What am i gonna do?

  April 30th, 2009 by crying inside

I am not sure if I wish to stay alive any longer, once I had freinds, but they are all gone now.

I am never together with someone I am always alone, but there also is another reason for me to die.

I does for some reason want to se what comes after live, what happens, if there is any greater mening with all this! What is the reason that we are here?! WHY ARE WE HERE!

In 4-5 years I have been alone in my class, never any one to talk to, or anything. I am beginning to be tired of it all. I dont see the meaning of me sitting all alone never speaking to any one! … well i have a few persons which i talks too

I somehow forgot how it feels to have freinds, to have fun, and most important … I cant get a girl freind, I am too shy to say anything to them, who the hell wants a boy- freind which is just sitting and looking at them without saying anything!!!

plz help me before i do something stupid :'(

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