My story

  September 22nd, 2008 by F

Well here it is on the internet.

I used to be happy, really happy. and had a great outlook on life and used to be very friendly. it was when I reached high school that I started to get bullied. It didn’t really effect me until later on when I was of 16 years of age. I just couldn’t get out of the depression and it caused anxiety and cycled around. I then couldn’t concentrate so failed my last year of high school. I felt the horrors of bullying. After high school I couldn’t get a job because my dad because sick so I had to stay home all the time looking after him until he died. I’m 24 now my youth has slipped away and I have horrid memories I long to rest and certainly wish to die. No one needs me anymore and some people will be sad but they will move on. I never wanted it to turn out like this but it did sadly.

I tried fixing up my life but had no luck I am alone like travis from taxi driver. Gods lonely man. and because I don’t want to get older with this affliction and still being anxious and depressed I need to go. I have done some reaserch on methods and have chosen a decent one that will work, I hate those people that try and get you into their religions by offering hope… I hope this works because I need to sleep and I love sleep its the only thing left.

I hope everyone else can get over there problems I know it sounds ironic here but I wouldn’t want anyone else to die (so why is it so hard for me to live) so at least talk to someone about your problems. Things will be better off this way and there will be no further pain and embarrassment. Hats off to video games they helped me fill in many crappy hours of my life.
I know its sad I am dieing but I have to.
See ya all on the other side.

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