A Great Way To Make Your Child Feel Like A Loser

  May 19th, 2007 by Carrot_Envy

It’s been over a month after I officially graduated from college. I always thought my parents would be supportive of me and my decisions in life (Note: At 20-something, I still live with my parents (I’m asian! LOL) but ever since my younger sis graduated a month ahead of me (blame it to my university’s Academic Calendar?) and has been hired on her first job, everything has changed.

Cool, so, now my sister is the best daughter ever while I am just a lazy person who sits 24/7 in front of the computer letting the opportunities pass by. I already recieved two phone calls from different companies, the first one offered an above-average salary but I decided I wanted my first job to be memorable and related to my degree. The second one is kind of close to the field I a pursuing but the pay is so low, I would still probably ask for my parents’ money for my everyday fare. I want a CAREER which at the same time could make me pay for a bed space or a place of my own.

I have been trying to tell them that I am not like my sister. It seems to me that my sister is trying to prove something by getting the first job available. I could do that if I wanted to but as i have said I want a fucking career. Am I just being lazy, difficult, stupid, or all of the above? I don’t want to compete with my younger sis. I have always been the best in school and in co-curricular activities growing up, always been the best while the younger sis would be my shadow. Okay, maybe this is her moment (and she really is feeling it) but it’s already hurting me.

I only thought this vacation is a well-deserved one since I spent 6 long academic years in college, summers included. I was a state scholar which means i spared them from spending a LOT from having to pay high tution fees. 3/4’s of what i spent in college, i owe to the government. So, I don’t understand what my parents are bitching about. They have always been laid-back and relaxed even when we were having financial challenges before. So, why fret now that they only have my youngest sister (we are three siblings) to send to college to.

Parents should be consistent in the way they raise their kids. I am jus asking for some time and their emotional support. I think that it is really stressful for kids when parents have SUDDENLY changed their takes on things. Had they told me months before I graduated that they are no longer gonna support me, then I would have taken the first opportunity that came along.

I shouldn’t be feeling so *excuse me* emo like this. I should be enjoying this time of my life and be happy that I am already done with school and ready to face the corporate world. But with the way my family is treating me, I am so down and confused, I am avoiding everyone I know. There is a plenty of time to be dead but I think now is the perfect time for that.

Any fresh grad out there feel the same as I do? I feel like a loser. Or am I one?

Ugh now, my dad is bitching again.

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