what to do now?

  April 4th, 2009 by helper

I am going to move it is unavoidable, and i have to keep it a secret… but i told my boyfriend and he broke up with me. He only did it because of this but the truth is i am not moving for another year… and this really hurt. I am dealing with depression and he didn’t really know the extent of it… and this really crushed me. He is really honest with me and tells me everything still, we are really close and that hasn’t ended but i am still so confused… you see he told me he still loved me and he didn’t want it to end like that, but doesn’t want to get back together. But even so i still act strong, like i am over it and am trying to help him through it… i guess i just got lost in translation. I still really do care about him and he WAS the one to break it off so i mean… come on… and i know most people tell me to just stop talking to him but i cannot do that because i promised him i wouldn’t just leave him there, and he still sys today; i know its really hard to be my friend but please don’t leave me alone, your the only one i truly trust. So now its just toying with my emotions and me and i still jump at every opportunity to talk to him and help him… like yesterday i told him i would help him if he got another girlfriend… i just am so lost and am taking it all out on myself… any advice? i am a minor i move with my parents

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