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The physical hurt

by AbsentFeeling

Sadness is one of the many things that is written about here, but should this cause (unintentional) physical pain? Sometimes when I do have a good moment and notice all things good, I get this heavy feeling in my chest and it sort of hurts. Its like a small bruise and it makes me feel sad and scared. Should such a thing exist? It brings me more pain then ever imagined, makes me cry at night and spoils every happy moment I’ve ever had and replaces it with sadness and fear. It makes me feel ‘heavy’ but oh so very empty and unfulfilled.

Is this just some random hurt or is it something more
crossing my heart and darkening my soul
with hopes I will feel it no more


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Sirachick 2/15/2009 - 1:15 am

It sounds like regret. Do you feel that you shouldn’t be happy?
I’ve heard that if people think they did something wrong they don’t think they deserve to be happy.
Then there is the need someone to share it with theory (Bullshit in my thoughts but you might not think so)
It might also be that you’re happy, but it means nothing more. An empty happy.
You didn’t give much info to take it past ideas, not that you might even know more…

Anyways, hope that helped.

Jerry 3/22/2009 - 6:30 am

Yes sadness does cause physical pain, not the type of pain like a broken arm, but the pain of Heavyness,a dimming of everything, of all your senses, i take that back i’ve felt despair that felt like a kick in the stomach, so ya i guess sadness can cause physical pain…But for all people i do not know

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