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Watching the Time

April 20th, 2015by darkandroid

Time ticks, the clock stops,

everything is coming down to less then an hour.

Soon it will chime,

pulse beating,

as I prepare the end once and for all.

Madness circling,

Head tilting,

Eyes wide, making sense of nothing.

Chilled laughter,

widened smile,

The mirror will show no one.

Heart throbbing,

Teeth clenching,

Pupils darting endlessly.

Hands holding,

an old stopwatch,

waiting for the final blow.

Seconds ticking,

Minutes passing,

Everything will hault.

Water dripping,

Sink filling,

All on the bathroom floor.




Why I’m Here

April 20th, 2015by meursault

My story is both hair-raising and mundane at the same time. I was a very promising student, talented musically and didn’t have too bad a childhood, but went down with clinical depression aged 19. Back then there was not so much awareness of the condition so I didn’t really get any effective help. Depression through my twenties came and went, I tried out ‘alternative’ lifestyles and was somewhat of a political activist, I didn’t pursue a career because it was kind of fashionable in my circle to be a dropout I guess. Also the episodes of depression would hit hard, still undiagnosed,



April 20th, 2015by cephalus

Set to the music “The Fool on the Hill.”

I have become the clouds. No feelings, just expression. They only appreciate in passing. A compliment here, a compliment there, their heads turn back, to the ground. Beautiful, for those that look. But I am not beautiful, its just a point of view. Clouds at night, hidden from everyone. Unable to see no matter how hard you strain. Sadness, happiness, productive. Irrelevant. No one understands the work that goes into forming me. The sun, creating a phase transition of water, condensing back down… I form rain, snow, thunder. Some hate, others love. Emotionless either way. Some fly …


Love, so pretentious, so fake, so ignorant, just die

April 20th, 2015by RadiantLight

Seemingly the easiest thing to understand yet the hardest thing to live. Everyone claims to be loving in some sense. Well I love my mother, father… and my friends… ? Do I? They don’t even know what music I like for example… now that i think about it, they don’t know shit about me >: ‘(

yet reality shows that my whole life was void of love and I pretended everything was good until I noticed, that this thing called love is very, very seldom. We are all so pretentious… groups of individuals clinging together in a unity of loneliness.
Will I ever be like them? No I’d …


Untitle this title

April 20th, 2015by LittleBead

I’m like a drunk surgeon,

my hands are shaking!

I dropped my scalpel

It lies somewhere inside the patient

What the fuck!

Give me a sec, I will look for it

I look down – I am looking inside a dead body.


Today my sixth sense proved that it is infallible. SCREW MY SCHOOL! I should work as a fortuneteller. OR MAYBE AS AN ORACLE WHO’D ANNOUNCE ALL THESE DISASTERS! Just let me know, I charge 5$ per person, ya know, Starbucks ain’t cheap.


the breakfast club

April 20th, 2015by jenbrown

i feel SP is just like THE BREAKFAST CLUB (movie)



April 20th, 2015by jenbrown

sometimes i wish i could go and live on the islands like tom hanks in CAST AWAY alone stress free and happy



April 20th, 2015by darkandroid

Goodbye, Goodbye,

Tonight I die.

Today, Today

I’ll go away.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow,

Will be full of sorrow.

Goodbye, Goodbye,

I shall not cry.



April 20th, 2015by comomequieranllamar

I was so happy yesterday. I had a drink with some friends and they were so surprised and happy to see me ok. I had a good time.

So I can’t understand why I woke up today wanting to die, and why all the problems seem so big that I’m afraid to even think about them.


are you still there

April 20th, 2015by jenbrown

i dont see alot of guys that i used to on this site no more some were really good friends of mine i wonder where you guys are i miss you


for those who care and those who don’t

April 20th, 2015by worthless_loser 73

My parents weren’t perfect by any means. They made their fair share of mistakes raising me. But their intent was always good. They tried their best to help me all the way to the end.

I know that when I’m gone it will devastate them. They have been living in fear of this for the last several months. It hasn’t been easy for them. I regret putting them through this pain. But it wasn’t my choice.

My brother and sister live far away so I don’t see them very often anymore. They will be hurt, too, and so will their kids. No more uncle for them. I …


the world

April 20th, 2015by silvermoon

I am extremely tired of ptsd. At night I hear malicious whispers that don’t go away. I woke up to the noise from the workman next door here in disability central. There is no sun today. I feel like death, like going away forever. A woman said to stay away from social media if it bothers me, seeing others doing better, she doesn’t grasp that this is a life line for me. Because of the poor sleep I hear his evil voice more often. I’m tired of wondering what this is doing to me physiologically. You know there is no god when you plead with …


This world is boring , boring world . why movies, games, anime/manga, fantasy / imagination is better than this world / better than life / real life / real world / reality ?

April 20th, 2015by niki

I hate this world .
This world is so boring , boring world !
Why movies , games , anime / manga, & fantasy / imagination is better than this world / better than life / real life / real world / reality ?

everyday life is the same : wake up, eat, go to school/work, boring, then go back home, eat, then sleep, then repeat again.
but movie / game / anime / manga / comics / books are much more exciting & interesting than this boring life !
for example: like in the world / universe of Harry Potter, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Marvel / …


420 Bitches

April 20th, 2015by jizmhead

Happy weed day. Weather self inflicted or natural the end is coming!!! Tick fucking tock:-)


Police Investigation Photos

April 20th, 2015by loquism

1The police take photographs of the body and face. During autopsy as well. Is there some way to prevent this? Do they destroy the photos after a set time? I’m not comfortable with the idea of being photographed while dead


Rock Bitch

April 20th, 2015by FeelingFunny

I’m not used to being hated by everyone around me, everyone in my life. It fucking sucks. It also feels weird being totally alone; no one to talk to, no one to care about me, no one for me to care for. Typically, people love me and I’m lauded over my awesome personality and just overall likeable qualities. That’s not my own ego speaking. I literally would have at least one person a day at a very minimum go out of their way to express there admiration of one of my traits. But once again I’ve hit rock bottom and this time the …


It’s Like That

April 20th, 2015by sgfire1234

Why is it possible for your words to trump mine but that my words never trump yours? You’re going to say “My word doesn’t always trump yours.” That’s what is known as either irony or a paradox. Why the fuck should I do anything at all and why the fuck do you tell me how the world is and how everything is if I’m feeling this? This fucking tearing and ripping echoing this fucking travesty that everyone else, especially fellow mentally different people, piss me the fuck off? I’m simultaneously pissed the fuck off and wanting to escape all of this but I cannot escape …


It’s Sad

April 20th, 2015by 89hash

Reading the posts here and seeing people pour out whats left of them. To think some of us here might have a period in our lives we look back on, where we weren’t so empty. What the hell happened.



April 20th, 2015by emma2332

I feel so completely alone. I don’t see the point in living.

Almost all of my family is fucked up, they love me but they’re mostly alcoholics and/into drugs. I know my mum will miss me, I hate to do this to her. My sister will too, and I care about her but not enough. Neither of them are enough. I’m sorry.

Me and my boyfriend argue alot, i know deep down inside he doesnt love me anymore i really know that, i dont know what to do anymore. He wouldnt care if i died i know he wont, he will just move on :( He’ll probably find …


I take my leave…

April 20th, 2015by jl_castle

Dear Fun-sized.

yup. one last one.

I told myself all those years ago that you hated me and that people should hate me because im just a monster that shouldnt be here. i told myself that alot. still do. im a monster, Alice. its best that i died with that in mind. thinking that i had destroied your life in some way that isnt repairable. i gave the painting to a friend. she will watch it. even if im 6 feet under, she will have it. dont worry you wont see that again. it will just serve as a reminder that i lost.

if fate plays my hand, then i …