What if there’s nobody to care

  March 29th, 2009 by johnnarose

All this is well and good for somebody to find somebody to talk to — who cares — but what if you’ve got nobody who does.  I held off from taking my life, as long as my mother was alive, and now she’s been gone for over two years.  I have no other family — and I never will.  I’m 60 years old, and it’s too late.  I’m retired — so there’s nobody I work with — and the financial deal that I thought I would have so as to purchase the house I was leasing is not going to work, since most of my retirement disappeared with the economy.  I hated my father for committing suicide — what it did to my mother — what it did to me.  And now, I know why he did it.  It was easier.  Or maybe it was hard.  Nobody will be hurt when I leave.  I’m sorry they’ll just have to sort out my junk, but that won’t take long.  That’s what lawyers are for.  My brother can pay somebody to do it.  He won’t care either, as we are not close.  We were, but I messed that up, too.  So, now, that doesn’t matter either.

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