April 29th, 2009 by JACKIE Brosnan

can anyone help me.   I took an overdose a few months ago and wish I had died.  I keep thinking about killing myself and then give myself more time hoping it will all be ok soon.

My husband got the sack from his job through something really stupid and he wrote a statement admitting it (foolishly) and I can’t get this out of my head that he would still have a job.  I told him not to do it but he wouldn’t listen.  I think about this every day and the only way I can see to rid myself of these thoughts is to kill myself but I love my children so much and I know it would hurt everyone and this has stopped me.  This has been going on for 4 months and I don’t think I can live with this and these thoughts of what I should have done to stop all this. I am on anti depressants and I have people to visit me to talk to but the thoughts won’t go away.

My friends have been very good and my husband seems to accept it. Well he has to but I feel so suicidal all the time as it keeps going over and over in my head.

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