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Some mistakes cannot be undone

October 23rd, 2014by scarsareforever

I used to believe anything was possible. Straight A’s. Got into a good university fresh from high school.

I always wanted to cure the acne scars on my face. I thought no man would love me with these scars. So I paid for a laser treatment. It did not make things better, it made things worse. Now half of my face is beautiful and untouched and the other, treated half is ruined. I can’t help but think this affects everything people think about me. The bad half of my face makes me looks sloppy, stupid and trollish.

Worse yet, it is all my fault. And so are …


I Hate My Skin

October 23rd, 2014by emptinessinme

I’ve realized that nothing amuses me or makes me happy. My life is becoming a boring routine. I’m in college and yes, I have different classes every day but it’s all the same to me.

Today, I woke up at 5:20. I don’t drive so I have to rely on someone who has their own business to drop me off. I went to class, where I almost fell asleep in. Now I have this huge gap, 4 hours, until my last class. I have no friends here. I don’t talk to anyone. I don’t mind it but it gets boring. Then I’ll most likely go …


All the paths lead to suicide!

October 23rd, 2014by rezadeth

I’ve been jealous of one of my not-so-close friends for as long as I remember. I always think about the things I would have done if I had his life. I know it seems absurd but he seems to have it all, good looks, a happy life, lots of friends and etc.

I talked to him recently and out of the blue, he told me that he’s so close to suicide, that he has a horrible life and feels so empty. He wouldn’t tell me the reason though and I can’t think of anything as far as I know him. This put me in a weird …


I want to disappear

October 23rd, 2014by hazelnut

Sometimes I really wish to disappear for a while

I feel so lonely . Not really that I have no friends

its that I think no one will devote all of them for me

i am willing to prepare and spend a lot of effort for my beloved ones . But I just think no one will do the same for me

no one will actually treasure me and put me as their priority

I have bff and bf . But I’m just confused of my importance to them

Also I got a lot of stress from my schoolworks

im going to take the public examination and I have to work extremely …



October 23rd, 2014by confused

It’s been a stressful week. I’ve got bar exams in 3 days and here I am mulling over how my mother has been acting out like a child with a temper tantrum that my friends have been staying away from me. Instead of focusing on our studies we cried it out this afternoon and missed the first 2 hours of lecture. Instead of being stressed with exams, we were stressed with pressure from my own mother. Instead of helping out she was my most pressing problem. Instead of being my support she is a hindrance.

I can’t take it anymore. Her possessiveness is too much. I …


Why isn’t it easy?

October 23rd, 2014by aureliusdraco

I keep thinking to myself that the world is harsh. Full of utter crap and judgement and holier than thou people.

I keep thinking as I cut, as I cry, as I fight off nightmares, that the world would be a much better place if the only question they asked was : is it hurting anyone?

If I decided to wear red lipstick,
instead of asking

“Why did she change, who is she dressed for, doesn’t she know she looks like a slut”

It should only be

“Is it hurting anyone?”

If I eat more than other people, instead of asking

“Does she know how much calories that is, can’t she see how …


Helium in closet(no bag)

October 23rd, 2014by No12run2

Wish me luck!


and days like this…

October 23rd, 2014by kateralia

And its days like this where I feel completely alone & unwanted. Theyre all upstairs laughing & cheering each other over a game on their ipads.

I just went up to go to the toilet & he looked up & his face told me to fuck off. Quite literally.

I had so many dreams & aspirations… I just wish my body hadnt betrayed me.


Feeling weaker

October 23rd, 2014by onelastwish

Anyone else get so depressed that you can barely even move or function? I havent eaten much in the past week or two. I went to the buffet today to chow down and I could only eat a bit. Walking back to my car I felt like I was going to be sick. I just had to sit in my car for awhile instead of driving. I tried to take a nap but couldn’t. Even making this post took a substantial amount of effort. I guess sleep is my new favorite hobby instead of video games. Haven’t touched those in months either (not that’s a …


Making a New Life

October 23rd, 2014by harikiri

I am reborn into the self I always knew I was deep down. I have shed all of my hang ups. I am no longer pitifully socially anxious. I can talk to anyone and am totally free of mental torment. I have always been good at public speaking actually, even at my most anxious.

I am over-educated and have no desire to go to any more classes. I need to start teaching.

How, where, and about what are the only questions that remain.

Just sharing this, no replies are required.


Take Nothing for Granted: Looking for Home, Help?

October 23rd, 2014by RiskTaker

Hi. I am a 20 year old guy who left his country and family when I was 18 (after domestic violence from my dad for years) and went to Europe and was informally adopted.


Long story short, my “new mom” was just another abuser. I left her and moved away to a major European capital city where I live now ALONE. She also stole some of my personal belongings and the only picture I had of my “real mom” (to blackmail me).
I don’t have the legal right to work, travel or study (I have tried to fix this, went to lawyers, etc.) but there is nothing …


So tired

October 23rd, 2014by Kimika

Ever feel like everything would be okay if you could just climb out of your skin and be the person you were meant to be? I think that I would have been an okay person. Not a Nobel Prize winner, but okay. I’m tired of pretending that I’m okay, tired of wondering what people would think if they knew what was really in my head. My husband deserves a better wife, and my son deserves a better mother, they deserve that person i could have been.

I’ve tried explaining the intrusive thoughts from OCD to someone, they made some awkward joke about OCD and …


Can’t sleep…

October 23rd, 2014by PerfectlyImperfect

So let’s drink. I can turn up a fifth of Jack twice and kill it. I’m so talented. Fuck me, I’m locked outta my house. It’s cold. I’m already purdy drunk. Only took me 15minutes to type this, damn I’m good. An my phones about to die. Guess I’m off to start a fier an warm up bye faceless people.



October 23rd, 2014by disappearingme97

Hello there. I’m me. I’m confused and I still don’t like myself.

Am I the only who feels so compelled to run away all the time? I feel like I want to run away from my life. From everything I have. From all of my life. From my experiences. From reality.

I want to run away to restart. You’re right. There are no restarts in life. But. Everything we do in life is based on our definitions, no?

Ah. I’m sorry. One day I will. I might or might not bring you. But this sounds like a pretty good future in my imagination.

Right. Running away. I should run …


i would like to end my life anyhow

October 23rd, 2014by Divya

my life is boring.their is no hope to live the life  the way i wanted.i haven’t  done  nothing which i like in my life.i gave up my career. their is no hope to live. im ending my life. this is my best decision in my life.


The perfect (unattainable) way out.

October 23rd, 2014by RamzanKadyrov

I had an epiphany today. Sitting in my geometry (or geography… Maybe it’s geology. I really don’t know) class it came to me; I know how I’m going to die. I’m gonna call some local dive bar up (because what will transpire shouldn’t be  witnessed by anyone under 21) and tell them I’m a Romanian Gypsy magician called Bogdan the Mysterious, and am come a long way to teach the wonders of the gypsy people to the west. Once they give me the ok, I look for 8 willing midgets and a trained juggling bear to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

When the …


This is my Story.

October 23rd, 2014by Sylvaniax

I’ll be honest, I only found this website because of a research paper I’m doing of a local community issue for my university English 111 class. I picked ‘suicide prevention’ as my topic because that was the one I know the most about. I might just be an average joe but I feel like I can relate to some on here. Though it feels like my situation was nothing compared to you guys.


I was born in Bellevue, Nebraska on the Air Force Base with a “disability.” I wouldn’t really call it one but it doesn’t enable me to do certain things. I was born with …



October 23rd, 2014by Jein


Don’t tell me how to live or die

October 23rd, 2014by Thatothersmightlive

Ok, soap box time.
I have to comment about Brittany Maynard, a terminal cancer patient, and her decision to end her life through assisted suicide. And about Kara Tippetts, who is battling metastatic breast cancer.
First off I wish to say I applaud both women for making tough and brave choices.
That being said Kara Tippetts wrote an open letter that lobbies for Brittany to reverse her decision. Her argument is made on primarily religious grounds.
My point is not who is right or wrong but rather how the argument is made.
If Kara had said in an article/blog that assisted suicide is wrong, fine. But to make …