my life isnt so bad so why do i feel like this?

  April 30th, 2009 by accuseddevil

im not a bad person why does nobody treat me with respect, the only thing i ever do is try and help people and i get hurt for it im failing in college and i cant catch up im realy not in the mood for living right now maybe the next lifetime

people dont seem to like me all i get is grief and insults people prejudging me thinking you wont like this its not your thing, how would you know are you inside my head and if you are howcome your not as confused as i am all i wanted was to be a policeman to help anyone and everyone who needed help but im failing in college and that dreams fading day by day  the more i try the more i fail i can’t seem to get the motivation its taken me over an hour to get this far i just cant be bothered anymore nobody would careif i where to die my brother is moving his ***** of a girlfriend in so hes probably going to want the bigger room aka mine im causing many arguements because of my failings in college and people dont like the way i am people love to hate me i have been over a year without a gf probably for lack of trying but is still mkes you feel down i have been told by my close friends i have multiple personalities and im poor and thats just the tip of a very large iceberg  the worst part is i am madly in love with a girl who just likes me as a friend she knows my feelings and still plays with my mind i have felt like killing myself on numeous occasions i just never got around to doing it but im getting closer every day

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