Why me ?

  June 6th, 2008 by Xgothikal-emo-bbeX

People allways think that bullying doesn’t hurt well I can prove them wrong ! Way wrong !
I get bullied because of what my mum is . Because of what I am . Why does it allways happen to me ?
I get it all the time . My family and friends stick by me but half the time I just want to end the lot ! No more suffering ! No more pain ! No more bullies ! No more torture !
But does it solve anything at all ?
Well the answer is no !
It helps them win ! They allways pick on the people they don’t think will fight back , but most of the time people are bullied for sticking up to them and then the gangs get involved !
Why should people suffer ? being made to think that suicide is the ONLY option when it ISN’T ?
I saw that and my mates and family allways help me in my darkest hours . Talking to people help so much and people allways say they don’ t but they DO ! They stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life and by ending it , thats the worst thing to do . Don’t end your life because otherwise you end up hurting the people who love you the most !

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