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Dear Hero.

by WhatDoYOULove

Dear Hero,

Maybe I’m not nearly as important as I was a few months ago. I may not be at the top of your priority list, or even in the back of your head. But I want you to know I admire you more than anyone in this entire world. And I’m more proud of you than you could ever know. I’m more than happy for all that you have achieved, and I wish I could have the courage and the strength that I have witnessed from you. You taught me how to love and gave me feelings no one has ever given me. I know you hurt me countless times but I’m never going to see you differently, hero, I swear it. I know you decided I wasn’t what you needed. But truth is, I need you. And I’m always going to be in love with you. But just for your safety and peace of mind I won’t tell. I miss you. And remember that day you told me I’m the strongest person you’ve ever met? Well, my walls are coming down now. And I just want to leave. I’m tired.

P.S. – Every day you were gone I wrote you a short note and put it under my dresser. They are still there.

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Struggling To Survive 7/26/2009 - 4:14 am

Dear Friend:

No romance is worth dying for. If this person hurt you “countless times,” you may want to rethink whether this persion should be your hero.

I once attempted suicide over someone who was my hero, in a romance that had to be kept secret, only to discover that this person wasn’t someone I should die for, but an ordinary human being.

My death would have been a complete waste of time.

Why not live a while longer, and seek out someone to love who will be there for you? Someone who doesn’t hurt you countless times?

Also, consider whether all of the good qualities that you see in this person aren’t also present in you? If they are, why destroy them? Someone else in your future may need you and be waiting for you.

Struggling to Survive (been there)

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