no promises

  April 12th, 2009 by slumber33

im having a really hard time at school and at home at school i’m getting seriously bullied and i’v been punched twice for nothing at all and i keep getting threatened and i’m just so scared. at home i’m geting underestimated everone thinks i’m so stupid, that i’m no right in the head and to be honest right now i dont think i am. one night i sat with my legs dangling out my window thinking should i jump head first or not but then i thought of my mum and all my family and i didnt want them to go through pain of greef, i’v self harmed for about a year now because i just need to physically feel pain to get rid of the mental agony that i’m feeling inside, i cry at night thinking are they going to come and get me how bad is it going to be, i dont feel safe at all, i need help but i dont know how to ask for it my mum has bin through to much with my dad leaving and everything and the last thing she needs is a mentally il daughter but its not my fault that people dont like me, or is it?

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