there is a light

  December 30th, 2008 by thereisalight

This one goes out to the hurting, lost, broken, defeated. I don’t know you, but perhaps I have known some of your feelings. The pain that consumes and eats and gnaws at every fiber of your being. Oblivion seems to be the only answer.

I urge you to not let it be. I may not know your name, but I wish I could be with you right now as you struggled. I do not know what is out there after this life, but I do know what I have now. It may not be the best life and I may not have the best memories. I was even fired from my job today. That is how I came across this sight. My body and mind were filled with the urge to let go and to fall into the abyss swelling inside of me. It has not been the first time that I have approached this dark abyss. Through the ugliness I reminded myself of the beauty; a child’s smile, the sunrise, a bird sing. However small, the beauty is worth hanging on to.

Change is possible. Hope is possible. Happiness is possible. Life is possible.

Though I may not know you, I reach out to you right now. I want you to know that I love you and care about you. I wish you well. I urge you to reach out to someone and take hold of that happiness for yourself. You deserve it. There are many resources out there to help you. There are people who care.

*1-800-SUICIDE (U.S.)
* (Samaritans)

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