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falling into failure

October 1st, 2014by frostbite120

I’ve never been on this site before, but I don’t have anyone to talk to.

Currently I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. My husband and I are having issues, He’s become harsh and uncaring about issues I’ve been having during this pregnancy. Due to this I feel as though I’m being pushed to break a promise I made 5 years ago. The day I found out I was pregnant with my first I promised I would never cut again.

Lately that’s all I can think about. I fantasize of the feel of a blade against my …


just dont know what to do anymore

October 1st, 2014by hannahx

i dont knkw what it is, from the age of 12 my whole life changed ive never liked myself. i have just split up with my boyfriend today. we was together for 2 years, wenr through alot together he made me feel wanted and loved, made me feel like there was actually good things to me. i thought everything was fine, we talked about having a baby, getting married how much we loved each other. we went on a mini break to devon to just be together without any one else, without work just to spend time together. i was happy.. he told me today …


I hate it

October 1st, 2014by lovemyshihtzu

living alone… not knowing if my love will ever be back… I just wanna die.


It’s Over

October 1st, 2014by lexthompson6

Hello all,

This is not a suicide note. Nor is it a plea for help, understanding, and it’s definitely not intended to try and scour out techniques and methods for end of life. I know what I’m prepared to do (helium exit bag seems to be the winning candidate so far) and I’ve set a date for December 1st. I did this because what little hope I have left (eroding by the minute – literally), things might (but probably wont – story of my life) turn around.

I joined this board because for years I’ve been thinking of ending my life. I’m a complete and total failure and …


October 1st, 2014by Bisban


I need a chick . jk, kinda




I just want to die… please

October 1st, 2014by PureBlueLight

I don’t know what to do anymore.

As i wake up, i feel disappointed from still being alive, and all the loneliness and pain comes back to torment me.

Every single day, for 8 years, i’ve had this.

My surviving life is spent almost always at home, just being alone and depressed and traumatized, feeling pain and sadness and stress, it never ends, this house is killing me, this “family” is killing me, my horrible life experiences are killing me, all the suffering around me is killing me.

And the worst part?

I have to go through everything, ALONE!

Always alone, always alone, always alone, always alone…  :-(

I’ve been alone in …


A realization

October 1st, 2014by ClairDeLune

I’ve always been told that I’m living wrong, I’m doing things wrong, I have the wrong hobbies and interests, hanging out with the wrong friends, being either to shy or to loud, spending my time wrong, treating people wrong. And I have always believed them, my family, my friends, my teachers or whoever I was in contact with. I tried to be like them, like the “cool guys at school” even though it was exactly them who bullied me for years; I tried to befriend them and act like them, because every input I got from anyone was about me being wrong and them being …


my first post

October 1st, 2014by mad_shit

i have been an unwanted child of my parents since my birth. My old fukking asshole of a father didn’t realize the mistake that he was going to commit on that unfortunate fukking day. it kind of just happenned and I got fukking born.


Now this is only the start of my fukking life and I have been wanting to kill myself for over a fukking 15 years, but somehow have still not been able to do and am fukking living on.


Have read the peaceful pill over a dozen times, but can’t find the fukking nembutal or the fukking exit bag.  Have decided on CO death,  and …


Metal to soothe your soul.

October 1st, 2014by bornfordying123


Time to go

October 1st, 2014by kontinkatink

Well, I’ve certainly thought about suicide long enough and after 3 attempts I sure know how to cross the psychological line, to push through the barrier, to take my own life.  So why do it?  Well, here’s why…

– Abuse as a child.  Now, whilst that may kill some all on it’s own believe it or not it’s not the only reason. Just one of a long long list of abuses I’ve endured

– Cancer at age 17.  Battled that for 5 years and still carry significant issues 35 years later.  One doctor butchered me so bad that even other doctors asked “Who did that to you?”. …


The only ones I can share this with.

October 1st, 2014by Not typical

Getting my weapon soon. I’m excited and nervous. It will be there just in case. I’m waiting to see this through. I want to feel better still. I’m getting there. If I can’t improve…. it is coming together.



October 1st, 2014by Reeferfool

I’m quite young (only twenty) but I feel very alone, let me begin by saying that I have spent most of the last four years by myself going more than a month at a time without seeing or speaking to anyone that I knew just the checkout person at the supermarket asking how I am sometimes I would try to respond but could not find the words, I moved back into the city less than a year ago and things where a little better then when I lived in the country side but things changed quickly, these days when I see people I always feel …


Continuing to live for the sake of others

October 1st, 2014by Stuie

Most people will say I’m one of the most cheerful people around but the truth is I’m not a happy person and I haven’t been for quite a long time. Nearly 2 and a half decades of putting on a smile for people has left me exhausted both emotionally and physically. I’ve lost all motivation in my life, I just want to end it and the only thing stopping me is I’m too afraid of the truama I’ll cause my family, my brothers look up to me and I’ve only started getting along with my parents again. I know that living will keep them happy …


Black Hole

October 1st, 2014by starlis82

I’ve come here to vent. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I’m utterly lone. :( Its my fault though, I push people away.  I don’t feel anything…nothingness. A black hole that has eaten every part of me.  I want to disapear into the nothingness, like in the movie The Never Ending Story…just swallow me whole so I vanish forever. I’ve been planning my suicide since March 2013 and each day and month that goes by I’m baffled because I should have been dead by now. I hate myself for not doing it sooner, seems like the longer I wait the harder it is for …


Can we talk?

October 1st, 2014by therottenapple

I’m 21, a female and I’m living with my mom. My parents are seperated. I choose to stay inside my room all the time. I am an emotional roller coaster, I cannot contain my emotions, they’re always all over the place. I don’t know why but I hate myself for not being able to control how I should feel.

I am scared of my future, I’m scared of failing so much in life on my own, worse than how I am failing right now, living under my parent’s supervision.

I suck at relationships. My first boyfriend who I had a relationship for 6 years cheated on me. …


Woah o.o

October 1st, 2014by life_isnt_for_me

Wow I haven’t been on here for awhile probably because it wasn’t helping much but it felt good to let my thoughts out haha…..anyswirls I’m still suicidal….thinking of committing suicide today actually. Not sure if I am going to though, I can see myself doing it but I’m not really sure if I can you know? I mean it’s not like everyone wants to die , it’s just I get to the point of where it feels like I do. Hmm I don’t make sense. But anyswirls it’s been …a tough week I guess. The guy I like ( oh god no not a …


I can’t do this anymore

October 1st, 2014by anonymous17

No one gets it. My mom thinks it is my choice and I should just snap out of it. I want to go so badly. It would be so much easier. The funny thing is I’m on depression medication and I went to a therapist for years. Nothing helps. I just feel so alone. I am just not happy and I don’t see it getting much better. If I died I feel like people would care for a few days then move on. Nothing would change so why am I here?


I Don’t Know What I Want

October 1st, 2014by rich51bruhh

I seriously do not know what I want anymore. There have been many times when I have a dream for my future and I have no support or confidence so I end up giving up on the dream and changing it. My mom wants me to do stuff that I do not want to do, I do not want to disappoint her, but FUCK! I want to do what I want to do! I have nothing! Now with all the stress my mom has brought down on me, and the stress of not knowing what to do with my future. I don’t want this, I’d …


Life holds no fascination for you anymore….

October 1st, 2014by EvilKitten

This is me. Nothing in life. There is no life. Not for me. I float day to day. Do what needs to be done. Go to work. Take care of my kitties. Talk to my mom and brother on occasion. I bide my time. Sometimes when I’m driving around I just wish that a truck would smash into me and obliterate me. With my luck, and my sturdy car, if it did happen, I’d survive, broken and bruised.

I get anxiety at night. Nearly impossible to ignore urges to jump into my car and just take off, or drive to a cliff and just fukin jump …


I’m back…

October 1st, 2014by bringkenziethehorizon

I haven’t been on this site in almost 2 years.. I thought abt it a lot but never had an opportunity to get on. I’ll fill yu guys in on Wats happened since last time I been here… I was in a foster home in merrillville where I started doing heroin. I got caught and tried to run away but the cops picked me up I was brought to this place called the crisis center (the A house or alternative home) it wasn’t so bad there I actually kind of miss it but of course at the time I hated it but I meet some …