Dead in the Water

  July 25th, 2009 by suicidalXchick

My dad’s job makes us move around alot and i’ve finally had enough, I can’t take losing all my friends over and over again. I started cutting a while bck, after my grandad ahd died, and sme teachers noticed it and put me into counciling which helped for a while but then a teacher who was realli helping me deal with everythink, she wasn’t judging me or anythink like that but she seems to have forgotten about me and once again I’m left alone with no-oneto talk to no-one to lean on or nothink. I feel as if I’m invissible. My friends talk about me behind my bck, I’m getting constantly bullied and most teachers seem to preety much hate me. I can’t stand being on my own anymore and suicidal thoughts are once again plaguing my mind. I have to cry myself to sleep every night. I’m stuck in this mad world, suffercating by everythink. I wana get out!!! xxxxxx

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