May 25th, 2009 by painterofmusic

          Everything hurts. The secrets I can’t tell anyone, and no one cares at all. Who do I turn to? How do I say the words to someone, someone I trust, that is going to make them understand? Who would I tell? Who can I trust? How do I get even one minute with them only three days before school is out? I’m going to die this summer. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t stand my life anymore, my mind… I have secrets that are killing me, literally. I’m going to die because I can’t take knowing the things I know. And even if I did summon the courage to tell someone, I’ll just hate that someone knows something about me like that who won’t be around forever. What do I do? And why can’t I find any answers? This hurts. The emotional pain is merging with the physical side of me, and I can’t stand it anymore. What other option is there for relief other than death? I have to die. I just hope suicide really won’t send me to hell.

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