January 26th, 2009 by Paramours

I came across this site and I really like it so far. I have been through so much in my life. I have thought about suicide, but I know now that it is such a bad idea. Firstly, when I was 8 months old, my mum and dad divorced and I have never seen my mum since, and I’m turning 15 in a few weeks. Secondly, my mum has been in jail and so has my uncle who has been doing alot of drugs, beating up alot of people, thirdly, when i was just 10 years old I got accused from a 8 year old boy that I taught him how to have sex, simply because he hated me, because he thought I was ugly. When I turned to intermediate, the guy I had a crush on for a year told me I was ugly and fat, when I was year 9 life was depressing, because my friend went out with my ‘new’ crush, but now I’ve changed my appearance and my personality. I think the most important thing is be yourself, really. Don’t let anyone stand in you’re way, because tbh, I reckon they envy you so much. If they actually hated you, they would of killed you, but if they bully you, its because they envy you secretely. I grew out of the ‘ugly’ phase and now some boys GORK over me (ignorant much…didn’t mean to be) But if you really don’t want to be yourself, then change. Changing you’re appearance or personality will make you more confident about life and it really helped me.

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