cadys story

  June 28th, 2009 by cadys-story

i have posted this before, but i really think this is the perfect site to help people on… so here we go.

hello, i am here today to tell you about my site… you see, i grew up in a family where my mom and dad were fighting constantly, my mom cheated on my dad and that just lead to a down  fall… anyhow, when i was five, my mom left my dad and i went to live with her, i never knew my dad growing up which could have helped me as my mom was an alcoholic drug dealer… and well that should say it all.

i grew up hating myself, woundering what I did to make my parents split, and believing my dad did not love me… eventually when is tarted highschool i became sevearly depressed… but eventually got out of my moms house… and ended up living with my dad.

as you can only imagine, this later caused some problems. not only that, i fell in love with a girl, who look my heart, broke it, and then decided to take it one step further and ruin my relationship with my friends… i was truely alone, not only that but my dad kicked me out of the house, and for a short while i was homeless.

i then tried to kill myself at school. i changed my mind AFTER doing it though, and ended up getting airlifted to the hospital :S

no… theres more… but why i am here today is to tell you all… if your struggling, if your life seems like its falling apart, and you have nowhere to go, if you feel like you cant go anymore… please understand that you DO have the power to make it through… even after all that crap… and more i did not mention here, i made it. im only 16… im still here today to help you all.

im going to leave a link to my site… in case you want to read about my struggle. its my hope that i can inspire someone out there to keep going, to keep fighting for a normal life…

to keep living.

please, i dont know you, but im taking the time to try to help you. someone cares about you, i do. and i know there are many others who do too.

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