July 29th, 2008 by LifesAgameIquit =(

Right, Im 13, Ive beared with depression since about the age of 8, ive hidden it for a while, it all started in school when people kept beating me up because im half russian, taking the mickey out of me, then along came the unprovoked attacks on me, i moved since then at the age of 11, i still went to my last couple of year at the previous school, 30 min drive every morning, anyways, at this new school (year 7 (high school)), it was infested with chavs, (i have a deep despair for chavs) who keep calling me emo, because of my hair, was in a ”mop top” do, which it isn’t (stupid welsh chavs) and have driven me to the point of self harm with all their verbal attacks and physical attacks, i’m driven to the only way out of suicide, i really do feel like it, i don’t care about the emo thing, so what if i am, just the torture they put me through every day, its unbearable, i want to end it all really quick.

Another thing is i’ve never had a girlfriend ever in my life, whenever i talk to a girl, they ignore me, or whenever i ask one out they say whatever and on most ocasion call me a ugly lil f**k, i need tips or something on how to get my life back on track, whilst still staying the person i am, i hate cutting myself, but i still do it because it somehow eases the pain of normal life, I SERIOUSLY NEED DESPERATE HELP!!!

Save me, from my torment, someone, anyone … Please

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