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says on the way

October 3rd, 2015by Bisban

into the sound
is too good for this idle
operation three
all my would to be, angelo
stricken energy
left, off the vibrant
unfold origami
for this idle
have yet to match
for the wisdom of thee
gentle giant
drawing of waterfall
trinity, save your hp
from the tree
i have yet to see
the faith
of the gentle giant
you, to channel the maximum
reaching volume
pidgey, by albataar
power of the column
what do you fight for with your wing
lost in the bowl
will of to be found


Life is so empty

October 3rd, 2015by disgusting

I’m so lonely and confused about where to go from here. I had started chanting (Nam myoho renge kyo) and although I can’t stick to routines, it really cured me of feeling suicidal and I don’t have that drive anymore. But I don’t know what to do. My life is so empty without my best friend around. I love him more than anything in the universe, more than words could ever express, and he doesn’t feel it because a) I’m fat, b) I’m an introvert, and c) I’ve been living as a guy. I told him that being fat is really an advantage in that …


fall weather is here . . .

October 3rd, 2015by spvnalittlelie

and it is depressing the hell out of me.

the last few days it has been cloudy, chilly, and raining off and on. i actually really like fall, but i’m light sensitive, and a lack of it can make me more depressed & lethargic. no, i don’t own a light box and i can’t get one unfortunately.

i really want to enjoy this fall, but so far i can’t. i’m just really down. it’s coming up on the one-year anniversary of when my family broke apart, and i’m not taking it well. though it’s better having some distance between now and when it happened, and though that …



October 3rd, 2015by Wanttogiveup

Okay so I’m going to be ranting for a bit. If you read my last post, you might remember me saying I met someone a while ago who helps me with my problems. Last night, I was feeling really horrible so I texted her because talking to her always cheers me up. But she kept reading my texts and not replying. So I just moved on, thinking she was busy. Then one of my other friends showed me a picture of a conversation between her and a guy. The guy kept asking her for nudes. She has been exploited in the past for nudes from …


Good Enough

October 3rd, 2015by Take a Deep Breath

Im sorry.  I’m not the son my father wishes I could be, or the daughter my mother deserves. I have been, and always will be the second choice because I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  I’m not kind enough, not smart enough for my boyfriend, not strong enough for every one and their hardships, not popular enough, not worth enough. I’m not worthy of you guys- all of you are so courageous and talented and intelligent and thoughtful.  I don’t deserve you- and besides, you all have each other. You don’t need me- You all have each other.  No one ever has, and I just need …


I keep trying and failing…

October 3rd, 2015by winterskyout

So, I’m failing a college class because I missed an exam (I was terribly depressed that day and said fuck it, bad decision) and I may get fired from my job because of my physical limitations and slow pace. I think I’m done with life altogether, it wouldn’t matter anyways because I don’t even have the income to survive on my own, I can’t even take out loans, grants, or financial from my college because my mom’s taxes weren’t low enough. I’ve been wanting to kill myself for weeks but haven’t worked up the balls to do so until recently when my life is going …


You’ve given me those days

October 3rd, 2015by hogpotter

Memories are fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday. Exactly two years ago, we were sitting and folding the clothes into the container, chatting excitedly about the days ahead. We enjoyed going to the supermarket so much and made a list of the things to buy. We prepared a lot of things to start living on our own. Exactly that morning of September 2013, we were speeding under the hot sun, towards the future yet unknown, leaving everything else behind. It was exactly this time of that year that we, young and foolish, abandoned the dank room, the jealous accusations, the fearsome …


How not to share.

October 3rd, 2015by Thatothersmightlive

So I haven’t written in this blog for a while. Why? During my time away from this my depth of depression sunk deeper as I found that the world around me continue to push me aside, saying I was no longer physically able to work in my chosen fields. And since I was not working, that ment my knowledge of those fields was no longer of value.So it was best, they said in unspoken words, that I sit at home and wait to die.
So that’s what happened, but as I sat at home in physical pain from my chronic illness and the emotional pain of …


I dont know what to do

October 3rd, 2015by Jein

Its hard.
Really hard.
Ever since I started to fuck up the only light that lead me out of that dark place.

Now that light is closer to me, though it feels a lot dimmer.
I fucked up. I fucked it up.
I killed it. I destroyed its own self and now im messing around with things i think I know to try and fix it.

I make the light dimmer.
I know i need to learn to be able to stand alone.
I can. Can I?

Is it really me all the time?
It is.. is it? I think it is..
Times have changed and the light grows dimmer.
The light i once knew is …


Sad and lonely….

October 3rd, 2015by vik

I’m 25 years old and I’m gay. It was hard coming out to my folks and close friends last year. I have never been on a date nor did dating apps helped me. I just cry myself to sleep, feeling lonely. I have got nice friends to hang out with but I still am empty and sad on the inside, just hoping I could come home to someone. It’s annoying when my friends are either in a relationship or married, and them asking about my non-existent dating life. I have hardly been happy since my sisters’ birth. I reckon that this is my destiny to …


I read as much of it as I can…

October 3rd, 2015by mindlessgamer619

I’ve been reading.. and reading… and reading.
From the time I joined SP, I’ve read so many posts on here. I swear I’m on here 24/7 now (smh) but I’ve learned a few things.

  1. Living on an island your whole life, you know a thing or two about diversity. There are many different groups of people on island (black, white, hispanic, asian, arabic, to be general). SP is also very diverse, filled with different people with different challenges in life (the rightfully bitter people, the extremely depressed, the suicidals {of course}, the anxious ones {I fall into this category}, etc)
  2. Many people’s stories on here make me so


October 3rd, 2015by Darvin

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


This Test of Life

October 3rd, 2015by RT :)

This Loathsome test of life, that nothing is in my hand
except the power to take away my own life
My heart does not desire what i want to do
and i stop myself from doing things that i want to do
My mind is not mine to think, what i want to think
God, why are you testing me with pain
O Sadist, Do you want to give me pain
even bigger than the pain of this life
Or are you waiting that i get so disappointed with life
that i take my life by my own hands
So that you can get a chance to punish this otherwise powerless soul
That I have exercised …


I was looking for a job, and then I found a job…

October 3rd, 2015by Tristeza

… And heaven knows I’m miserable now.

I woke up in a horrible state of despair today. Despair that will progress during the day to transform into numbness after my shift ends. My head hurts and my chronic pelvic pain is so intense right now.
I wish I could stay home and skip work again today, but I already skipped it last Saturday because I had to (briefly) go to the hospital

And all the other problems…

Me and my mundane life…
I shouldn’t be allowed to think so much… I don’t “need” to have a job to live, but I do because I decided that staying home feeling …


October 3rd, 2015by sleeplesswanderer

Committing suicide may be the only way to give yourself ‘life’ again. Why wait? I’ll never understand people’s ignorance toward death. Death is something to embrace, not fear and abhor, putting it off as long as you you can until the last breath. I’ve done nothing in my life worthy of remembrance, and I bet fifty years from now, no will even remember my name or that I even existed. Like many others I’m just another droplet in an ocean: one insignificant life leaves no mark on the world they leave behind. There are many reasons why people commit suicide, but the people left behind …


A sunny day

October 3rd, 2015by hope432

The_sun1This is my first title. I’ve been using this site for 2 weeks and just answered other people posts.

What a sunny day. I’ve waked up after long dreams and I’ve realized that I want to be alive. After several days of rain today it is sunny. I got out of my bed and went in the garden to smoke my cigarette. It was sunny and beautiful outside. I felt the nature and the sun of october. It was beautiful.

I like to compare the afterlife to the world of dreams. It is a chaotic world. There is …


Do you ever….

October 3rd, 2015by BluDude976

Do you ever wish you could get a terminal disease so you could die without making any painful effort???


October 3rd, 2015by Delisnak

im ready for the void
im ready for the nothingness
my very last breaths
into the darkness

my heart beat quickens
it starts to race
beating slower and slower
to a steady pace

someone runs into the room
screaming loudly
but i can barely hear them
trying to save me despertly

the world around me goes black
this world is not right
drove me to suicide
im now dead tonight


My Last Love Note

October 3rd, 2015by Little Black Riding Hood

My Last Love Note


i want death

October 3rd, 2015by no more of this please

Death is all I want. Its the most viable option that I have. I don’t want to be here deteriorating for the next 50+ years. I already know I won’t make it in society. I know money is all that fucking matters in this world. Its not love, or friends, or caring acts. No. Its money.

Natural selection is rampant. Society is uncivilized.

I’m in a mental and (sorta) physical jail. I’ve been deteriorating. I don’t need it anymore. There is no going back. Plus, there is no going back when you know what people and society are really like.

I’m glad I want death. I don’t …