back stabbers

  April 15th, 2009 by slumber33

i woke up from a dram this morning about my 2 ex best m8’s, about 50 of us were playing tag and i was it and we were on all these rocks and i went into a cave and i saw my 2 ex best m8’s cuddling together in a corner warching out for who evers it and i went over to them and i taged one of them then she taged the other then she tagged me and then me and my and my ex best friend were having a slaping fight,  we used to be really close but then she turned and stabbed me in the back badly 1 minuite we were bffls now we just know each other. when she first stabbed me in  the back i had a break down and i mean a seriouse break down, i cryed all the time i cut my arms completly, i wouldnt let anyone in then i just gave up and atempted commiting suicide i put my head under the water for 15 minuits, i was in a&e for 3 months i was just short from death but no body understood why i did it but the reason i did it was because of them 2 back stabbing people , now i find it hard to trust people it takes me a while to get to know someone untill i can trust them and its ruining my relationships

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