other women, and told me it wasn’t him. I’m being treated like I’m stupid. My boyfriend just said that I take credit for other peoples’ work, but he also told me I was fat. He talks about other girls’ butts and how smart they are, but whenever he says anything about me, I feel that it is fake. I’ve never done anything to deserve being loved in this life. Everyone else is married …


Sobering up unfortunately, still no validation

August 1st, 2015by wndozh8er

Welp I wanted more alcohol but my Aunt the Conqorer said no! I had to get 1 12 pack of cooers motherfucking light. Since alcohol is the only thing that brings me joy, it’s very important to me to get drunk off my ass at least once a week. She is also controlling my xanex intake, which I use to sublimement for alcohol,

I tried to explain to her that I no longer want to live and gave up. I told her this many times before. She said, “well if you would have killed yourself in 2009, you would never have met your wife”. Well she’s …


here be dragons

August 1st, 2015by deathbylies

life or something like that hey. Here we all are trying to …what exactly? humans are an incredible virus intent only to breed and feel . To feed off of selflessness in this poetic insanity. In all forms our humanity is formless. A virus intent with the production of destruction in  a sick sad little world survived only by the fittest , the devils den . Welcome to the hell that is the human condition , frought with the distraction in every form. A narcissistic wounderland . The collective human experience ,so far beyond sodom and gomorrah.

I can think of no other animal so equally creative and …


2 years later, im okay.

August 1st, 2015by donewithexistence

this stuff is all so behind me now, im okay.


Etiology/etymology of the word “Suicide”.

August 1st, 2015by isj032

Latin translation:
“sui” (of oneself) “caedere” (kill).
 “suicidium” or “conscivit” .
My thoughts upon these words, well the obvious “thing” which comes to mind is the cide or SIDE in sui, an anagram of die or dies. This combined with the “Aft” in the greek translation, presumably adapted as a nautical term which denotes either movement towards the STERN or TAIL of a sHIP or AIRcrAFT.
We might say the human body has six sides in three dimensions, that is the top, bottom left and right front and back, with the additional of the inside



August 1st, 2015by ..

I hate that I was forced into life and I hate this body that I’m stuck in. I don’t care about life and even though I’ve tried I just can’t see the beauty of it. If someone was in an abusive relationship, they’d be encouraged to leave it because the negative aspects of it don’t make up for the few good aspects. That’s kinda how I view life. But nobody respects our right to leave. If euthanasia were legal for people like us, I would have been dead years ago. But instead we’re forced to live out a long and painful life. I don’t want …


If it keeps on raining, levee’s gonna break

August 1st, 2015by Salt

In addition to being one of the greatest grooves ever, it’s the story of my damn life.

You spend your life building dreams, finding some pale meaning in life enough to keep you going, or more to the point, enough to protect you from the flood of desolation that surrounds you. But it keeps on raining, it just keeps on raining. And one day, maybe today, next week, or a decade from now it’s inevitable. Levee’s gonna break.


hes a prick hes a cock — durty dyana

August 1st, 2015by kills

ive always been pretty fuckin cocky. but i mean with a mind and body like mine i cant fuckin help it i mean cmon haha. I’ve never felt more in charge of my life and myself than I have since the night of the full moon two nights ago. I looked up and let Dyana go. Dyana is my twin spirit. she latched onto me in the womb to save herself out of fear. so i’d naturally been carrying and protecting her my whole goddamn life. Talk about confusing huh. 26 years of being two people in one body. fuckin nuts man. finally shes gone. …


August 1st, 2015by Bisban



August 1st, 2015by Bisban


And so, I’ve met my fate

Waiting for the faith

Into action, the contradiction

It didn’t reach this from across

My teacher, what is the master

Disciple, Subdivision of the Green

Division, party

Cost way too much to, Australia

And you from yonder, I failed to you

I’m on my own

Seeking to the totem.



stupid stupid online boyfriend

August 1st, 2015by Hjerteblomst

So i call him and then he asks me to call back in 5 mins. So i do and he doesn’t answer. So i keep calling. Nothing. So i call 15 mins later and hes turned his phone off. What an asshole! He shouldn’t have even answered in the first place, its quite clear he doesn’t want to talk so why does he fucking lie like that? He is in hospital by the way. Why couldn’t he just not answer or tell me that he doesn’t feel like talking, not ask me to call back in 5 mins, and when i hit the automated voice …


mouth breathing

August 1st, 2015by Hjerteblomst

Yeah well i am sure nobody here is an occasional mouth breather like me… Sure i cant even have my mouth open for one second (unless i am talking) because i will get the same usual shit, ‘its important to look smart,’ and a speech… by my dad…

its a complete fucking crime to have your mouth open for even one second. Nobody says shit if he has his mouth open for a second. Nobody says shit if anyone else has their mouth open.

When i was younger dad used to call me retard. Of course mum went along with all this. Had this shit for …


August 1st, 2015by Emotional

I have been self harming for as far back as i could remember. I think it started when i was about 10ish. I would bank my head against the wall to stop what ever was going on in my head at the time. I would love to see the bruises develop on areas I hurt. I was always known as the accident prone child. I remember one time i must have been about 12. I threw myself off my bike and scraped myself down a brick wall. I would try and keep under the radar by not making the injuries obvious. I progressed to cutting …


Religion, and a point to life

August 1st, 2015by nomorepain461

Is religion real? if so, which one? i was raised christian, and i still am even after everything that has happened. I believe he was around to save the world. But many religions have key figures. What the heck? what does it all mean? does it even matter to try and figure this stuff out? does heaven exist in any form? Im poor, we dont ask ourselves these kinds of questions, we just try to keep living. I honestly dont want to live anymore (if i cant get my health issues fixed, or find a job), but what is the point of it all? i …


It’s time to go..

August 1st, 2015by Dusty96

I’ve received alot of love in my time here on this website. I appreciate all the love given my way. None of you know me, but I might as well say that I have decided I will take my life. I don’t know when, but I will. It seems so peaceful. I’m at peace with the decision as well. I think it is what’s best for me, to be honest. I’ve had too much happen to me in 2 years and I’m left with no will/desire to live. I’m going to try to enjoy the time I have here left with friends and then I’m …


Rant with an edge

August 1st, 2015by Katki

where do i start?

How about with the life everyone thought i had – hell i even deluded myself into believing it for awhile – and then the rape and then the child and i can’t say if the 2 happened at the same time and now that grown little girl is crying her eyes out over a tiny cut her Mother made on her wrist- she called her brother – didn’t ask me anything…  I don’t blame her – I wasn’t there for her like i should have been – ever.. I’ve tried to be there now – but she saw the cut – it …


You want some truth?

August 1st, 2015by alina_01

If you sit waiting for peace you will never find it. If you sit around simply hoping that life will get better that you will get a sign that there is a reason to continue, you will get nothing. ACTIONS, very important thing here. Without that you can’t expect anything. You have to do things to better your life and it’s not gonna happen over night maybe not in a week or a month or 5 months. Just think of it in terms of losing weight and getting toned, you can’t expect to be completely in shape in a month especially if you haven’t fully …


August 1st, 2015by Woozi

I haven’t done it yet.but I’m still thinking about it. Not as much as a few weeks ago but still… I don’t know, some people just aren’t cut out to live a long life. I always did say I was going to die young.