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October 30th, 2014by Bisban


Where’s the Halloween party be at. Hit me up


feeling down

October 30th, 2014by jellybeanz28

I hate this day completely.


Don’t know if I can deal with all of this anymore…

October 30th, 2014by tigerlily96

I quit my job and moved across the country so that I could afford living without a job while I apply to grad programs. At the same time as studying for the GRE, I got engaged to be married. You’d think it would be a really exciting time in my life, but the same two months I was going to use for improving my GRE score ended up being dedicated to wedding planning. Wedding planning was a nightmare, I felt extremely depressed, and then I would beat myself up for feeling depressed during a time I was supposed to be happy. Oh yeah, I forgot …


So Stupid.

October 30th, 2014by tctc

So useless.
Can’t do anything right, can’t do anything well.
Filled with envy.
Filled with hatred for oneself.

I just want to sleep, sleep forever.


A Flawed Fairytale

October 30th, 2014by fallenstars101

Once upon a time ago, there was a little girl that honestly couldn’t have pictured a more perfect life. She was a successful athlete, had friends, a great girlfriend, but apparently that just wasn’t enough to help her survive. Where she grew up, if you were a good athlete you were automatically popular, so she was popular. But she didn’t like feeling superior to others, so she kept the friends she grew up with. However, they weren’t athletic so this girl that once had it made was now getting talked shit on by the whole high school. Why would they spread such harsh things about …


Need funeral advice

October 30th, 2014by Lost2many

This is a request for advice from those who have had a family member commit suicide.  I am attempting to finalize my funeral arrangements so that I can prepay for the services.  I have already purchased a burial lot in the small town where my father is buried, about 2 hours from my home town.   That town is about 4 1/2 hrs away from where all my in-laws live.  I have some distant family members who reside near where I will be buried.  I have little contact with my family members in my hometown, and no friends who will miss me.  I will soon have …



October 30th, 2014by kateralia



Fuck….I just want to live!!

October 30th, 2014by RealTalk30

You ever get tired of listening to advice that leaves you stranded on your own, doing battle against the pain in the darkness? Advice like “you gotta do it for yourself and not anyone else”
“no pain, no gain”
Even phrases like “have faith” can be conflicting, lonely and long if you are truly left on your own. Depending who you are of course.
People have been shoving that shit down my throat my whole life. “Don’t do it for anyone but yourself”
“You gotta live for you”
I don’t need to explain to some of you out there, that sometimes doing it on your …


i want to punch a wall

October 30th, 2014by starsign

i realised that my days of being treated like crap by half of my friends ends right now. They don’t give a shit about me.. and guess what? i don’t give a fucking shit about them either
they can all fuck themselves.
in other news, i’ve been listening to the smiths basically non-stop and right now my life is just a blended mix of anger and pure sadness. idk for some reason for the past 3 days i’ve just had this unspeakable rage.. and there’s nothing exactly that has caused it ?
i don’t really know if this is better than the “being too sad …


This Kind of Says It All…For Me Anyway

October 30th, 2014by seppuku


Where have your leaders gone?

October 30th, 2014by I Killed Kenny

Do a handful of people really influence this site?

Is that what this site became?


Pregnancy and self harm?!

October 30th, 2014by Elly

I really need to cut, I don’t feel good, I feel on edge and bad. Deep, skin splitting cuts have been my release for so long now. I don’t know any other ways…but now I’m pregnant, and I really need something to numb all this pain. I lost my very first boyfriend. I lost some of my family. Now its just me and this baby and I need to cut, the longer I go without cutting the more I want to die, the stronger the need of just peace. But I can’t cut, so I’m a fucking mess. I can’t function, I feel like I’m …


Life is Hell

October 30th, 2014by FreedomIsAMyth

Life is Hell. I was raised Christian, and actually believe there is an entity out there who created all, yet I struggle to come to any other conclusion.

What’s the saying? “Life sucks, and then you die.” No, life sucks, and then your dog dies, you accrue a mountain of debt, struggle to improve your career, lose your job, spouse leaves you for someone more ‘interesting,’  get cancer, accrue more debt, break a hip, suffer the hate from people for being “old,” then you, at long last, die and remain at peace for all eternity.

To add insult to the injury of this hellish life, we are …


Just a day… and regreats

October 30th, 2014by Roars Kilde

I did something stupid today

How is it, that we just can’t help doing things, we know, we will regret after, be it little or big things.
Even things from the past, that we should learn from, we always manage to do again, despite knowing we will end up regretting it badly.

Not a big thing, not like other mistakes that have been made, but still.
I went to the store today, don’t know why, didn’t really need it, knew it would be a problem, still did it.
First 50 yards wasn’t bad, then as I got near, and the people started to appear, I could just feel …


Save The Arctic

October 30th, 2014by I Killed Kenny

Biodiversity Banner on Christ the Redeemer Statue

You may or may not be aware that Shell have joined forces with Russia and have decided to go to the Arctic and drill for oil. After the Deepwater Horizon disaster, oil continued to gush out for 87 days before it was capped. If a similar problem were to occur in the Arctic, it would not be possible to plug the leak and that’s why Greenpeace are worried about it.

Shell had a long association with Lego which ended earlier this month after Greenpeace went up to them and said Shell are complete …


Bad Day :,(

October 30th, 2014by Jumper97


Today was a horrible day and I tried hanging myself and I did for a bit, but I fought. If I want something painless then The Golden Gate Bridge is my only option



October 29th, 2014by Bisban


“Taken My Whimsicality To The Death, Albator”


Falling in my realm
Will you be my friend
Whom that it come along to
Can I sing
But most of all, can you know
I can sing, no more
Keep on looking, keep on searching
For a better way, for a better day


Can I bust another, deepen, sunken
Into the realm, an astral that canned
Dead, he wears the skull and the card
The spades of the world overtaken
Obliterated into your abyss
The neon to the lost veil
In life there is a battle of all
Albator and a Cyborg
I will fall into, the singularity


What if we were in a realm
And it was Albator versus Multiple F@gg-Man
That would be a scary …


Worthless thoughts…

October 29th, 2014by Maeliin

I came on this site a LONG time ago and actually met a friend through here… we were both considering suicide three years ago and we are both still alive… We’ve graduated high school, and made it to college, and our colleges are only 30 minutes apart.

But that’s not why I’m posting… I have come back to those thoughts… Well, they never left. But they’ve kept from suffocating me for a while… Until now. Suddenly, these past couple of weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should self harm again and have been. I have been wanting to kill myself but am not sure …


Stay Strong

October 29th, 2014by sweet_weapon723

No matter how bad your life may be right now. It seems to always get better. You just have to keep your head up. I’ve went through it all. Never thought I would be where I am today. Thanks to my mom and the help I got. Know that you’re not alone. We all have problems. You don’t have to face them alone. If you ever need help im always here for anyone that needs it. You’re king, you’re a queen. Stay beautiful. Stay strong. <3


October 29th, 2014by LostandLonelySoul

Tonight, I had a close friend to me decide that he hates me. He decided I wasn’t worth it anymore, and he told me to f**k off and kill myself. I’m not gonna lie, that hurt me terribly. I wish I could just disappear and never come back. I’m feeling so guilty.. What if I really am the problem? I’m starting to think I’m the problem. I mean, can you blame him, our anyone else, for walking away from me? I’m a bitch. I’m stupid. I’m pretty ugly too. I’m fat, I’m mean, I’m prudish, I’m snooty, and I am a terrible person. I’m a …