i feel better

  November 21st, 2008 by sad and trapped

i feel better now, but i still have a pain, i know what i must do now, i must become a superhero. that way if i die it will be for a reason other than my own self pity. i feel so ashamed of my self, i will i was not that way, but i feel as though that i don’t do enough good. there are too many drug dealers on my street, and i have a means of stopping them, for years andyears they do their foul disgusting happenings here and i call the police and they do nothing. a close friend of mine was molestedd by his uncle, and the police did nothing because the guy was a police informant. that is truly disgusting, and makes me angry! how dare they let that monster go. another thing that really boils me is the fact that they know who deals the drugs and all they need to do is to video tape it, really just set up a camera and just watch as the deals go down. my stomache churns at the thought of a young kid getting a hold of that junk. fucking crack heads! i am mad as hell and i’m not taking it anymore! i am and have been going out late a night while my fokes are asleep, patroling the streets. i have been along wit ha a friend of mine have seen some awlful stuff, and we have decided to do something about it before it is too late. no one know about us yet, and i hope we don’t get caught, or killed, that is at least before we can make a real difference.

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