a mirror.

  September 8th, 2007 by codi

There is something terribly wrong here.

I can no longer recognize the face in the mirror.
I dont like waking up anymore..it all seems so pointless. It feels like the darkness that has taken hold of my mind is desperately trying to claw its way out of my skin. Each day it gets harder to fight the temptation. Just end it says the voice.
You know the voice of which i speak. Its a soothing voice. It talks of better places and happiness and peace and relief. It teases you with promises that THIS will make it all better..make it all go away..

I’m a prisoner in a cell with myself.
Someday it will all get better…if i can just make it through today then i will be ok.
These are the things i tell myself to make myself feel better; to help myself get through the week, the month, the year. Sad but true.
I’m not sure if i want to live anymore.

When the page of a calender is turned its no more, so tell me then: what was it for? Oh tell me then: what was it for?

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