May 31st, 2009 by JessikaBxD

Don’t bother trying to save me
Just let me be
I don’t need you anymore
So please shut the door
And walk away
I’ll see you again someday
I know it’s dumb
But I wanna be numb
I’m tired of hurting for you
So sick of trying, too
I’m sick of trying to hold on
When all hope is gone
I’ll let it all go tonight
I’ll give up the fight
The stains on my shirt
This addiction to hurt
I can’t take it
I’m weak and I hate it
The blade at my wrist
I just can’t resist
I’m weak and I hate it
The blade at my wrist
I just can’t resist
I just can’t resist
Drawing a shaky breath
Thoughts of death
Dragging it across my arm
Doing less good than harm
It burns as it cuts my skin
Why fight when I can’t win?
Bright red my pain runs
Slowly the numbness comes
Its in these moments I wonder
What it’s like six feet under
Another scar, a perfect line
In this darkness where no light can shine
Pain caused to forget your lies
Nothing left, I close my eyes

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