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just me and my life

October 26th, 2016by iguess

hi im new to this

i’m not exactly sure how i ended up here, i actually mean on this website. but i’m glad i did. i’m not sure how to even begin to explain my life and what i’m going through. but here’s my best shot at it ;

i guess i’ve actually come to except the fact that i do not have a perfect life. my parents got divorced when i was only a year old. from there it only got worse. i was only in preschool when i was almost raped by my best friends older brother. he is now in jail, and i blame …

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My Terrible Life

October 26th, 2016by xxFallenAngelsxx

Hello guys,

I am new to this website and I am a female and 14 years old. I wanted to try this out to be able to talk about my terrible life with others who feel the same way as I do or to receive any advise. It all started when I was 12. I felt very depressed and I started cutting myself. I was sent to see an metal therapist, and it helped a little, I stopped cutting myself but I was still depressed. After a while I started to feel better, but recently I started feeling the same way as I did before. I …

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Used to

October 26th, 2016by poetontheedge

She used to look in the mirror

and see a girl with big pearly whites.

Then she looked in the mirror and saw

bleeding and chapped lips in a frown.

She saw the aftermath of a break down

tears in streams down the girls face

hair cut in all different places

and not one strand the same as the other.

She see blood dripping down her wrist.

After that I never looked in the mirror again

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October 26th, 2016by poetontheedge

Hi guys this is the great manafesto I had to make a new account um yea and if anyone wants or needs to talk to me my KIK is raldm80 so feel free to text me and I will get back as soon as possible 🙂

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can’t die

October 26th, 2016by melodychild

for most of the day today I’ve been thinking about killing myself. my thought was, if I’m not good at life, then I shouldn’t be living. this makes perfect sense to me.

but I just remembered I can’t kill myself. like physically can’t. I’ve tried so many times in the past and I can never take that final step. can’t jump of the bridge, but all set to go. always seeking help after pills

i guess that means I don’t want to die, but I do. or more, I don’t want to live. this life I’m in, I’m terrible at it. I can’t seem to achieve anything

i …

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Do you also expect to end up in hell?

October 26th, 2016by Stefan1984


My name is Stefan. I’m 32 years old and live in the Netherlands. Because of the
things I did in my life, I know for sure that I will end up in hell after
committing suicide. (Even if I don’t commit suicide I will end up there). I
just want to know if there are people around here that also expect to end up in
hell. Because this site is not fully accessible for me because I’m born blind,
I prefer replies via email. You can send me an email at if you
feel the same way.

Best regards


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October 26th, 2016by disgusting

I’m writing my suicide letter, little by little. It’s not really a letter, but a bulleted list of all the things that are ultimately ending it for me.

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October 26th, 2016by GreenGirl498

Why can’t I be normal?

I lose things all the time, and it sometimes involves my dreams.

I lose documents, games to play, notes, drawings… i see everyone having a better life that me.

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Enter title here

October 26th, 2016by Forevertorn

images (54)2016-10-27 01.23.52

Cliffs never fail u.

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Tired of being me

October 26th, 2016by sarcastichippie

I am 24 no job, fat, no friends and lost. I had a pretty drama filled childhood and I am very shy and introverted. I am the type who keeps it all in. My mom is 42 and still living like a teenager constant fighting with my stepdad and loads all her problems onto me. I have delt with insomnia, depression and anxiety since I was 14 and have now been diagnosed with pcos. I am obese and have acanthosis nigricans a condition that makes my skin very dark and dry. I have tried to lose weight and currently have to take 15 pills a …

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The Lexicon of Dreams – Dream 1

October 26th, 2016by LittleBead

There’s an appealing and aesthetic description of my dream below this boring preamble. So keep reading if you have become interested.

Two years ago I used to have a sleep disorder involving really cruel and painful nightmares which DID NOT make me wake up instantly in cold sweats, as it works for many of us. Instead, I was stuck in my head for hours, aware that I am dreaming but unable to wake up. It was a horrible feeling, coupled with the fact that those dreams really HURT (I felt pain in my body) and that they were very detailed. So true and real, like another life …

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Please read

October 26th, 2016by intdt85

I don’t know what to do all I keep thinking is that I’m going to kill myself im sat here with my little boy and it’s all I can think about I’m in so much debt I owe so much money and my partner thinks it’s all in hand I’m just a terrible person I keep lying to him and it’s getting out of control I don’t know what to do we only got payed last week and there’s nothing left I can’t tell him he’ll leave me I’ve been looking up ways to do it there’s no way out I’m going to do it …

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October 26th, 2016by DeathDreamer

Looking down from ethereal skies

Silent crystalline tears I cry

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What make them think they know me ?

October 26th, 2016by kupo95

I swear if I hear ” we all know your ex husband loved you more then him.”

Im gonna fucking flip ….because I was not like a psycho path  stalker after his next victim while dating. I some sort of heartless monster.

My cousin left her husband for reasons the other day so she is staying with me . so I was  told she dose not think I know what it would feel like if my ex died while I was with him if I would be shattered or sad because I don’t know what it’s like to love.

Really I don’t have words .

And thinks if you …

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Lost Passion

October 26th, 2016by RegalGlass

I miss when I had passion…

Now all I feel is empty.

I’m not going to do well in the career that I want if I can’t get it back.

At least I’m doing better in school because of this, but I don’t feel happy about it at all because I have no passion left.

I might as well give up and choose poverty now. Either that or just die.

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Im in hell

October 26th, 2016by Iwantpeace2

This place is hell. Thats where we are. Tonight I want to leave this place. Im goin to stay calm nd remember dying nd goin where ever it is we go next cant be worse then being who I am here.

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Giving up

October 26th, 2016by batman95

I’m a single parent with two boys one which is autistic other very active…. but I’ve about had it, there are days I just contemplate if what I can do to just end it all , the worse is taking the boys with me ending their lives and mine I can’t and don’t want to live with this pain

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October 26th, 2016by -E-

So I got my midterm back the other day. I bombed the thing with a 50%. Failing. Lovely. The teacher posted some extra credit, but I figured that it would just bring my grade up from an F to a D-. When my roommate asked if I did it, and I said no, he looked at me like I was a failure. So I decided to go ask my professor if I should stay in the class. He said yes and that I should do the extra credit. I couldn’t figure out how to do a problem and when I asked him for help he …

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October 26th, 2016by J Doe

Hello. I’m almost positive that I’m back to having depression. With everything going on such as college aps, struggling to be more social, and just the effort it takes to go to school, I feel that I’m back to feeling like shit. However, I can’t say that I am suicidal. I feel as if I am in limbo though. I have no motivation to kill myself and I have no motivation to keep going. I often question why I even get up in the morning, but don’t have the motivation to break the cycle and stay there. Sometimes …

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Untitled Song

October 26th, 2016by PrincessPlatinum

wrote this today. Had to share it with someone.

There was a girl I once knew
Who did exactly what she was supposed to.
She laughed at jokes and did her job right
But she was lonely by herself at night.
No one knew the secrets she kept
Leaving marks on her body while everyone slept
Trying to keep it together when she was breaking apart
And drawing attention away from her broken heart.

Fighting her own private battle
And sticking around for the war
But now she’s hit her breaking point,
and she can’t take anymore.

She’s fighting these demons alone
But they’re leaving her on her own
Drowning in her own sadness and sorrow
Making her feel like there’s …

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