Loss of my Mom.

  March 30th, 2009 by Demoniaque

Just this year on Jan 28 09 my mom passed away.

At first I couldnt beleive it. I was with her in the hospital and she was fine.

I go sit with my grandma and then next thing I hear is CODE BLUE!!

I didnt know what that meant but they sent the nurses to my mom room.

Minutes passed and the Dr came out saying ” Im sorry but her heart just gave out. ”

At that very moment my entire world collapsed!

A month pass after her death and I remembered something.

She would always give me a hug before I went to school.

I burst out in tears and reached for a knife.

I knew it only took less than an instant to see my mom again.

So I took the knife and slit my wrist.

Slowly the pain just started to go away.

MY sister found me sitting in my room in a puddle of blood.

The next thing I know Im in a hospital with my arms bandaged up.

I hated her for it. We didnt speak for a few weeks.

I then went to therapy and of course it was long.

I not going to say that Im ok now, but I am definitly going to say that Im

getting better. My mom is in a better place just flying and waiting for me.

Never too Late

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