i am sick of this

  May 20th, 2009 by helper

i keep getting medical issues, and in highschool its just tough to deal with. And beyond that i just got diagnosed with bipolar, and i am just tired, but i know in a few hours i will be happy, and fine. I am so happy and then i get so sad, i just don’t know whether living is worth it… i know you are going to say well you’ll be happy, but then i know i will just fall again. And meds don’t work, they make it worse, and counsling does shit… God doesn’t do much either…. so i just am lost and feel done. plus everyone who talks to me on this site, believe me i’ve tried, well ends up just like sending one email and then forgeting me, and i just don’t know how long i can just keep getting rejected like this… you my families asleep, the one guy i sometimes talk to is sick of trying to fix my problems, and the only other guy who i want to talk to well its no longer an option…. im sick of this rollercoaster.

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