ultimate death

  April 16th, 2009 by taylor_price

i hate life..everything is going wrong. i really want to die. i have lost everyone important to me..school sucks..home life..it isn’t even home. i wish i could just slit my rises. but my girlfriend spitt in my left eye.it burned. i mad sum, bade choses.my mother calls me bad names.I hear my step dad talk about me behind my back to my own mom.My ex gurlfrend used me for sex.she told me she loved me only for my booty.she called me pathetic and that if i wanted to kill myself i should go ahead and get it over with.that she never wanted to see my jew face again.i already cute but its not enough to deal with the pain.i tried pills but it didnt work.i gotta go bye. help me end this lie…whats the most greatest way to death?

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