i just don’t know

  July 29th, 2009 by dragovian

i just don’t know what’s going on nemore

i’m a webdesigner and graphics artist, i love designing, i love drawing i love being creative, ever since i was a little kid i dreamt of doing what i love, making people happy by what i can create, by what i’m able to do.

i’ve been a freelance artist for bout 2 years now and i see that it isn’t anything like what i imagined/hoped it would be, people don’t care about your feelings, about your work.

i’ve sacrificed everything i have for my carreer, now finding out that i am absolutely not happy with what i am, with what i’m able to do.

i have no one, i’m a stranger in my own country, i don’t even have someone to give me a good hug when i’m sad, i need to deal with things myself, it’s been this way all my life.

i’m sick and tired of having this, of having no one to talk to, i’ve decided to step out of this life and see what’s on the other side.

i just hope that people will understand my decision.

i just feel so empty inside.

to whoever reads this, you’re probably the first and last person that ever sincerely listened to what i had to say, that ever felt what i felt.

and i thank you for that, god i’m crying my eyes out right now,

just take care, and live the life i never had, live a life of happines.

your friend


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