Silver Tongues Speak Only Lies

  May 17th, 2009 by FallenAngel

Ive always lied. Everyone does. At first its just the small things. But then it gets bigger.

Im flunking the 8th grade, but my dad thinks im fine.

Ask me if im ok? ill say sure. ill think, bc im ending this soon anyway

my parents are devorsed and just reasently my dad got into another devorce, but i woulnt use that as a reason. A couple years ago I think I cried so much(EVERY FRICKING DAY!!!!UGH!!!) that i cant do that when im sad anymore… I just always have this door in the back of my mind thats shut with all this negative stuff locked up inside. It feels like its creeping through tho latley… Im failing,moving,and losing everything good in my life(that is if its not already gone…) but walk up to me and ill be the cheeryest(and some say funny(= person) u can find. even if im sad i cant cry anymore. I literally have to force tears out. I think ive just given up bc the tears dont help anymore anyway, so whats the point. Im going to go on lying about myself to everyone till it all comes crashing down(and i dont think thatll be long from now…) Then we’ll see what happens… I hate what ive let myself become.


Dont lie

Even if u have to get slapped after telling the truth…

At least you’ll know where reality stands with you.

Because im completely lost

And i dont think ill be coming back…. :l

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