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Anyone want to make friends with a fucking loser?

July 28th, 2016by WastingtheUnknown

With a complete screw up that doesn’t know what’s good for him?

Tried to make a friend at group therapy: they slowly stopped responding.

Tried to make a friend two semesters ago and told them about my hospitalization: stopped responding after two texts.

Tried to befriend a group of friends in my latest philosophy class: Never responded when I gave out my number.

Tried to befriend someone from another class and gave my number: They’ve stopped…

Lol, I’m nothing but a fucking loser. A friendless fucking loser that can’t do anything better but complain on the fucking internet and get drunk occasionally, I’m fucking worthless to everyone I ever meet, …

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very little hope ( brown eyes )

July 27th, 2016by dramaqueen90

i have very little hope.

if only I could see you again.

if only I could talk to you again.

your home.

to me your silent.

i am surprised I haven’t cut yet.

i am trying to hold it together.

but I’ve been doing that for three years.

i just want to look into your eyes.

hear your focus.

kiss your lips.

i have no peace.

what about you brown eyes.

my best friend.

one I love.

havent we been apart long enough.

havent we suffered long enough.

i need you here.

but I have little hope you will come for me.

i messaged you.

i don’t know why I try.

your distant and silent.

but I see your eyes are as weary.

you look tired.

i wish we …

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Finally I’m ready!

July 27th, 2016by readytobedone

Oka, so after about 10yrs of struggling with this I decided I’m going through with it. I’ve wrote my letter for my loved ones and I’m actually going to discuss my decision with them before hand. My mom knows I’ve struggled with this for a while, but my dad (who lives in another country) will be something else… I’m hoping this method of suicide works, bcus I fear any health  repercussions. I don’t intend on taking a lot of sleeping pills, just enough to get me groggy, sleepy and keep me from trying to get some air from drowning. This is a decision I …

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My suicide story

July 27th, 2016by lau___dufour


For those of you who don’t know CAMHS stands for Child/ Adolescent Mental Health services here in the UK

I’ve always thought it was important to share your stories of mental illness with your friends, family, or just people who know you. Just to reduce stigma by addressing the realities of mental illness. For me, telling my story is therapeutic but also i have no reason not to tell it? I have nothing to be embarrassed about, it shouldn’t be a big deal to talk about depression or suicide or any other mental disorder, these are common things to experience …

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If you’re as confused as I am…

July 27th, 2016by alaskalevine

If you’re as confused as I am, you don’t know why you’re here. You don’t know what you believe in or where you’re going in life or what’s in your future. You’re confused as to why you don’t want to be here.

If you’re as lost as I am, you don’t know where to turn. You don’t know who to talk to, who will listen, or who can help you. You’re lost in a darkness that bleeds through everything else.

If you’re as depressed as I am, you feel hopeless. You know that no matter what anyone else says, you can’t be happy, you don’t quite know how to …

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Dealing with a mentaly unstabled mom

July 27th, 2016by Huston23

Before I start with anything im a 15 year old man and I manly struggle with depression and Social Anxiety.

Im not sure what age my mom is but she’s in the late 30’s. She has anger issue’s and she yells every fucking day. We don’t get alone because it’s her fought. Now you may think im just any typical teenager that is immature and disrespectful to their parents but with me it’s the other way around. My mom is actually disrespectful to me. Im a very respectful kid. I open doors for everyone, I do whats asked and I do things even unasked. I get …

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What if I just want to be done?

July 27th, 2016by chronically_overwhelmed

What if I’m done trying? What if I want to stop hurting, and want to stop hurting the people I care about? What if push away my loved ones so they can have an easier time when I’m gone? What if I don’t give a fuck how many people show up to my funeral, because my permanent pain is more important than their temporary pain? What if I can’t feel connection to anyone, because I can’t feel connection to myself? What if I’d rather my daughter grow up without me, knowing her mom killed herself, because I hate that I’ve taught her self hate and …

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Soul Contracts

July 27th, 2016by OddBlueBoy

Been trying to figure out my spirit’s contracts for this life… I know and understand it’s to make a change for the better.

The problem?

I think what I’m meant to do is very good for me or some others. It’ll make a change, but not at first. Like maybe the terrible thing I’m going to do, will make a greater difference in the end. This thought also justifies a reason to kill myself.

Before this life, I made contracts with other spirits and then a god contract. Everyone that i’ve met, loved, hurt, been hurt by, i set up. It’s all building up for a final explosion;

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July 27th, 2016by userlamer


I’m hoping this will help someone today, even if it’s one person. A majority of us suffer from pain caused by others; in which we wouldn’t do to someone ourselves.

You’re worth something.

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Life is becoming such a choir

July 27th, 2016by PhantomCitizen43

I can remember when life was good.  When I was enthusiastic about life.  When everything was new and fresh and fun.   I had joy in just about everything I did back then.   I would read up on everything,  travel and explore the world,  I even enjoyed my job and the people that I worked with.  I enjoyed every bite of food I ate and I was thankful for what I have.   Now life seems to be a choir.   I think its because I am much older now and things aren’t new anymore. I have been there and done that with just …

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How long I have to suffer before I actually die ?

July 27th, 2016by Still wandering

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July 27th, 2016by demolitionlover was sweltering hot that day. there was an icecream stand set up nearby, so we of course decided to buy some. you ordered mint chocolate chip for me (it’s sweet that you knew what i wanted) and for you i ordered strawberry (i sincerely hope you liked it). i think we walked for a few hours, until the sun began to go down. we had finished our icecream and were even tempted to go back and buy more. you’re adorable, especially with a cone of strawberry icecream in your hand and sunglasses over your eyes, even if they covered your icy blues.:.

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Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

July 27th, 2016by tragedyofjohn

I have my possibly last ECT treatment tomorrow. Has anyone here been through ECT or am I the only one?

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Nothing seems to be working anymore

July 27th, 2016by Stonebriar

Right now everything is just falling apart. About a month and a half ago I broke up with a boyfriend that I had been with for two years. I gave my first everything to him. My first kiss. My first love. My first relationship. My first time. And everything was wonderful. Yes we got in fights and didn’t always see eye to eye. But I knew that at the end of the day he was always there for me. He never once made me feel bad about myself.

Then I went to a class and met another guy and I let him get in my head …

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What The Shit Happened?

July 27th, 2016by anthropophobia

I was reading through old posts on this site, and so many have that lovely luster of miserable, cynically morbid, humor. It seems posts have really lost the beautiful biting use of profanity, that humorous anger that can really grab my attention. I understand we are all miserable and shit, but FFS learn to laugh at your life a bit. Look at your phobia, and realize how irrational and unreal they are.

For instance, the other night I was having an existential crisis because I was focusing on that ugly fact that environment molds my every thought. I am simply a victim of the proximal …

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Hello again…it’s been a long while

July 27th, 2016by whenallthestarsfall

I use to be a regular on this site, I then took a long break from it in order to try and change myself….   Obviously, that failed in epic proportions as I am back on here.  I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks now, not wanting to post, just wanting to read and contemplate.


Since I am officially back in the sense that I just made my first comment in over….IDK how many years now….I wanted to say hello to you all.  I’m sorry we are all here but I am glad we have a place to go to vent our feelings and find …

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Brown eyes ( I dreamed of you )

July 27th, 2016by dramaqueen90

I had a dream where my best friend was in my dream multiple times.

One time we were really close in my dream he held me close.

I thought he was going to kiss me then i woke up.

I was trying to distract myself I guess.

Latley with keeping busy I really can’t forget him or get over him.

I know I miss him I love him but he is the one who didn’t fight for me he left.

I am sure he is having a hard time. I got angry a while back.

I was tired of him being silent and just looking at my messages .

I said I didn’t …

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Looking at friends’ lives

July 27th, 2016by maddie_kay

One of my old high school friends just got married. Another one is getting married and having a baby. Now I just keep wondering if things happened because of choices I made or because I’m just meant to be alone and empty. After a while of only getting shit thrown at you, you start thinking that you’re part of some fucked up plan.

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is there something wrong with the way I look?

July 27th, 2016by Unluckymale13

I mean, most of the time I talk to someone, they don’t take me seriously. People act like I am their bitch. No one is intimidated by me. Is it because people can guess that I am severely autistic by looking at my face? or do I have a ‘loser’ aura surrounding me? what do you guys think? I have no one in my life to give me an honest opinion so I am asking here. Me

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Going through the motions….. update on my life

July 27th, 2016by PhantomCitizen43

Well to be honest with you.   Things have been going really well for me recently.   They really have.  I have traveled recently up North to the Boston area where I am originally from.   I have been spending time with family.  I have a nice place by the ocean to stay at and its really peaceful here and nice.   I have looked up old friends that I have known since my childhood and gotten to see them and were planning on getting together again to catch up on life and reminisce about the good old days.  I have been to the beach, …

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