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I need someone so badly

July 21st, 2014by Agony

But no one here cares about me and my friends just seem busy


I want to contact Philip Nitschke

July 21st, 2014by lonelyplatypus

What should I tell him? I have heard that he has also helped people who were not terminal patients, so I might have a chance? I really want the peaceful pill and I want his assistance in ending my $&*#(*#( life. I just can’t go on anymore. My life is an absolute nightmare of unimaginable abuse, total worthlessness, illness and much more. There is absolutely nothing beautiful in it. Nothing!!!! I really need his help, but I don’t want to screw it up.


two more years

July 21st, 2014by maijiayin

i have had depression for as long as i can remember (even as a child i’d have these terrible mood swings but i don’t know what you’d class them under) but it got really bad when i was 12 years old. i am now 16 and if anything my depression has gotten a lot worse over these years.
i know that my life is not as hard as it could be but right now my family has barely enough money to get along, my parents are practically divorced with the way they act around each other and all i want to do is leave this house. …


Fate worse than life

July 21st, 2014by I.cant.breathe!

I got dragged down
By the current.
I know how to swim
But why fight it.
Faces and places
Come to haunt me
Along with things I’ve done
Im going to hell.
A fate worse than life?
There is none.
How do you breathe
When the air is your poison.
I fight hard for purpose
But I do not have one.
My legs fail me
Because there is nowhere to run
When your demons trail behind you.
I cant breathe
Im choked by my sins.
a fate worse than life?
There is none.


Zoloft / Sertraline

July 21st, 2014by bluerabbitheart

Hello everyone,

I know this question has been asked here before, but I wanted to ask it again now to see if I could get some updated information anyway. I hope you don’t mind.

Does anyone here have any experience with Zoloft / Sertraline / Lustral that you would be willing to share with me? I tried some other anti-depressants a couple of years ago, but they turned me into a “zombie”, so I’m wary of trying again — so I thought I’d come here to look for some help or advice. Thank you in advance.


The Marlboro Man weeps

July 21st, 2014by C4

I paid just over $10 for a pack of cigarettes today in Massachusetts. That’s crazy. A pack runs $5 -6 in most other places. I did some research and found out that a pack of 20 Marlboro’s are $11-12 in NYC.

I used to tell myself that I would quit smoking once cigarettes got up to $5 a pack. (Smokes were a buck a pack when I started. I could buy ‘em with 4 quarters dropped into a vending machine back in the day. When they went up to two dollars a pack I was outraged at this blatant form of highway robbery).

$10 a pack. “Smoking …


What did i do to deserve this

July 21st, 2014by andartarius

I guess most people here have a reason to be depressive, either their hard childhood or a disease or whatsoever.

I was bullied all trough highschool and all but after highschool life was pretty good, from abou 16 to 19 my life was somewhat normal, had lots of relationship and sex, i was passionate i had friends, all that jazz, but then came hypothyrodism and it just went downhill from there and now im almost 25 and its been a damn hard ride with about 10% good time and 90% horrible aching depressing inside pain. For a while the huge amount of hair loss from thyroid …


July 21st, 2014by Agony

How am I supposed to get through this week?
This is going to be torture for me.



Color me dead

July 21st, 2014by fallenangel33

I’m not sure who’s on here or how many are on here. For anyone who’s been needing someone to talk to and really truly care, I’m here. I would love to listen and talk. Be there for you and talk you through things. If you want to talk you can email me, I would love to listen. Take a leap and faith and just try it.



Exit Bag Glitch

July 21st, 2014by ppathak_19


I came across a few posts which put a serious doubt on the Helium Exit Bag, I was banking on it ever since i read about it in Mr. Humphry’s book, ‘Final Exit’. It made it look like a fairly simple and a fool-proof method but on reading various posts of it failing, i am wary of it. Does anyone know the exact reason of it failing?? I dont like the hanging method since it causes trauma for the one who discovers the body afterwards.


Suicide Pact

July 21st, 2014by Alexther

Well,I guess we’ll soon find out if I’ll live or die through this…


I just made a suicide pact with myself.I’m going in vacation back to my homecountry of Romania and,if things don’t change for the better until the end of the summer,then that’s it.It will never change for the better.It’s now or never.

I’m not even hoping that things will get better,because I know that every time I put my hopes in something,it turns into a huge and painful disappointment.Sometimes I really want something very bad to happen so I have a ”reason” to kill myself,as if I don’t already have one…

Haha,anyway,if I do commit suicide …


24% battery life away

July 21st, 2014by miraclehealer

I’m currently stuck in another country that is not mine. Initially didn’t want to go on this trip as I am having depression. But I didn’t want to let friend A go alone with a group of people that he wants close to. However, depression strikes and I just couldn’t take it. Last night, I spent quite some time in the toilet crying about it and he couldn’t understand hence he didn’t do anything. Today, I found out that friend B told this friend A to totally ignore me. I’m currently out of the hotel room with nothing but a phone. No passport to rent …


Black Atheist

July 21st, 2014by Jermi

I’m a 19 year old college student in brooklyn and I’m amazed I made it this far but I feel like 19 years of life is enough. Over the years I felt like I was born to be hated for the color of my skin and my beliefs. I ask my parents, why bother having a kid, just to have him or her life doomed from the very start? I was raised from a christian background and not once have I found anyone to seriously talk to about any of my troubles for all everyone thinks is ” I’m just seeking attention ” or ” …


When I’m Gone, Just Carry On-

July 21st, 2014by BreakMeFree

Well, he’s gone. I can’t say much about this, just in case someone who knows me stumbles across this website, they would be able to tell that it’s me. So… the struggle it is to talk about my feelings. The love of my life is gone, and isn’t coming back for months. No more constantly texting him, or sneaking out to see him. Only a couple pictures, his stuff that he gave me, and memories. I just can’t believe the moment where he had to leave, came so soon. He made me so happy. I no longer feel the need to move, eat,  or take …



July 21st, 2014by Dollycutter

What a fine day to wake up grey. The color leached from me while I was asleep. I am the uncolored thing moving about the house today.

I want to see red. The only color left is underneath and sometimes I need to see it. I have an itch where the portal lies and I drink coffee and fantasize about opening it with a knife.

I’m sick of the masquerade that makes me invent little accidents to justify the damage to my exterior. Everyone knows I have to open up and let the color out every now and then. And despite the subtle brutality of …


July 21st, 2014by thanatos

I’ve been meaning to stop posting here recently, because all I post is music and I feel like I have nothing to contribute. I don’t necessarily think listening to music all of the time makes anyone (here or elsewhere) feel better, but it’s what I do, nothing much else to do. I think I’m going to stop posting soon.


Life goes on

July 21st, 2014by PaleHorse

This is going to be my first post in a while but ill try to keep things concise.

Im a guy aged 20 studying in university at the moment. Im writing this because last time I was here a few years back somebody told me that age old cliche things get better with time.. But im still waiting and the last few weeks have just gotten harder and harder.
I keep wanting to talk to someone but being from a not particularly close family ive sort of grown up never discussing feelings and problems, and when I try it feels too much like counselling again and just …


my secret

July 21st, 2014by illdiemaybe

i actually know why I’m not getting better. I’m fully aware of it

i haven’t taken my meds in years

no one knows. i don’t know how no ones realised, but they haven’t.

this is my biggest secret.

i don’t know why but i just can’t bring myself to take them. i don’t understand it myself. i am that unmotivated. and my condition is so bad now, and my life is in such shambles that i don’t want to take them. I’m scared to get better. I’m scared of everything but death and I’m fucking my entire life up and I’m so aware of it and i cry and …


my first time

July 21st, 2014by why i dont no

so in a efort of seperating lies from truth in my confused head in going to experament with this self help i havent posted on here for qwite some time apart form two posts last night frustrated that all the people i once knew were dead or missing i desided to try this this is my first try at leveing this place iv tryed 26 times that is to say 26 failed tryes and times were iv been a inch away… my first time i remember not so well its kinder a blere but if you can imagine me siting on a sofa pack of 20 crying …



July 21st, 2014by stabbymike

I’ve always wanted to go skydiving. Would be the perfect cover if a cord happened to be faulty.