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January 27th, 2015by Hey_Jude_You_Let_Me_Down

If I killed myself right now, everyone around me would laugh.


Withering Eyes

January 27th, 2015by Darien

Tears. Warm salty tears. I can’t hold them back anymore. I remember this feeling. This dark yet beautiful feeling of fear drifting away from my body. Seeing blood through my pain. As I lay in my bed of broken, sad bodies.. tears fill my eyes. Excusing myself from the souls laying still in go see tears break on the bathroom floor. I bring the razor to stain the white tile floor. To say hello to another tear in my fragile skin, and thank it for moving in. For it’s doing me a favor. Letting me suffer one more day. And one more night. Because tomorrow.. …



January 27th, 2015by Paul

My friend Crystal ( my persian cat) died on the 31st Jan 2011, she was my only friend, with my anxiety and avoidant personality disorder, I have never connected with anyone or shared how I was feeling with anyone, I have been completely alone. for over 15 years or so. Work I don’t know if I will have a job  by the end of the week, positions will be going, mine may be one of them, I won’t cope with that. Been in and out of hospital in the last 15 years or so because of suicide tendencies and self harm. But I think the …


Nothing ends…

January 27th, 2015by LoveLost55

I feel nothing for anyone around me. Those that say they care, are more easily consumed by their own interests.  I hate my life.  I hate waking in the morning, the façade of a life I present to others, the happiness I show people daily, and, more so, not being able to sleep with my own thoughts at night.  Why do I continue?  […]


i’m not sick, but i’m not well

January 27th, 2015by cathy arsis


Death is the light at the end of my tunnel

January 27th, 2015by danno

This physical world is such a prison. Flesh is a trap. Latching claws of addiction from the earth holding me down in this false reality full of imitations and drones. What is needed to escape this realm? Drugs are so temporary and leave me worse tgan before.


Sad eyes

January 27th, 2015by snowmaiden

If only I was well, I can leave it all behind.

I am not, I’ve been robbed of my life.

My project gives me anxiety, it overwhelms me. Talked to more people, getting more people involved. They don’t know I am suicidal and very depressed. They don’t know that I need to give up. They don’t know that I will fall apart any moment. The truth is, I don’t think I will make it to finish what I started.

I don’t want to die, but I can’t live a life without a future. It pains me so very much that I


Where does one find one of these “Life” things, anyway??

January 27th, 2015by ZeldaSky

I no longer fear death, I no longer believe if you kill yourself, you go into your own personal hell

So, where do we find one of these “life” things?
How do we get one? Where do we start….?


Fun With Phonixxx

January 27th, 2015by killswitchon

polish my rhetoric while I stimulate your verbiage
caress my vernacular; i’ll penetrate your punctuation
period or not is irrelevant, oh, I think i’m going to comma
oops, I meant coma that I seem to be stuck in
can’t pull out of this rabbit hole in too deep
error 505: no meaning found
so we swim round and round we go merry-go-down
angrily dominate your grammatical structure
until your sentence devolves into an incomplete thought
I’m the run-on to your fragment
size of the font matters when you write in matters of IRONY
submit to my literary critiques and bend over this speling mishap
i got a bad rap for misuse of a predicate yet you’re …


Down the downward spiral

January 27th, 2015by DarkestRaven

Trembling, tumbling, turning
Down the spiral I go
All these feelings, no one will ever know
Who’s to say this gun won’t blow

Live a day through my eyes
See all the happy little lies
Paranoia sets in, creepy little spies
Voices in my head like pesky demon flies
I can’t escape these dark skies, for all I want is nothing but to die…


Falling…failing… Never to be free..

January 27th, 2015by DarkestRaven

Yet again I’m stuck in a shit hole.. Another sleepless night.. Trapped in hell.. All I do is try and try to find answers I know will never appear.. I search and search and dig so deep with nothing but more tears to weep… What’s the point in going on when all you feel you had is gone?… You’ve failed at all you attempted, you never finished anything… There is really no way to become more of a fucking disappointment. I’m sorry that I embarrass you.. I’m sorry you’re ashamed when I’m around.. I’m sorry I have never and will never accomplish anything significant.. I’m …


an unexamined life

January 27th, 2015by cathy arsis

The world can be changed in a fort night by a person with a strong conviction to do so.
where does one find the strength, i wonder, to be the arbiter of their own fate, and still find

the means nessacary to empart their brand of wisdom on humanity
I understand now that I never had a chance against these convicted people, because I
flock to folly, I just cant stand against the tide of human emotion,its all just to fucking much to feel.
I am a runaway in my own skin, I am making a concious and concerted effort to check out, I just don’t want
any part of it, …


Life is like being in an abusive relationship.

January 26th, 2015by hopeisafourletterword



January 26th, 2015by Streamers

Well, Annie owes me her bottom dollar…

I can’t take it anymore, I can’t.  I’ve been taunted, teased, and emotionally tortured for way too long.

I break down at the simplest thing. I’ve lost every bit of my will to go on.

All that is left is a yearning for death and escape.

I don’t have school tomorrow, that gives me plenty of time to plan and act.

I have nothing keeping me here, so why stay?

I’m leaving.

Sadly, no one’s gonna miss me when I’m gone.


the right time

January 26th, 2015by youwillneverknowme

so there’s this candy gram shit going on in my school (it’s where you pay people to send a love letter to someone), and i don’t wanna fuck up.
should i write something long and emotional, or something quick and to the point?
if it’s long, i’m afraid i’ll come off as weird and she’ll just see me as more of a fuck up. but if it’s quick, she won’t be able to know how much i love her.
it’s been one year and two months since the first time i’ve ever talked to her, thing’s have taken hold, things have broken, crashed, been ruined, but …



I don’t know if anybody is going to read this, I don’t know how this works, but I hope it helps me… I’ve been having a lot of problems at home, with my dad being mad at my mom and I, barely acknowledging that we live there too. There is just too much tension and […]


Counting Down The Days

January 26th, 2015by MattCSidd

A long time ago I used to count down the days until stupid things like when school would start again, or when I would finally move out of the house. Now that I’m a sort of adult those things are just ridiculous. I count down to something much more important. To the day that I will attempt suicide again and I will succeed. It’s scary that I’m writing this down publicly because it’s been a secret I’ve kept to myself for so long now. I’m not looking for a way out, I’m not looking to change my mind, I’ve tried all that and it’s exhausting, …


the truth will set you free…

January 26th, 2015by disposablegrl

you have condemned me to bear the weight of your judgement
without a hint of future reprieve
it’s been such a heavy burden to carry
i can see now
I was never meant to succeed


My (shortend) story: Self-Mutilation, Anorexia, Bipolar Disorder, Major Anxiety, and more

January 26th, 2015by Thesomebodytoknow2

I don’t know what the f**k I did to deserve this, I just made one mistake. It all started in 4th grade. I was the very quiet one, a lot of stuff was going around in my mind. I told this one person I was bisexual, I mean, after all she did ask. The next thing I knew, everyone asked me “is it true? Is it true?” I didn’t know what they meant. They explained, the secret was out. For the next 3 years, it was harassment, verbal abuse, physical violence, you. FUCKING. NAME. IT. My life was $#lT. I was a mess. I got …


Like the wind

January 26th, 2015by Voidt

Physically invisible, 
mentally incurable,
Fiercely unstable,
I’m like the wind.

Mountains are in my way,
Skyscrapers disturb my stay,
I roam freely at bay,
I’m like the wind.

I slip endlessly into emptiness,
My existence is meaningless,
My destinations are aimless,
I’m like the wind.

For hatred it has sympathy,
In riches it lives simply,
It travels as if with a symphony,
I need to be more like the wind.