Alone when no one trust me

  June 4th, 2009 by Suicidal

I thought i could trust them

Thought they were my friend.

My broken soul that trembles as i wake

My parents who left me to die alone

I may struggle but no one helps me

I fall deep under my shattered blood

trust me alone with the knives left…

Left on the counter

i walk slowly over to them

My hands shaking

I can’t do it all alone

The pain to keep my arms held up.

The pain to live alone with

No one who loves me not at all

my bitter mind shuts the harsh cold world out

The keys to my broken soul is lost

People can’t understand when i fall unto my …

my floor with no breath left

he is like the meth i use to stay awake

I might die

but its greater than being without you

My eyes reflect the past i can’t remember

you said Good-Bye

My crushed hopes that lie within the floor

The knives i hold to stay alive

I hurt the one i love with out trying

I love him although he ruined my life

I’m still here but alone

Silly fools that trust me

 with the knives right there

no one cares.




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