should i take these anti depressents?

  June 25th, 2009 by nebdy

in responce to that first comment on my last blog (sorry about the spelling): i didnt mean for it to sound like i was competing, or even to insinuate that this is, somehow a competion. just that i got the feeling that my last post was being pooh- poohed as unimportat. any way. i cant talk to my friend (we’re 17), thats really the whole problem, i dont know how to express my self (hense competition thing), i either underestimate the whole situation, and then people dont belive me, or i go ott, and end up getting really defensive. 

i cant talk to my mum or dad, i’m not that close to either of them, i feel akward around my own parents!! so thats not possible.  the only thing ive got is this internet posting thing. and i honestly dont see that helping. i think most of my problems stem around issolation and lonliness, and this isnt goning to sole that. please help, and i dont mean to sound rude (if thats how it came across) thankyou.

anyway.  what i mean to say is this. i have been given anti depressents as a means to combat my anxiety. i do have a mild form of agraphobia … and my docter says that these tablets will help.  they are sertraline.  the side effects seem prety scary, but i guess we have to be warned.  i dont know if i should start taking them or not. i mean it’ll be heard to get off them wont it? and it suggested that i might feel even more depressed after i take  them for a couple of weeks. i dunno. what should i do?

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