Stars shine their brightest when they have a dark backround

  January 29th, 2009 by Sebrina L.

Think about that , Stars shine their brightest when they have a dark backround . We are those shining stars with the dark backround. My name is Sebrina L. ,and I am 14 turning 15 on the 11th of Febuary . I am in foster care . I have No parents ,No family ,Few but dear friends ,but most of all i have my self . I used to think that I couldnt do it by my self . I used to feel bad about my self all the time and I have attempted suiside many many times in the past , in multiple ways . Yet each time I didnt suceed , Somewhere in my mind told me that it wasnt meant to be . That my life did mean something to some one somewhere . We go thru things for a reason , some of the reasons are unknown but 1 reason that I found out for myself is I sometimes go thru things so I can one day help kids who are feelong the same way I did .But 1 thing that we got to know and hold on to is that without our dark backround and troubled past we wouldnt and will never shine our brightest . When I was told that it really touched me an made me think of all the regrets I had .Then I thought to my self that if I never wouldve went thru all the things I went thru then I wouldnt be the young woman I am today. I had to learn to love myself and now I do . But before I did ,I Would always try to love others but its impossible if you dont love yourself first . And Now today I can stand and say that I do love my self and also I love you guys no matter what you guys are going thru just know that someone is always going to be there even my self I am going to be there whenever . If You would like to contact me you can reach me at my email address dont be shy you can tell me anything plus i wont tell anyone plus i dont have anyone to tell but um yeah anytime you would like to talk im here just send me an email and i will get back to you asap k lots o love Sebrina L.

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