April 20th, 2009 by xnoname


have you been taken advantage of by every person youve met
have you been nice followed the rules and yet , still gotten in stupid trouble all of the time
have you been physically abused  as a child on a daily basis but lied to afterwards
the police would come too often after you getten chased around your house, yet what a good family life my ass
abused mentally too , every day of your life,
was your father a drug addict, alcoholic and drug dealer?
Did you have no friends , and been alone in your head since you were young enough to crawl
Were you always alienated and rejected by every living being?
But you were a good person
Did you hate life soo much you just wanted to die every single day since you were as young as on the playground
getting rejected from everyone even teachers.
and still people wouldnt guess,
even though you never had a smile on , only when asked hi how are you?
were people always hyprocrites,
were you getting used all the time /
did you have basically no family
did you cut yourself, and regret everyhting , and no one knew
Did no one know your real stories, you only said nothing, no one had ever known any of the trauma youve gone threw
were you called ugly by everyone even your own family,
and they would even tell you your worth nothing, have no talent and than oohh im sorry( ppff yyaa fucking right)and it starts over on repeat everyday
were you thinking about death all the time,
were people leaning on you such as your mom since you were in the diper,
and have taken care of everything and been stressed out of your head,
were you always scared of small things that dont matter,
and taken everything soo seriously
have you lied your life away
but yet havent smoked dranken nor done drugs ,
because you want to stay a good person who doesnt lie.
Have you had no good memories, and no childhood,
and said the future will get better everyday in your head
but yet it gets worse and worse
had nothing to live for forever.
were you a fifteen year old who cant take it anymore,
acted like some immature freak to stay youthful forever but inside youve been an old soul , youre just pretending for the year.
and is going to snap any minute, tried so many times,
theres nothing to leave behind but yet you want to live in a way,
but death seems so appealing .

im scared of everything , if anyone finds out stuff , but yet the thought of it is exciting. its stupid i contradict myself all the time, but ya, and people who complain all the time to people in real life and go ” fuck my life” , yaa WHATEVER, try getting some real problems no offence, i would never go around doing that EVER , yet most of my so called friends are like that and are like ” youll never know to me” , ***** fucking please, failing a test and putting yourself in stupid situations isnt a problem , it gets better, anywho if i showed you a glimpse of my arms  my thighs my stomach or whatever , and a day in my life , than youd know, but i would never do that, i hate people getting attention for problems, to me having bad emotions , try not to make them show is my motto, even though anywho im complicated,,

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