July 1st, 2008 by Anonymous


To Whom it may concern:

Your website saved my life last night. I am a 21 year old
college student, come from a great loving, middle-class family
and have everything I could ever want. Yet there’s a part of
me that has no direction…I’m lost trying to find myself. My
grades have suffered severely and after a long talk with my
Dad about what I want to do I almost lost control. I hung up
the phone and I went blind, (not literally), but inbetween the
time I talked to my Dad and the time that I found your
website, I can not remember a thing that happened. I sat in a
chair and stared at the wall for about 20 minutes…I have no
recollection of anything that I thought of. It was almost as
if time were non-existent…I was nothing…the house I live
in was nothing…the clothes on my back were nothing…I was
simply not there, nothing was there…I’ve been struggling
with this feeling for awhile now and last night was seriously
contemplating suicide. I grabbed as many of my prescriptions
as I could find and actually Google searched how much I would
have to take to kill myself. Your website was the first hit
that popped up in the search and I read it. I got to the part
where it says “Now pick up the phone and call someone who
loves you” I called my best friend and cried and told him how
I felt. He really helped me cope for the moment. Then I
called my Dad back and told him exactly what happened after I
got off the phone with him and explained to him that I have
never felt that low before. This time he was understanding,
caring and finally realized how delicate this situation is. I
knew deep down that suicide was not the answer to my problems
but at that time last night it felt right. Learning that this
problem effects people the same way it effected me last night
really made me think about getting some sort of help, besides
the Paxil and Xanax that I’m currently prescribed. I want to
enjoy life again…whereever life ultimately takes me. I went
into college thinking I had the world figured out and knew
exactly what was for me. I envisioned myself coming out of
college and taking over the corporate world. I quickly
realized that life is not what you expect it to be…you have
to roll with the punches that each day brings and be true to
yourself and noone else.

It is going to be a long road to get back to where I was
before, however your website helped me with the first step.

Even if noone actually reads this it feels g

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