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best ways to commit suicide

September 15th, 2014by darkfarie92

im tired of all of these failed attempts, just tonight I drank two bottles and took all the pills I could fine only to wake up throwing up.. advice? any forums you know of?


Dammit anyway

September 15th, 2014by nozmoking

I am frightened of what tomorrow will bring. I wish I had a cyanide cap.



September 15th, 2014by namelessghost

I hesitate to post. In a way, looking forward to responses here is another tie to cut when all I want is to be free of such anchors.

I don’t yet have the materials for the death I want and I so desperately want to have that one last moment for myself when the day comes… But I fear I’ve run out of time. I can’t shake the dread of living, the longing for dying, and the dissatisfaction of my entire existence. I don’t know how I will make it through the week. I don’t want to make it through the week.

An empty life finds itself …


Nice distraction today…

September 15th, 2014by Still Lost

Watching football this weekend and joking with SP posters about it was a nice distraction to the tormenting in my head. I still can’t think beyond Monday but I did take my meds tonight… I even contacted a few doctors. I don’t fucking know. I stop myself every time I think about the future. I don’t have the energy to fix my life after 3 years of hell… deferring grad school twice. There is no way my brain can recover in time to restart grad school in January.

Thanks guys… I didn’t feel so alone today.


Personal rant of the night; letting off steam

September 14th, 2014by sunflower

I made a bunch of amazing friends my freshman year, i finally felt loved and excepted by these amazing people. I was surrounded by love, art, understanding, and passion. School ended i said my goodbyes and had to go home knowing i would not return to them in the fall. Summer went on and i was alone in a new city with only my brother and mom to keep me company; but that wasnt so terrible; one of my friends lives 40 mins away so id see her maybe once a week or a few days every other week; plus my best friend frmo school …


Next Sunday will be it

September 14th, 2014by Jake

I don’t think anyone will read this but still going to post it. Typically when I decide I am going to kill myself it is right then but right now I have it planed out. The 21 of September is well was my brother Jack’s birthday. I have have the “supplies” I need to succeed. There is a small chance of failure but every method has that. With everyone I know dead I don’t know what I am waiting for. Guess I was waiting to see if things would get better they didn’t. So I am back were I was a mouth ago but this time I …


I really wish I was strong enough to raise myself

September 14th, 2014by Agony

Why can’t I have parents?

These people didn’t even sign me up to a school.

How can they do this to me?
All these years they haven’t done anything


September 14th, 2014by 21299__

I’ve been depressed for the past three years of my life. No one knows about it but me. I’ve have scars all up my wrists but that doesn’t seem enough anymore these days and now more than ever I truly do want to die. Most people who are depressed actually have real issues. I dont . The only problem is myself I can’t seem to get out of this hole that I’ve dug for myself. I feel so stupid and I hate every aspect of myself I feel like every day I fail. I used to have close friends but they always seemed to make …


Me vs. Me

September 14th, 2014by This_iz_me

I found it so hard to get out if bed this morning. I used to consider myself a Christian. So I prayed last night. Because I feel like I am fighting myself. Too many times I am fighting the urge to cut again or to pop pills. I feel like if anyone can help, the big man upstairs can because if he doesn’t I won’t be here much longer. I am constantly trying to stay strong, but I am not sure how long I can hang on. Honestly, any night could be the night.


My Cuts

So i didnt cut, but i started. i startd  cutting since Thursday  the 11th. I made a big cut and deep, but i treated it. Today i have around 20 cuts small but bleedable. On thrursday i also told my mum about the voices ive been hearing in my head telling me to kill myself. […]


Death By Bullying, Weapon: Suicide

September 14th, 2014by Ava Loves

As stupid as it sounds, I thought I would never be bullied.

I know suicide isn’t ever the answer. But it feels like the only option. I can’t live like this anymore. I’ll start from the beginning.

My name is Avolvia, as ugly as it is, I prefer Ava. I’ve always liked my name before I came to live in Mississippi. Before I came here, I lived alone. A runaway that no one looked for or cared for. I wandered everywhere and eventually ended up in the house of a nice old woman who I consider family to me. She took care of


Im new here

September 14th, 2014by angel4562

I feel like everything is falling apart. I don’t know what to do or deal with this any more. I’m so stupid. I hate myself so much.


Always here, never noticed

September 14th, 2014by InvisibleBoy

I don’t even know where to start, but then again it’s not like anybody will read this right?  I’m just that invisible to the world.  Invisible to my family, my presence always went by unnoticed.  I would say I’m invisible to friends but I don’t have any.  They all got relationships and forgot that I existed.

I hate being gay, I wish I wasn’t.  I hate being black, I wish I wasn’t.  I hate being alive, I wish I wasn’t.  Does anybody know exactly how it feels to be an over weight homosexual?  Can’t make friends because most are homophobic towards me.  Can’t make gay friends …


Can someone make me brain dead so I can donate my organs

September 14th, 2014by DC001

From what I’ve read the whole seven pounds scenario is nearly impossible to pull off. I’m looking for a volunteer to make me brain dead through strangulation. My goal is to save as many lives as I can. I want to die, but I want to try doing some good with my death. Obviously we can’t communicate via electronic means so finding alternate means I guess is the best method. I figure if I can pull this off I can save some lives by my death. The U.S should allow people who want to die and want to donate their organs to do so in …


September 14th, 2014by snader

Only 10 days left until the 2 year mark. Wow. This slaps me right in the face, even though I’ve seen it coming for months now. Ah man, this month is flying and the 25th is gonna be here before i even realise and it’s gonna hit me, just like last year.

And then five days after the 25th, it’s our birthday. Oh i don’t want another birthday without my brother, he should be turning 19 wow what? I don’t want to turn 17 if he’s not here with me to turn 19.
I really don’t want to. I dont wanna ‘celebrate’ anything and people are already …


I Hate my Mom

You know when somebody says “You shouldn’t be around people who make you unhappy.” There’s only one person that makes me unhappy, and that’s my mom. The worst part is I am forced to be around her. She is emotionally abusive and she claims that she has never said anything bad to me. She says […]


If anyone needs to talk, I’m here :)

September 14th, 2014by blissfulwonder

If anyone needs to talk please feel free to message me or contact me :)


What are you doing?

September 14th, 2014by Agony

I’m waiting for my brother to leave so I can go downstairs. Then, when I’m downstairs, I will wonder why I’m downstairs because all my mom does is stare at her phone. She only puts it down when my brother is here.
My brother was here to take the pc my mom gave me, I haven’t used it so now it’s gone.
I’m bored, my laptop is downstairs so I can’t go get it..



Life goes so fast. Why throw it away?

September 14th, 2014by thehusk

What do I want to do with my brief time on this wonderful planet? I mean life goes so fast. Why throw it away?

Except that all I really want right now is to not feel this anymore. Loneliness. Fear. Isolation. Loss. Self-hatred. Longing. Emptiness. Anger.

There are so many interesting things I could be doing with my time. But nothing means anything anymore. Nothing feels worthwhile. Whatever I’m doing, my underlying feelings remain focused on the life I can’t live.

How can you function, and not descend into destructive behavior, when regardless of what you do, there’s this hole inside sucking in all your attention?

Drinking doesn’t help. …


I know this has been posted before, but….

September 14th, 2014by gonetoosoon

I absolutely love this!!! Gets me through some tough times :)
Instructions for a Bad Day

PS  The link above works.  I seem to be technologically challenged today, and can’t get the video to embed :/