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Gonna play this on repeat when the time comes

September 2nd, 2015by wndozh8er gonna play this song on repeat as I’m dying. It’s about 4 mins long so I figured I’ll be passed out before the song is over. Plus it may take some of the focus off on what’s happening. This song has really relatable lyrics too.



September 1st, 2015by marz

From the moment we met I knew I wanted to be with you

There was no one else but you

No one could make me smile but you

No one could take the pain away but you

These 4 years have been amazing because of you

But we have had some rocky paths due to me and you

Lately I have been feeling very low because of you

We have good and bad times because of you

When I have urges they are taken away because of you

I want to live because of you

All I do is for you

I try to be brave because of you

I don’t know if I would still be …



September 1st, 2015by marz

Everything I say is wrong

Which is why I’m here writing this song

Everything I do can never be right

Which is why I find it difficult to see the light

Everything I say leads me to apologise

Which is why I’m sitting here trying to realize

Everything I do will never be enough for you

Which is why I really don’t know what to do

Everything is messed up

Which is why I always say “yup”

Everything is always my fault

Which is why my life has come to a halt

Everything makes me want to end it all

Which is why I curl up into a ball

Everything is me

Which is why I don’t know if I …


I’m too weak

September 1st, 2015by Chelseamx

I’m stressed again. I feel so worthless. What am I doing. I should’ve died like 8 years ago, I wish I did. I was young and didn’t try hard enough. Why can’t I end it now.


I don’t want to be here anymore

September 1st, 2015by depressedandsuicidal

This is my first post so I don’t know where to even start. First off I am so depressed and unhappy. Nothing can go right. The only people who are keeping me alive are my friends but my parents want to take them from me and pull me out of school. My whole family is so mean to me. They always say I’m stupid and lazy yet I do all my chores and I’m in AP and college courses. They get mad when I’m tired because apparently I shouldn’t be tired since all I do all day is sit at school and take notes. I …


terrible night

September 1st, 2015by bubbles1128

He has no idea he hurt me
He will never know he abused me
Tore my soul wide open
I hold onto the pain
Like a terrible broken treasure
It’s mine
Only mine
You’re stronger than me
Now we know
You get your way
Now I know
Are you proud?
It wasn’t my first
But I will never forget
The night you thought I was playing
The night you fought for my love
Took the “love” you wanted
I keep the clothes to never forget
The night that zipper broke
My reminder to never trust a guy
Now no one will know
Not even you.
I wasn’t playing


Falling apart..

September 1st, 2015by disgusting

Things falling apart for me: Not getting paid from 2nd job unless I get a Chase account, that I can’t get due to horrible credit score. Main job has to switch payment system so there could be a huge 3 week interruption.  This leave me with $0 to live on. Can’t rent a place now!!!

Things fall apart for Man of My Dreams: his life long disability that he has received from birth suddenly gets cut off without warning or reason. He will be homeless and I don’t have a place to offer him, and can’t get a place with my jobs unable to pay me. …


Ever had memories so intense that you just wanna bang your head against the fn wall until they go away?

September 1st, 2015by wndozh8er

i remember in school, I had a couple times when girls pretended to like me and than made fun of me with there friends the next day. I remember this one was wanting to meet me at the park. Ha never happened.

The reason I brought this up is because that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday but over the fn Internet. I just wanna get all these memories out of my head. One tragedy always leads to existential breakdowns with me. Alcohol, pills, there only temporary. Death is forever.

I hate roller coasters…..the rides and the emotional ones. I want this fucking shit to just stop. …


What are they thinking

September 1st, 2015by BluDude976

It never fails to amaze me how incredibly rude and dismissive some doctors and nurses are. Why if someone is struggling with depression would you seek help from someone that talks down to you and treats you like crap? I wonder how many people have killed themselves after going to the wrong doctor or because a nurse acted like a hateful judgemental asshole…


All that’s left

September 1st, 2015by BasketballFan

I was listening to the soundtrack of RENT and this song really struck a cord with me. Ultimately all that matters in life is the love we shared with others-despite whatever shit you may be going through. Everything else fades into nothingness. So here’s a little song that (might) lift your spirits or make you cry lol


I don’t even know why I’m sad anymore

September 1st, 2015by TheWonderYears301

I was sad for a long time after being out of a 5 year relationship with a woman who I deeply loved. I still haven’t found anyone yet, not near who much I adored my ex. I’ve slept with other girls and went on plenty of dates where woman have been interested in me, but I didn’t feel anything. I went on anxiety medication which didn’t help. Running was my savior but with starting school again, I have been stressed which has led to me drinking again (running took me away from this and my depression). I really have nothing to be depressed about anymore. …



September 1st, 2015by no more of this please

Aw shit, another post about me. And i said i wasn’t going to post anymore about myself.

Yep, dad, sober, he says one thing. Drunk, he says another. I’ll never know what the fuck is going on here.

I think a trick or treat bag sounds good. I hope I’ll get a treat :-)

Not interested in this world. Not interested. Wouldn’t make it anyway.

I don’t care if i don’t meet my online boyfriend. If i somehow manage to get a passport, heck why not try though… Hope he’ll kill me when i get there. Maybe I’ll die in a plane crash. Maybe I’ll starve. Travelling …


I just can’t take it anymore

September 1st, 2015by wndozh8er

i have been wanting to die for a decade. When I first came on here, I was really looking at 6 months to a year to live, enough for a “peaceful death”. Now that everything crashed around me on top of the crap I already been going though, I can’t stand another moment on this BBBofBS. The depression and PTSD is so bad that it hurts.

Thanks to my basement, I got a nice little workshop going on. Building two unique things that should make me pass out faster.

when I go to the doctor this week I’m gonna ask for sleeping pills “because I been having …


just rambling…

September 1st, 2015by Delisnak

my life is at bay nothing bad but the ache in my heart. i really miss him but he seems over me. i fucking knew one of us was gonna get too attached and it was me. dammit i just want to forget about him. go back the few weeks i fell for him and change how things happened. my only 2 friends are being supportive and keeping me busy. my mind always wonders to him. everyday i think about him and i go to walk up to him but i see that hes with hes friends and today he was with a girl so …


Killing myself sometime soon

September 1st, 2015by adamatsix

Hey all, brand new to this site just wanted to speak about it somewhere. I can’t tell any of my family, or my friends. I’m the strong one out of the friendship group, always the shoulder to lie on when somebodys feeling down. Yet the thing is it’s actually me who’s not okay but I don’t want to trouble my friends and family with my struggles. I’m a 17 year old guy, it’s not like I hate my body or my image or anything like that, I’m in no way vain, but I’m comfortable with everything like that, and I’d never dream of self-harming. But …


the eternal procrastination of one single moment of nothingness

September 1st, 2015by rqlex

it seems whole life is the procrastination of one single moment of nothingness, when lifes shows itself with it’s full absence of meaning. soon it will pass. and how does it pass will always remain a mistery. maybe we’re just so obsessed with meanings, and so willing to impose an identity and causality to the great plurality of existence. our stubborness is the very origin of our anguish.

but how can we accept the pluralism of existence, if our own words just arrests us into the everlasting nostalgia for an other world?

i just don’t know.

the question is what the fuck did happen with my life for …


I will be alone forever

September 1st, 2015by SoonToBeDead

So why not kill myself now, insted of another 50 years of being alone? I cant even make friends do to my scoial anxity.


September 1st, 2015by Diablo

I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve been avoiding everyone and one person that’s the hardest to avoid is my boyfriend since he lives 1000+ miles away and looks forward to talking to me everyday. Last night I told him everything that was wrong since I’ve been pushing him away for a few days and he wouldn’t let me get away with it. I told him about my excessive drinking, my smoking cigarettes again (I broke my promise to him), me taking pills, cutting myself and not eating. He tried helping me he was so frustrated and just wanted to do what he …


No kind of life

September 1st, 2015by disgusting

I fully give up in finding housing. There’s absolutely no place for me in this world. I’m completely fucking useless and a throw away of society with a computer degree, (almost) film degree, and IQ of 137. It all means nothing. Homeless and transgender, physical disabilities and failing health due to homelessness and lack of sleep. No one gives a fuck and there is no help. No one wants to live with someone obese. No one wants to live with someone over the age of 30. No one will rent to someone with bad credit. No one will rent to someone who’s background check produces …


Going for a change

September 1st, 2015by YuTasogare

Things lately have been pretty hard for me, going to my mom’s house and therefore leaving my dad’s house. My parentes breakup was something that really has affected me, before that I can’t remember a single thing in my life that isn’t perfect. I know my memory may be deceiving me but if it’s how you remember it, being real or not, for you it really happened. Memories can be so deceiving, but I know a perfect life or time doesn’t exist, life isn’t something this easy but I guess if it was there would be no fun in it, right?

Well, my father has depression …