Why bother, it never gets better.

  April 24th, 2009 by DrDillo

Every time I get a real good feeling about the right woman, I get shot down. Its always been “Your nothing”, “You don’t deserve her”, and such. And i’m really ready to just end my life. There’s no point in love or my life, im sick and tired of amounting to nothing. Being nothing is all I’ve ever been and all I ever will be. Every love has been a big f%#@ing dud, a flat line, another piece of me I just give away. I’ve been in this path of hate for 8 years now. And all its been is hate, anger, and depression. I see no point in existing now, my family would be better off, I would be too. All I am is a nuisance, an ungrateful piece of sh%t on this so called Earth. I believe my time has ended. Why live a life of something pointless?

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