life has ended for me

  January 31st, 2009 by davina_love

HI,all you can call me NENe and im 14years old and im dealing with depression right now and am taking medicine for it but it doesnt seem to be helping me very much..When i was 13years old i started thinking about suicide because all of the problems i was going through that i had caused all by myself.Well nothing worked now when i go over to my Grandmas house i would take about 3 or 4 tylenol PMs and sleeping medicine even though i have a heart but condition and i would think that since i had a heart condition all of these pills would affect my heart and kill me faster but i would alwys wake up and be very tired and feel even worse than i did before..Well even to this day i am still dealing with to much for me to handle and i am STRONGLY considering suicide but am afriad of what my little brother will think when he gradutes high school and is wondering where his big sister is to see what he has accomplished.Well all i know is that whoever is reading this should pray for me and hope for the best..and i am still working on my suicide note

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