June 17th, 2008 by Emily F

I’ve tried to commit suicide on 3 occasions, the first to was when I was 6 YEARS OLD, I tried to stab myself with a knife- my pereants were hitting each other and I was knocked down while trying to sepperate them, so I ran to my room, with a knife in my hands, thinking about pain and death and hid in my closet, the knife inched nearer and nearer to my neck, but I could not do it. I didn’t know what suicide was, all I knew was that it would all “end”.

The second time was when I WAS NINE, I was constantly bullied at school, so at lunch hid at the back of the oval and tried to smother myself.

The last time it got too hard was about a month ago, JUST AFTER MY ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY. I tried to cut my wrist, but I could not do it. Now I am Eleven, pretty young, eh? But I feel that I’ve suffered so much pain to last a million life times. My life is pretty mucked up, but all I’m trying to say that all the times I tried to “do it” I think about my little sister, my small group of friends and my Mum, and how upset tha’ll be if I accullaly did it. I’m turning twelve this year and discovered a output to all of my anger & emotions, poetry! When I’m sad I write about it, it really helps. Any one who is really considering suicide, I care about you, just find an output to your emotions, art, fashion. It helps. So when your thinking that know one cares about you, tink of me- Emily, the little 11 year old who does care.

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