June 6th, 2008 by Xgothikal-emo-bbeX

It was verry hard goin to high school,meeting new people for the first time but I knew I wouldn’t fit in with these people.My mum was a lesbian.People soon found out and I was tormented by it.I felt I couldn’t deal with all the trouble as well as my school work. It was causing my grades to fall dramaticaly and I wouldn’t tell no one.I was afraid , thinking people would class me the same.People found it funny to be bullying me and it was causing me to self harm.I hid the cuts by using make-up.I thought it would be better to end my life than suffer by them.But then I thought of my mum and I didnt in the end.I have thought about it and things have improved so suicide hasn’t come back into my mind … yet ! My firends have managed to stop me every time I try and now I think what would I gain from dieing ?I would be putting more people in pain than my own suffering. I want to thank my friends for being there for me and for stoping me making the great mistake of my life . Looking back now I don’t think I would be able to rest in peace knowing that I put my self before others for my own welfare but not stoping to think about the affect it would have on others around me. Thank-you so much my bestest friends for being there for me in my darkest hours and for helping me be alive today . THAN-YOU SO MUCH MY BESTEST FRIENDS XXX

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