I want to die!

  July 24th, 2009 by jacjacob101

Im about 13, ive been cutting my self ever sence i was 10.

im deeply depressed,

everyone hates me,

no one loves me for who i am,

people dont look at me for what i am, but what i have done,

i have been beaten when i was little,

ive lost over 50 pounds in a month, just becuz i stoped eating,

peoplel dont belive i will kill my self, i have tryed to multiple times.

i sit in class all day ignored

i dont talk to people

im always getting in trouble

i have thoughts of killing my self and others

i never have done anything for the world yet and i wont,  people say i have great talents like, love, brain power and other crap….

i stay home most days, siting in my room crying and crying and cuting my self,

i just want to die!

can anyone help me on how to die fastly, but im looking for slowly too,

if i turn 21 and still arnt dead i will buy a gun and make sure im dead with that….

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