Why live.

  March 30th, 2009 by Zakulover101

so it 12:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep, why I have’nt been able to sleep for ages.

as I was was lying awake in my bed I thought about my life and why its worth living, I thought should I just go into my kitchen and take all the pills, or go to my dresser and pull out the razor?

I lyed there and thought why why should I live, when no one seems to care, the only thing I live for are broken promisses, lies and pain.

When I go to school there’s only mean glances and people judeing your every move.

when I get home It’s like I don’t exsiste, no one even asked me how my day at school was, or how life is.

When I call for help out of my pain I’m only pushed futher in because all anyone ever does is tell me I’m stupid and should die.

When I log on to the computer nasty letters from everyone come poreing in “she’s an emo kid” “EMO” “GO CUT EMO”

And then I stop to think this world is nothing but hell!

I have no help and I’m pretty sick of living in this life.

I really think those pills sound good right now.

but when I tune out reality the only thing I do is find more ways to hurt myself.

like it’s become an obbsetion!

to find a way out!

I feel like nothing will work I’ve tried everything and nothing works please someone help before it to late!

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