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Why do I think about this all the time still?

August 27th, 2016by Shootmeup

I once had a shirt that said “if you’re looking for a sign not to commit suicide this is it” and it honestly made me really happy to have.  It cheered me up a lot, some how making me feel better about life. But it was stolen from me and it crushed me and made me really sad and depressed. Pathetic huh?

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I wanted it

August 27th, 2016by djarumblack

Until I didn’t.

I didn’t know better… until I did.

And when it stopped there was no affection. I felt I lost my worth. I felt lost in general. Disgusted with myself. Unable to talk to anyone about it. Hiding. Pretending it never happened.

It set a precedent for all my relationships. I don’t trust.

And in return I can’t be trusted

I wonder if I will ever really be able to handle myself. It’s a mess in here. I want to be free from this shit in my head. I want to be somewhere else. I want to sleep. But you know, I often think I want a …

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August 27th, 2016by dramaqueen90

Parents – your sister takes her pills better than you.

( I am going to die not that you know or care)

me – the reason I don’t take them is I have a hard time I oded once

(don’t you remember or did you forget sorry I’m not freakin perfect)


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August 26th, 2016by ThereIsNoEnd

he’s made a decision, it’s over now. he doesn’t want me and I don’t want him. but I didn’t have a say. bruises on my left, a fist in my right. this is how I deal with pain, tell me how you deal with yours. what makes you stay to fight?

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My monster and me, a question

August 26th, 2016by velveteennightingale

I’m sorry for rambling all the time.  Just–my dad doesn’t want to do anything fun when my sister is at college.  My sister is with friends at college right now having fun, and a friend gave us baseball game tickets and my dad didn’t want to go-we went when my sister was with us though.  On a better note, I was able to read 40 pages last night for the first time in weeks!  Yay me.  Going on a day trip tomorrow and I know I’ll feel guilty at the end of the day for eating unhealthy and not exercising and for the trip ending …

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No Idea Why

August 26th, 2016by AshCoveredAngel

I am stressing about trying to get employment. I’ve been applying for jobs on and off for 5 years now and gotten literally 3 interviews.

The main reason why I have no idea why I’m stressing is because I have no plan to try and fight through postpartum depression if I have to go through it again.

Basically once I’m not prego I’ll kill myself if it gets bad again. That’s where I’m at.

I don’t have to worry about the Fate of my kids either because well I’ll be dead. Nothing will matter. Not the good or bad.

That’s how death works.

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August 26th, 2016by ErasedEon

Why can’t I just reset everything. Reset my entire life. All of the mistakes. All of the failures. All of the bad memories. All of the regrets. Everything. I can’t do anything right now. I feel so stuck. There’s nothing worth doing in my life right now. It all seems so bleak. So futile. I don’t want to keep waiting, because I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. So maybe if I could reset my life, I might be able to get a sense of direction and lead it towards a better place… but I can’t. I …

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Save Shatterediris

August 26th, 2016by Zetsumei

Heh, my ex talks to me, only to tell me she wants nothing more to do with me… Sure, we’ve been in a cycle of: I feel slighted so I insult her out of anger issues stemming from who knows where then I tell her I might kill myself since I fear there is a high probability I might and then when I finally come back to my senses, we repeat the cycle all over again… Since I’m too busy making excuses to kill myself.


Sadly, this is affecting my feelings around Iris, as well. So, since the last time for my cycle with my ex …

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I want to be a teacher

August 26th, 2016by outinthedark

Since like 5th grade I’ve wanted to be a teacher. That’s the reasoning I use when people ask me why. But the real reason is because I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t because of one of my high school teachers. He saved my life by showing that someone actually gave a shit about me. He’s like a second dad to me and I want to be a teacher because of the effect he had on me. He kept me alive. I want to make sure students who were like me decide to live.

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August 26th, 2016by dramaqueen90

Decided I’m done with life don’t freakin care anymore that I will die

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Turdish Stripper

August 26th, 2016by anthropophobia

Does anyone else find themselves shedding their clothes when taking an above average sized numero dos(#2)? Not attempting to be shocking or vulgar, but I’ve honestly done this since I was a kid. It’s like a misguided attempt to cope with intestinal turbulence or something..

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August 26th, 2016by Justnoonemuch

Well everyone heres the plan. Im headed out tomorrow. Final destination. I was thinking seattle. First stop? Grand canyon. After that its anyones guess on where the road takes me. This isnt really a planned trip, i had a little money saved for odds and ends and am now selling my possessions i dont need. Pc, xbox, etc etc. Stuff that i cant use on the road or until i get settled into my new life whereever that may be. Im not hapy. I am nervous, excited, anxious for whats next. The new people ill meet. The new jobs down the line. The ocean the …

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August 26th, 2016by SwishAL

I wake up everyday and just want to turn over and go back to sleep.. It’s hard for me to see the point of living because I can’t find anything that makes me truly happy. There are things that makes the hours go by faster, but I wouldn’t say I enjoy doing them

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Angry Rant+Personal Update 8/26/16

August 26th, 2016by BrokenAngel8

Ok this has been bugging my mind for the past few weeks and I thought I would talk about it on here.
I am a part of a plus size woman’s cosplay group online and this one girl posted admitting she had an eating disorder and lost 35 pounds in two months time and the doctor told her great job keep up the good work. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? I mean if this girl was skin and bones the doctor would probably be concerned about her health. But since the girl is plus size she doesn’t see anything wrong …

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Don’t disturb my circles!

August 26th, 2016by RT :)

How to Forgive without forgetting with an open heart ?
Can we simply not forgive if cannot forget, with the elevation declared as its reward in our own eyes and not having one to recognize it. Its like: If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?. Why should we forgive if the forgiveness is not realized, why should we sorry even, if the envy and pride are more powerful. Are they not just the make believe ethics, to serve the society, to save it from what was coming to claim its due place.

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August 26th, 2016by lxmyrick

I am so lonely.  No one understands what I have been through, except the people SP.  I don’t know what to do now.  I have been hiding me emotions for ever now and I had enough of it.  I am doing self harm now to stay calm but I don’t know how long it will last.


P.S: I checked the rules and this is allowed, but I was wondering, what Kinds of self harm without people knowing?  Please leave comments if you have any idea or advice.

Please help me

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coping and shit…

August 26th, 2016by bent-not-broken

My coping skills are about as great as my social skills…they are shit, but I get through the best I know how. At my lowest you can find me hidden in the darkest room, music mind as loud as it will go, it blocks the world around me out and sometimes if I’m lucky it helps me to not focus so Much on my own thoughts, being left alone with ones thoughts, especially ones as morbid as my own, is a living hell I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.
I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. I’m at my lowest. …

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I hate myself

August 26th, 2016by speedracer

I know I haven’t explained exactly what’s going on in detail yet but I will soon.. Honestly I just can’t find the energy to type everything I am so sad and tired every second I don’t wanna do anything..

I hate myself so much why does my family have to care I wish so bad they didn’t

I don’t wanna be here I don’t wanna fail myself or disappoint others anymore I don’t know what to do.. If she’s gone for good I’ve lost everything and i can’t handle it.. As of now I’m scared to end it myself and scared to die, but I don’t want …

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How can I possibly know where to go from here?

August 26th, 2016by spmoore

Ive been battling mental illness now for about 10 years. Being bipolar, life has not been easy and it continues to get harder each and every year. I think I’m following my Dad off of the cliff he went. Mental illness is no doubt hereditary. Im sad all the time, hopeless, stressed, irritable, bitter, paranoid and exhausted all the time because I can never sleep. I can’t seem to get my meds down to a point where I find consistent relief. I’ll try new meds, fight to get the dosages right, finally get there and have a few months of relief and then it seems …

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New Beginnings

August 25th, 2016by AfflictedSmile

I’ve always been intrigued by stories of people who have ”vanished” or walked away from their life. Did they start a new life, new identity and change their stripes? Or do they kill themselves with an old clothes hanger after a week being in a new town completely and utterly alone. Is it possible they left their old life, and all the baggage from it behind and found happiness in their new life. Maybe for 6 months they found freedom, but quickly realized change takes a lot more than relocating to a new zip code. Then they commit suicide with an old 84 Buick in …

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