Let Her Be

  May 31st, 2009 by JessikaBxD

Take a look around
This is our reality
This is the way we all are bound
It’s the concept of conformity
Not allowed to be who we are
The worst of our beliefs by far
Taking away our individuality
Who are you to change her
Change what the world will see
Who are you to tell her
Who she’s supposed to be
Who are you to hold her
And never set her free
She’s not like everyone
She doesn’t do the same things they do
She doesn’t want to be like you
She is a different person
The sun sinks behind the horizon
Another day
Gone away
Another day pretending to be you
Why’d you change her?
Why didn’t you tell her?
You don’t know who she’s supposed to be?
Why won’t you just let her be
Still she won’t do as they say
She won’t stop trying to get away
She’s praying to find a way
There’s got to be another way
Why’d you change her
Why’d you tell her who to be
Why are you still holding her
She was born to be free
So just let her be

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