July 25th, 2009 by dumb-ass

Thank you for the replies sent to me to tell you a bit more about me i will,
when i was 4 years old I was hit by a car the driver worked for the goverment and he was driving drunk when he hit me with his car i went 20 feet at the time in the air came down hard on my head this kept me in hospital for 6 months with stuff all over my head then when Iwas 6 years old i had to share a bed with one of my uncles while in the bed with him I was made to do sexual things to him then when I was 9 years old I was placed in a home for boys only most of the boys were around my age but there were three older boys there 2 of them were 16 and the other was 15 my sexual abuse started on my first night at this home by one of the 16 year old boys who came to my bed woke me up and told me to do sexual things to him this went on for many years and no one would hear me or what I was telling them.
my first attempt of ending my life was at the age of 9 i had climbed to the top of the power pole outside the home and tried to end my life then the next time was on my second day at the local school where i was raped by two older boys from the home and one of their friends from school i spoke up about it but was ignored so I started to drink all sorts of piosons to end my life these all failed because i was taken to the hospital then back to the home.
at school i tried to end my life many times over because I could not cope with the abuse that i was going through on a regular basis by the older boys at the home then when I turned 10 yrs old the home had another housemaster start full time there he worked mostly at night and he would wake me yp take me to his room and force me to do sexual acts with him but this all changed when i was 11years and 7 months old the housemaster started to penetrate into my anus and also other things he had me do to him i was totally degarded by him I had to do as he ordered me to do or I would get treated so bad that i would try to end my life again and again and again I have never been able to get rid of these feelings that i have because of what i went through as a child i was in state care for 9 years in total until I had turned 18 years old but through all of my sexual abuse not one time did anyone who I had told about it helped me to get it to stop the housemaster is still working within the welfare sector and they never even stopped him at any time instaed they made it seem as that it was all my fault I even ask myself what did I do to let him do this to me did I? should have I? why did I? how was it that I? did I show him intrest at all? did I give him the ok to do it? did I enjoy it? these and so many other things come into my mind as to why I let it happen and now I can’t cope anymore so I can only see that there is one way to end it all that is by ending my own life as he is still out there and would he be looking for me all this time to make me do it more to him NO i should end my life to stop him from doing it to me again stop him from hurting me anymore. Ex-ward of the state

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