He Didnt Know

  May 17th, 2009 by wristcutter

he started at 13

it got worse every year

i guess it was an escape from harsh reality


she loved him with all her heart

she wasnt aware of his problem

she really cared

he didnt know how much


he was 17

she got a phone call

he was going to jail

she finally saw

the intensity of his problem


they didnt see each other for 6 months

she started to care a little less

they wrote

and called

but she was slipping away

slowly going downhill

he didnt know

that he was the source of her problems


he came home

she was happy

he had changed

she was glad

he lied

she found out when they took him away

he didnt know how much it hurt her

to see him taken away

he just didnt know


this time they wanted 2 years

they asked him to look at the clock

they told him he would go away for 24 months

he broke down inside

she wndrs if he thought of her in those 15 seconds


they said that is how fast a life can be ruined

they ddnt want that he was young

so they gave him 9 months instead


she didnt visit

she was too hurt

she barey wrote

she was too upset withim


she loved him

he loved her

she cared too much and he didn even know


she put up a mask

hid her emotios

tol lies

vowed not to make the same mistakes


she promised no one

would ever hurt her the same way

she considered suicide

even tried once or twice

nothing could take the pain away

did he even care?


he couldt have

or he woudnt have

made th same mistakes

over an over

sh doesnt love aymore

she wont alow herself to care

she bottles up her emotion

only anger shines thru


she has lots of anger

anger towards him

anger towards her parents

anger towatds society

jst so much anger

bottld up waiting to explode


he didnt know at the time

what this would do to me

he didnt know how much i care

if he knew…

would things be diferent??

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