last papercut

  June 30th, 2009 by lastdose

Too deep to hurt,
yet too painful to ignore,
i try to forget,
but there’s blood on my floor.

screaming inside,
but mouth swollen into a smile,
i sing a song,
cause i know I’ll be here awhile.

it stings and it burns,
like fire among us,
but don’t worry at all,
i won’t make a fuss.

if you see me lie here,
just laugh and walk away,
because some things are just too fast to see,
and for a mistake you will pay.

I’m shattering inside,
a heart of broken glass,
yet with each new strike,
the pain starts to pass.

as I’ve told you before,
my mouth is swollen shut,
so with my hands i write,
my last paper cut.


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