My days are full of darkness

  March 29th, 2009 by si-1966

Its geting harder and harder as the days of my life with in the darkness go on i see no way out now and think its best if i just slip away to the train line .I have tryed so many times before to end my life and each one i have failed at but the train line seems the end for me . My life i have failed at in everythng i do i just fail all the time ,i dont see a way out now .I have help from the doctors and rethink but i just dont want to waste there time anymore.Yes im not afraid of death and have not been for many years.I talk about it all the time and all they say is it will get better in time ,well i have no more time in my life.I know there i people worse than me but i dont care about them the time is now my`ne i have spent to long in my life worring about others.

Yer you may say let talk about it but i have done all i can and when i did want to talk they were not there,the darkness dose not worry me and im sorry for the person who will find me .I did not want the darkness that has taken hold of my life.Everyone who knew of me in time your pain will go,but my pain is to great to bare any longer,all i do is see the darkness and see no light in my life anymore .I forget when i last slept as if i shut my eyes the darlness and voices just take over ,It won over me and i cant control it anymore ..


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